Fire on the mountain Beshtau extinguished in Stavropol

Firefighters extinguished the light tan on Monday at the top of Mount Beshtau in Stavropol dry grass, told RIA Novosti the North Caucasus Regional Emergency Center of Russia.

Height of Mount Beshtau — 1.4 thousand meters at the top with 1990 is a radio transmitting station, and is located at the foot of the capital of the North Caucasus Federal District Pyatigorsk.

"Yes, the fire is extinguished, no casualties," — said the source.

According to MOE, the fire most likely originated from the heat.

Nearly 500 people are fighting a forest fire on Mount Athos

Around five hundred people, as well as helicopters and aircraft involved in fire fighting in the monastic republic of Athos, you can not put it out for the fourth day, told RIA Novosti the fire in Greece.

"The fire is in the vicinity of the monastery Chilandar, but the monastery itself is not threatened. Today the wind a little weaker, but it changes direction," — said the representative office.

According to her, working on fire 183 Greek firefighters and 49 fire fighters were sent by the Government of Serbia, 110 soldiers, 120 volunteers. Also involved 11 aircraft and seven helicopters,

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Large forest fire on Mount Athos has waned

Which began on August 8 large forest fire in the Mount Athos monastic republic on Sunday went on the decline, said fire department Greece.

To help firefighters arrived unexpected torrential rain that poured down on the way fire front of a few kilometers to the Serbian monastery Chilandar.

At the scene of a fire are hundred of fire, volunteers and soldiers of the Greek army, until darkness put out the fire and large numbers of aircraft. Help sent Serbia and Bulgaria — a total of about 60 firefighters and several cars.

According to preliminary calculations, five days before the fire

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List of anomalous zones of the world

March 18, 2012 14:46

The border zone 51

BERMUDA TRIANGLE. <… It disappears many ships and planes — most of them after 1945. Here in the last 26 years has killed more than a thousand people. However, if you search failed to find any corpse or remains …> With these words begins the description of the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in the American author Charles Berlitz. Now this phrase gladly cite both opponents and proponents of the existence between Florida, Cuba and Bermuda some strange mysterious place, in other words — the anomalous zone.

ZONE 51. This

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On the Sicilian volcano Mount Etna, a new crater

Reactivate the Sicilian volcano Mount Etna. Last night and this morning above the volcano appeared fountains of boiling lava was heard strong underground buzz. According to ITAR-TASS, clubs ash rose over Etna and reached the city of Catania and settlements to the south of the volcano. According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, on the eastern slopes of Mount Etna has opened a new mini-crater. Now instruments record the growing fluctuation of land in the interior of the ground — the south-east — the crater. For the safety of the local authorities closed the airport of Catania.

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Mysteries of the Altai

Inscrutable are the ways of the Lord. You never know when and where to throw you intrigante fate. And she, temptress, offers a variety of vital roads, twists and turns at times depend on overheard phrases and sentences. So I do not think that in March 2009, I will offer a trip to the Altai. However, it appear when someone next to me directly related to the southernmost continent, without a twinge of conscience, and not really something thinking, I'd go even in Antarctica, which he tried to capture their respects penguin. And when in Novosibirsk from Andreitch geologist, departed

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On the day of the solstice in Japan observed the phenomenon of Diamond Fuji



As reported by NHK WORLD, on top of the highest mountain in Japan, Mount Fuji on Friday — the day of the winter solstice, it was possible to observe the phenomenon, which the Japanese call "Diamond Fuji". It is so called because at the peak of Mount Fuji, which is located in the central part of Japan, at this time of the year you can see the sunshine, like a glittering diamond. "Diamond Fuji" can be seen until the first

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Unsolved mysteries of Mount Kailash


1. Secrets of Mount Kailash not left alone and do not give any clues. Just ka, and the mountain itself, which seemed specifically located in a remote area of West Tibet, its mysteries beyond the reach of understanding. The height of the mysterious mountain is 6666 meters. She is the concentration of the four major rivers of India, Tibet and Nepal: the Indus, Karnali, Sutlej, Brahmaputra.

2. The second "water" secret mountain Kailash are two lakes — Manasarovar and Rakshas Tal. They are located next to, and divided among themselves with a thin isthmus

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