SEPTEMBER 19 release of the film in theaters Claire Denis «Glorious Bastards» With Chiara Mastroianni in the lead role. THEREFORE Chiara talk to GQ about male hands. Shy and violence.

1. Claire Denis

Claire Denis amazing. It’s a little blond angel, which is hidden inside the bulldozer, Robocop. I’ve always been a fan of it. When in 1990 I saw her film «To hell with death» with Alex Deskasom he completely shook me. And becoming an actress, I always hoped that someday I could work with her. But when we finally met in 2001, I was ashamed and did

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Mission: Taisiya

Usually Award InStyle within MIFF receives promising young actress, but this time we are happy to make an exception. It appeared on the horizon promising young director. The full-length debut of young talent was taken to the Russian program of the festival after a successful show in Cannes. To walk but the red carpet of the largest European review, it is not making any visible efforts, as well as last year, when I came to the Cannes Film Festival with the student short film and unexpectedly for itself not only applause, but also became the first Russian film director,

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Polish director drunkenness scale struck in Belarus

In the movie we Andrzej Fidyka litsezreem Ales Pushkin not only as an artist and creator of brilliant performances, but also looked into his personal life, his family life.Andrzej Fidyk says that he was lucky with the hero:"I’ve always believed it must documentary was more fun than the movie art, and for me it is often criticized classics Polish documentary. But I will not change its approach and guided them to find an idea how to make a movie about Belarus. And that movie looked great, so it wanted to smooth, precise needs a hero. "After, as the premiere ended,

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A.Rasinski: Minsk — totalitarian city, perfect for horror movies

Znatkevich: "In his essay, you’re in the midst of the rest, writing:" I believe that the most sophisticated available Cinématographe shifts of the human soul, and the display whenever unfolds Enigma incarnation, quietly and inconspicuously. " In your opinion, there are some things that are impossible to express through cinema, but for all that they can be expressed through any other forms of art, for example, through literature? "Rosinskiy: "I think that through cinema can express everything, but all of this will be lurking."Znatkevich: "In other words, the film — is as strong or stronger than the art form than

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Overview of new products Belarusian videarynku

The undisputed favorite of my personal hit parade on this week — Chinese film "Curse of the Golden Flower." It seems that Chinese cinema now knows only two words "social" and "facade". And sometimes it successfully connects. Internationally recognizable Zhang Yimou made theatrical movies about the Middle Ages, the struggle for power and a shutout over the personal political. And so that the viewer does not get bored, play director, invited the governor and his wife 2-best actors of modern China — Chow Yun Fatah and Gong Li.Film fantastically beautiful and very hard immediately. Tipo Shakespeare play in the implementation

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Freedom Night — Guest Franak Vyachorka

Now the program "Freedom Night" involved managing creative initiatives "Belarusian Gulfstream" Franak Vyachorka. Midst He initiators dubbing on whiteRussian language recognizable zabugornyh movies, answer questions, "Radio Liberty", also comment on the poll "What is your beloved zabugorny movie and why."In research papers — pradprymalnitskayya the churches in Belarus. People respond to the question — whether they are walking on a confession?Rrepartazh the late literary contest for the 100 ddya "Nasha Niva"Siege Belarusian web, in "record" Alexander Pamidorau group of "The Wall" in "Night Primer" Nyaklyayeu.After 23 minutes — "Liberty Travel" in Galoshava, Tolochinsky district, in the program "Belarusians Abroad" on

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Maxim Zhbankova film festival

On this week my personal sympathies aroused movie Tony Scott’s "Deja Vu." In soon Tony did shaped acidic movie — Tipo revised MTV. And at the moment apparently decided to throw the game in youth style and do something more old-fashioned. "Deja Vu" recalls police gunmen early 1990s like "Death guns." The only thing there is absolutely no humor. But with lyrics and ekshanam okay.With viewpoint story "Deja Vu" — another thriller about traveling through time. Yet it is worth a look. For there is a skillful work of the director, luxury picture, good lyrical line and a couple of

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Deepest festival

Not only the light that in the window — it’s true. But it is also true that the world is not just somewhere far away. Because the question: "festivals? .. — Cannes? Venice? Carlsbad?" — I have the second year in a row say, "Deepest," Magnificat "; suitcase and collect food to look cinema.

"Magnificat" in the deepest — is Catholic Festival of Christian films and television programs, but to no avail secular people would hesitate to serious words "Catholic" and "Christian." It is not the number of mentions the name of God, and not the presence of crosses, candles

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Why Yuri Azarenka fired?

The press service of the State TV said that the personnel reshuffle this kind leave the Presidential Administration. Recommended to wait because information about the dismissal of Yuri Azarenka from official sources:"Any staffing configuration and movement at the level of the control or his deputies takes a totally different structure. This goes not from us, we know this as well as other media — with the official report on the BelTA."With television Yuri Azaronak associated with the mid-1990s. Soon after the first presidential election, he made his debut at the Belarusian TV with ribbon "Hatred. Toddlers heresy" directed against the

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Availability for the Swedish film was not

The event takes place in the framework of the Days of Culture of Belarus in Sweden and will last from 4 to 13 June.Queue before Kassim "Central" cinema lost 30 minutes before the session began, together with tickets for the first of several films in the Festival films Swedish cinema. Were particularly stubborn, asking unnecessary ticket."I have read the information about the festival is now in the subway in the morning when driving to work — and decided to come here."And when he came, empty seats in the cinema "Central" was not …The current movie "You’re alive," directed by Roy

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