Shoot movement in the landscape

Don’t let a blustery day put you off from heading into the great outdoors with your DSLR. Grab your tripod and master capturing movement in your landscape shots

Ross Hoddinott

When photographing landscapes, motion can prove a powerful aesthetic tool -giving your shots added interest, life and depth. By intentionally blurring subject motion, your images will appear less static and more atmospheric. Naturally, to work the technique relies on there being some degree of movement within your scene — for example, running water. By employing a relatively long exposure, any subject motion within the time the shutter is open will

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The tower blocks that stand stoically on the outskirts of Camberwell have a new play developing in their shadows at a small, local theatre. It is a seemingly apt setting for a production about the legacy of Britain’s brutalist architecture.

Taking its name from Le Corbusier’s collection of essays Towards A New Architecture, in which houses are ‘machines for living in’, the play follows a husband-and-wife team of architects who believe their Utopian ideologies can change the way we live. It is a story that seems overly familiar; you don’t necessarily have to be an architect to know of Alison

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In Riga linear distance work on traffic safety is based on the provisions of the directive of the Minister of Railways №4 from 10 February 1984 The main goal of this work in the household of signaling and communication — providing reliable technology and good action, in full accordance with the applicable rules and regulations, people work serving this technique.

The team maintains a distance of nearly 1000 electric centralization of arrows, 285 km of automatic block system and centralized traffic control. In heavy traffic unit trains Riga — suffice it to say that in the summer of serviced


Depth of the ocean

Omega’s new Seamaster Planet Ocean has been reworked and outfitted with the brand’s in-house chronograph movement. Does it sink or swim?

Omega got the watch world ’s attention in 1999 when it introduced the co-axial escapement. Never before had a brand used anything other than a Swiss lever escapement in a serially manufactured wrist-watch. At first, only specially modified ETA calibers were equipped with the new escapement, which was developed by George Daniels, but in 2007 it was also incorporated in Omega’s first manufacture movement, Caliber 8500.

This movement finally provided enough space to construct the co-axial escapement on three

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O. Chernikov

In early 1992, the club «Omega» (created by the Association of UNESCO Clubs) in the house of Culture. Serafimovich, where lectures on psychology, philosophy, and non-traditional methods of treatment, the seminar «On the calligraphy as a method of psychotherapy.» The group conducted a master of calligraphy from Japan, who brought all the necessary facilities for training in the writing of kanji (brush, ink, rice paper). Every participant had to choose close to him in spirit and character to improve his writing, being in different states of consciousness.

The interest in calligraphy is not accidental. It occupies an

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Before the rail are important tasks for better meet the needs of the economy and population in transportation. Implementation of these objectives is largely determined by the coordinated work of all parts of the transport conveyor, in which the signaling and communication sector plays a major role.

The main purpose of railway automatics and connection is to improve road capacity and safety of trains. These functions will be more successful, the more reliable devices will work. Reliability also depends on the adopted system of maintenance of theoretical and practical training, observance of labor and technological discipline.

As the main


In the headquarters of the elected «Popular Front»

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High Tribunal dismissed the complaint founders of the Movement For Freedom

The arbitrator explained to the fact that the creators of the Movement made several violations of the law,» Justus Min saw violations and views on Supreme Court, had no reason to refuse to register.One of the founders of the Movement "For Freedom" Alex said Kavalets "Freedom": "Today’s verdict again showed in Belarus there is to be independent of the judiciary. Judges are appointed as before head of state, therefore unrealistic to expect that they will be on» impartial own decisions "Details — later on our website and in the air • Noon Supreme Tribunal announce a verdict on the Movement

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Noon Supreme Tribunal will announce a verdict on the Movement For Freedom

Constituent Assembly "Movement" For Freedom "was held in May in Grodno. After the meeting and were served the necessary documents for registration. In July, the Ministry of Justice denied registration, citing violations of the law of the founders of the movement Political Parties and public organizations. • Supreme Tribunal consider the appeal of the founders of the Movement "For Freedom", 19.09.2007

Freedom movement will not be registered

Samolyuk referee decided that the creators of the "For Freedom" made several violations of the law.Ministry of Justice saw violations and views on the Supreme Court, had reason to refuse registration.Lawyer Olga Smolianka, Graduate Institute of Humanities Euro helped activists of the unregistered movement in this court. She calls the current decision "rather formal":"Denied a formal reason — the creators of the motion court fee paid is not in the budget. But they later corrected the error, which has been proved in a court document. If you look at only the formal side, the tribunal could not refuse. He did.But

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