Will Dunn, for whom today is just another day — a long, long time ago

Driving at night, with the rain streaming towards your windscreen out of the blackness and the muffled whoosh of water under your wheels, it can feel like you’re in a movie. A movie in which you’re a lone FBI agent driving to a disused truck stop in the middle of Nowhere, Illinois to get sensitive documents from a man with no name. Until the plot suddenly changes, that is, and you’re in a movie in which you play a wet, frightened person who’s just driven


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Pain & Gain

A new classic. Follow the story of Daniel Lugo, a bodybuilder who is obsessed with having what everyone else has. Lugo’s desires lead him to recruiting other bodybuilders, including his good friend who is obsessed with looking the best and is also a born-again Christian who went to jail previously. The three of them extort Lugo’s client for every cent he has and then try to fit in with the uppity society. Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson costar.


1. This is based on a true story, the Lugo | extortion that took place

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Everyone can be an honest-to-goodness flmmaker thanks to Lomography, that champion of analogue film. Fancy making a movie for Blueprint? Read on…

In these all-encompassing digital days Blueprint has decided to look in the opposite direction for a while and celebrate the warmth and humanity of the analogue age, when the letter ‘i’ was just another vowel.

Lomography has long-championed the world of film, keeping its eye focused on the world of sprockets and emulsions. A few months ago it launched the Lomokino, a hand-cranked, 35mm movie camera, so we grabbed some and passed them to a hand-picked group of

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The right to love

Written by VICTOR POTEYKIN director — Vladimir Nazarov operator — Alexander Ryabov artist — IRINA LUKASHEVICH Composer — Alex Muravlev Lyrics Leonid Derbeneva Irina Potocki recordist ELENA Urvantseva

Roles performed:

Fedor — Ivan Shabaltas

Elena — Irina MALYSHEVA

Peter Danilovich — Vladimir Samoilov

Claudia — Valentina Talyzina


Alexander — MICHAEL Kokshenov

Nina — Irina SAFRONOV

Dergachov — Evgeny Shutov

Fedyulya — GERMAN Kachin

Millet — Gennady Yukhtina

Berazhkou — Nicholas Dupak superintendent Dakshin — Alexander Kudinov

Paul Shumilov — VICTOR KORESHKOV married — Sergey Zhigunov, Elena Antonova

Niurka Shumilova — LIGHT Stupak


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David Appleby

A cuppa with…

Celebrating 40 years since the release of Pink Floyd’s iconic Dark Side of the Moon album, Jessica Bracey speaks to cinema photographer David Appleby who has captured their legacy behind the scenes

Going back to the beginning, how did you get involved with Pink Floyd?

Well it started with Alan Parker who made the movie The Wall, I had previously worked on a couple of his films as the unit photographer and he called me to ask if I would like to do it. To be honest I didn’t know the music that well, only that of

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Sunday Pope

Scriptwriter — Edward AKOPOV director — Naum Birman operator — HEINRICH Marandzhyan artist — composer Vsevolod snail — Veniamin Basner lyrics MICHAEL Matusovskiy soundman — Galina Gorbonosov

Roles performed:

Alyosha — DIMA Grankin

Dima — Yuri Duvanov

Masha — TAMARA Akulova

Zoya Alexandrovna — Galina POLISH

Peter — Boris Shcherbakov Dima’s father — Victor Shulgin Dima’s mother — Nina Urgant

Lena — Vera Glagoleva

Nina — Anya Nahapetova

«Lenfilm» 1985 Cached

Color. 9 parts, in 2329 m. R /

Number 1110485 22.1 /8.2


For the past six months, the young couple Dima and Masha in divorce.

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7 facts about the film «Jobs: Empire of temptation» that you might not know.

In the «Jobs: Empire of temptation» tells about the founding and development of Apple, starting from 1971 and ending with 2000. The present success of the company came in 2001 with the advent of the first media of the iPod.

Ashton Kutcher met with Steve Jobs for six months before his death. Apple Co-Founder hero was an actor, so he agreed to participate in the film without any hesitation. Preparing for the role took several months.

Preparing for the role, Ashton Kutcher sat on a fruit diet, which is powered by Jobs himself. The experiment ended in failure for

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Weekly film festivals from Maxim Zhbankova

If I uttered earlier that I would heartily shocked film about crooks — would never have believed. But the fact is that the German film "Falshyvamanetchyki" captures the very first frame to the end. Designate a genre movie Stephen Ruzavitskaga hard enough: this retro-drama with a taste of catastrophic Jewish humor. That looks the way, completely natural. After all the action takes place in a concentration camp Zaksengavzen where Jews recidivists near Jewish communists shall forge pounds and bucks for the needs of the Third Reich. Surprisingly, but a movie about torture camp completely devoid of pathos and political angazhavanastsi.

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Polish director drunkenness scale struck in Belarus

In the movie we Andrzej Fidyka litsezreem Ales Pushkin not only as an artist and creator of brilliant performances, but also looked into his personal life, his family life.Andrzej Fidyk says that he was lucky with the hero:"I’ve always believed it must documentary was more fun than the movie art, and for me it is often criticized classics Polish documentary. But I will not change its approach and guided them to find an idea how to make a movie about Belarus. And that movie looked great, so it wanted to smooth, precise needs a hero. "After, as the premiere ended,

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In Grodno removed detective about gold Napoleon

Russian film company "Ugra" of Khanty-Mansiysk takes Grodno series about Napoleon search of valuables. We’re on the set. This is a courtyard between the Socialist streets and telegraph. There is an old stone buildings, probably they lured the attention of the crew. Small house on the sign changed, now it is written in Russian "Wine. Vodka". While what’s happening lunch with Soldiers thermoses lady imposes Grechnev porridge. Just before the shooting had just put rails kinakamery.We talk with the director of the film "Margot. Fiery Cross" Alexander globin. Belarus has a lot of tradition that Napoleon gold hidden somewhere here.

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