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Quote a day or — 22 June

"In order to participate in campaigns motion from any party does not need to go. I even ask people who wish to do, not to do. Movement — is not a party Milinkevich. Movement — is the role in the companies in business. And can be in the party and make party affairs. Can be a coalition of parties and do there. And we do. The problem is that not enough activity to everyone. People are not overloaded opposite — bored. Just a struggle, that they had not participated in the campaigns of movement. This is a fight against me.

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Developed the most accurate model of mantle flow and plate movements

The research has earned a place on the cover of the current issue of the journal Science.

Geophysics of California Institute of Technology and University of Texas at Austin developed an accurate model of mantle flow and plate movements.

The model successfully combines data on the processes of completely different scales. It is known, for example, that the convection in the mantle drives the lithospheric plates are huge, but the result of these shifts is also strongly influenced by their interaction with each other. On their borders generates huge quantities of certain areas of

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Ritual meaning Slavic Dances

Since ancient times, people wanted to move. Just born, newborn proclaims itself the world cries and involuntary movements that confirm what has been the life of another human creature. Because we all know that the movement — is life. Even plants, their roots tied to Mother-raw-earth, the leaves turn in the course of the sun in such a way that they have always been addressed as much of the surface of the light.

Once people realized that it is able to control his body, not only to hunt or gather fruits, but also to display their movements habits

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Military tradition FOREST

The main differences from other systems of the battle:

1. Lack of racks 2. The lack of blocks 3. No reception 4. The Wave Principle of strikes and movements 5. Transportation, care and strikes are made by mixing one or more "cores," and not by the movement of the legs or arms. 6. Education is not by memorizing movements and the adoption of motions based on intuition and intelligence of the body.

7. Present nine style of warfare such as "Bear", "Wolf", "boar", "horse", "Kochetov", "hedgehog", "cat", "Snake" and "The Raven." (This is not a style,

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Japanese robot can juggle two balls (video)

May 27, 2012 10:01

A group of scientists and engineers from Chiba University demonstrated "one-armed" robot juggler.

For several years, we are constantly confronted with new features and capabilities that give your robot researchers and engineers from Japan. Now, a team of scientists and engineers from Chiba University demonstrated "one-armed" robot juggler speed which allows him quite deftly managed at once with two balls. This robot, the movements of which seem incredibly "live" was demonstrated by the developers on the IEEE International Conference 2012 on Robotics and Automation (2012 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, ICRA).

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Maholet on human-powered flying a few seconds


Dutch mechanical engineer is working on the implementation of Leonardo da Vinci's dream of flying on a human-powered vehicle. However, with the help of modern gadgets. Attention! Videos presented below, installed two attempts to take off (second take can be found on the duct tape on the wing)

Yarnos Smets — the main driving force of the project Human Birdwings. According to him, the first successful test flight has already taken place, but managed to get off the ground quite a bit.

This is not a single crystal Yves Rossy. Instead rocket pack

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