We’ve all done it. Wobble out of the liquor store, arms full of empty boxes, cozy up to even a vague acquaintance who’s got a truck, and start wrapping our possessions in newspaper with the hapless aplomb of someone clearly in over their head. Moving is one of the top ten most stressful life events. Gather your wits in advance and make moving easier.

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Express Address.com is a free online treasure that lets you tell multiple businesses and organizations all in one shot that you’re about to move.This

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RNLAF Apaches Move Base in Afghanistan

ROYAL NETHERLANDS Air Force (RNLAF) AH-64D Longbow Apache helicopters deployed to Afghanistan have moved their base from Kandahar to Tarin Kowt in Uruzgan. The six Apaches from 301 Squadron made the 30-minute flight to their new home on October 20, whilst still maintaining readiness to provide support for any operations, if required, during the move. Stationing the helicopters at Tarin Kowt will move them much closer to the Dutch ground troops deployed there, enabling them to provide protection when needed in a shorter space of time. A new apron has been constructed at their new base which can accommodate all

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Smorgon: judge for advertising Radio Liberty will be tomorrow

Referee Alexander Kvyatkevich postponed the trial tomorrow.Police detained Vladimir Shulzhitsky for what he threw in mailboxes homemade advertising Radio Liberty. But protocol amounted Tipo for what neprelichno expressed.• President of LEN / RL Jeff Gedmin: Harassment and disturb the listener shocking 26.04.2007 • Q Shulzhitsky drove 40 miles on a bike "Chernobyl Way", 27.04.2007 • Smorgon: Tribunal over activist postponed indefinitely, 26.04.2007 • Smorgon: 18-year-old activist on trial for distributing advertisements Radio Liberty, 25.04.2007

What is the effect on the political future of the Congress of Democratic Forces and certain politicians?

Radkevych: "What is the conclusion of the Congress of Democratic Forces, which ended yesterday? Would you say that this result was the split of the opposition — split ideological split on strategy, eventually split organizing? Valery, the first question for you.""Congress organizational form and strengthen the division, which was"Karbalevich: "Let’s start with definitions. Word" split "so I understand that the parties razdyalyayutstsa and either side is its own independent method. Movement" For Freedom "led by Milinkevich formally remained in the coalition, while distancing himself from her.In-2-x, we can not say that this opposition was the result of the work of

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«EXCALIBUR» will be hitting a moving target

  Raytheon Company has initiated a program from the modernization managed 155 mm artillery shell (UAS) Excalibur satellite-guided GPS with a new control unit and navigation GNU (guidance and navigation unit), unladen semi-active laser system SAL (semi-active laser), reported June 20 ASDNews .   «Not a single shell fired from an artillery piece, can not be compared with the» Excalibur «on the accuracy of target, which in today’s configuration gives ACC (radial deviation possible) within the borders of 4 m in 90% shooting. Now we want to achieve next level of accuracy, giving the opportunity to the gunners to hit

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Ryhor Baradulin: Most Bulls feared losing obscurity

"Glory — this is the most difficult test. Can transfer hunger. Can transfer cold. You can transfer the disease. But to move quietly glory — that already occasionally people can. Bykov was also specifically among those giants of spirit, since relatives Belarusians to fame are completely relaxed. It is no coincidence as often read: the worst — it’s losing the unknown. For love to be alone, to think, to work …A large part of bending over backwards for the sake of fame …His own against the wishes of almost torn apart. He so to speak, was crucified glory. But he

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In pictures. Towing vessel Seliger the beginning of the transition to the future port of registry

On June 19 at the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" (part of the JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation") launched an operation to move towing vessel "Seliger" in its port of registry of the future, the city Temruk on the Azov Sea.

Prior to that, as reported in the media of the plant, the ship successfully passed the stage of mooring trials. In late May, the first stage of sea trials in the Baltic Sea, the ship returned to the factory where it was made preparations to move to the south. In particular, in order to avoid interference when driving under bridges to

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Citations past: Past VI Lenin monument move thousands of lights

"Nasha Niva"In the 1907 report of the Grodno region," Nov. 24 from Grodno governor left bureaucrat "special parucheny" do an audit in folk bibliotekah … The audit was carried out after the denunciations of people who do not work for the sake of fancy prasvetlennya people. Bureaucrat, seeing lists of books, acknowledged that the book Dastaevskago, Tolstoy Karalenka (although allowed by the censor) not must be libraries for the people; Head bibliotekami threatened that they would be punished for tye books. ""What Belarus often forced to masquerade — agree to this — said in 1927" Belarusian source. "- But fear,

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Gabriel is going to Canada

September 12, 2013. Tropical storm "Gabriel" continues to move north in the western Atlantic, and is projected to Western meteorologists, its direction will not change until the end of the week.

A tropical storm named "Gabriel", was formed on the night of September 5, near the island of Puerto Rico, bringing heavy rain, thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind. Later, the storm weakened into a tropical depression, but again gained momentum on Tuesday morning.

"Gabriel" was held in the vicinity of Bermuda: The islands were declared a storm warning canceled part of the flight, suspended ferry services. On Tuesday

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Field Output

In accordance with the training plan of the Western operational-tactical command of the Air Force and Air Defense by 174-m training ground of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces held field (Polygon) output anti-aircraft missile battery "Tor-M2" 120th air defense missile brigade.

In the process of the field staff of the battery output to work out issues and sustainer field training led operation features the latest technology specifically for tasks as intended in a complex air and electronic environment. Also tested the comparability of mental calculations combat vehicles. The basis battle training in the process of working out

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