Specialising in the exceptional

5cm f /1.1 Nikkor-N Lens

The very impressive 5cm f/1.1 Nikkor-N lens was announced in February 1956 and was exhibited in Tokyo. The 5cm f/1.1 was a very radical lens for its time, consisting of nine pieces of glass, some of which were very thin split elements and others containing rare earth components. This stunning f/1.1 lens would reign supreme as the fastest lens made by the big four 35mm rangefinder camera makers, until the Canon 50mm f/0.95 lens was introduced in the early 1960s. The 5cm f/1.1 Nikkor-N weighed 12.25 ounces (355gm) and it could be stopped down to

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Portland proud

How Oregon does urban.

Portland is a photographer’s paradise,» says horticulture photographer Janet Loughrey (loughreyphoto.com), who calls the city home. «It offers many green spaces, as well as a fun mix of traditional and quirky neighborhoods.» The mild climate keeps the city green year-round, and September lures with dry days and fewer tourists.

For lofty city views with Mount Hood in the distance, Portland- based pro Bruce Forster (www. bruceforsterphotography. com) recommends late-afternoon views from the Pittock Mansion, situated 1,000 feet above the city. For views of Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Mount St. Helens, and evening city views, he suggests

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Fujifilm Continues X Mount Expansion

Launched at the same time as the new X — M l body, the new Fujinon XF 27mm f2.8 ‘pancake’ prime brings the choice of X Mount lenses up to seven (with two additional models also now available from Zeiss). Fujifilm says it plans to have its line-up increased to 12 by early 2014 and there will be a third Zeiss model too. The Fujifilm models include the new XC Series 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 zoom launched with the X-Ml, but which will not be available as a separate purchase.

The new XF 27mm (equivalent to 41mm in the 35mm format) is

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Delkin Fat Gecko Triple Mount

Around £90 delkin’s Fat Gecko Dual Mount camera support has been upgraded to include a third arm for extra stability. Three legs, each with a suction cup, form a stable triangle to support up to 8lb (3.6kg) of kit, which attaches via a standard 1/4in tripod mount. Realistically, the Triple Mount is best used with compact and compact system cameras. There is a great deal of flexibility in terms of how the three arms can be arranged, thanks to the six adjustable points that allow the angles to be customised. This means the mount can be used on a variety

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All About… Dobsonian telescopes

There is a lot of misunderstanding about Dobsonian telescopes; what they are and what they can do. This should help clear it up…

The Dobsonian telescope is a Newtonian reflecting telescope on an altazimuth mount. It is the mount that distinguishes it from any other type of Newtonian reflector and this was popularised in the Sixties by avid amateur astronomer John Dobson. It’s thought that Dobson invented the design for the mount, but as he freely admitted, the idea had been around for many centuries as cannons were mounted in such a way and wars fought using them. However, he

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Immortals from the top of the Kunlun — Chinese Chambolle


We are almost ready to reject the assumption of the existence of a real geographical Shambhala, agreeing that it is, first of all, "the palace of wisdom within us." A special type of perception of mystical knowledge, for ease of reference made outside of our consciousness and "placed" somewhere in the Lost Hills.

Always difficult to believe that the greatest mystery, the most ambitious and surprising revelations of esoteric knowledge is inside us, in a non-realized "minimized" form.

It is therefore much easier and more convenient for our psyche to externalize the

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Northern Shipyard has received an automatic gun mount A190-01 corvette Steadfast

JSC "Central Research Institute" Petrel "put on the Severnaya Verf another 100-mm automatic gun mount (AC) A190-01.

Setting the A-190-01 TFR "Guarding".

The gun is designed for the corvette "resistant" and is set to ship later this week, this "Central Navy Portal," said the representative of CRI.


For the period from December 2012 "Petrel" put on the shipyards four serial products A190-01. AU will be installed on the corvette "Courageous" 20380, it is being in the Northern Shipyard in St. Petersburg. Installation A190-01 is also mounted on a small missile ships (IRAs)

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At Mount Lokon was another eruption

September 10, 2013. Located on the island. North Sulawesi Indonesian volcano Lokon early morning wake locals roar from the new eruption. From the active crater Tompaluan flew column of ash up to 1,500 meters. About a day lava flows reached the border villages to the north of the volcano.

Sounds of the eruption of the volcano were heard even in Manikhas remote from the curl of 10 km. Residents of settlements Pineleng, Tanavangko and Tutelo and specialists volcanologists are watching the direction of the fresh lava flows, but the rush of the evacuation is not collected. The region is

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Merapi volcano ash covered the neighboring village

July 23, 2013. In an unpredictable Indonesian volcano called Mount Merapi eruption is in full swing. The crater of the volcano, which belongs to a. Java, constantly throws up in the air a huge portion of the ashes. The last such release has forced local villagers to begin the evacuation of unauthorized fuming away from the mountain.

A column of reddish volcanic ash reached a height of 1 kilometer. Formed above the crater of Mount Merapi thundercloud accumulated ashes and took him to the village, situated on the slopes of the mountain. Almost all the property of people

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The earthquake starts erupting Mount Fuji

July 17, 2013. Researchers at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) said that Mount Fuji may erupt again if future large earthquakes will cause a crack in it.

The last time this 3776 meter high volcano erupted was in 1707, and today it is known as the eruption Hoei (Hawayo). This is a great eruption lasted from December 16, 1707 to January 1, 1708 period. In total, the atmosphere was emitted 800 million cubic meters of ash.

Scientists claim that a new eruption is inevitable, because the underground magma accumulated in a volcano for

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