Will forms the Commission on Security with the gynecologist?

In the entire history of the elections were the most predictable and non-alternative: one seat in the House claimed 2.4 candidate. In the vicinity of 15 balyatavalasya one candidate — a representative of authority. Predictions and "leakage disk imaging" that the parliament will not 5 most brightest opposition Belarusian authorities not heard. In general, no representative of the opposition in the House has not passed.If not premature vote (according to official figures previously voted more than 26% of voters), the election could not take place. September 28 plots come, according to official figures, 49%. Sociologist Alexander Sasnou said: "There are

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Calls for freedom: Election Results predictable

In Belarus, elections were held for the House of Representatives. Students ‘Freedom’ share their impressions about their degree of openness, fairness and democracy.Victor: "The election results predictable. Candidates appointed authority. Overpowered destination. More weak voter education, weak mind, indifference to the work of the Parliament. People do not believe that the" tent "what-nibudt decides. And stare as deputies to people aspiring to the trough — trough for the best criterion, since hitting a "tent", the deputies did not make promises, do not defend the rights of their constituents. "Man: "I think there will be a very significant change, but not

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Or appear in Belarus gaming reservations?

In Minsk, about 2-10-s casino. In addition, there are five casinos in Brest, Vitebsk four, three in Gomel, Mogilev two, one in Grodno, Baranovichi Novopolotsk Mozyr and Bobruisk.L.Shypay "Casino — is not the bread and butter"But business prospects vague. For example, members of the Minsk City Council waiting for a response from the management of the town on his own deputy’s request. Due to the probable market redistribution gambling MPs offer to take more control this area. Says one of the initiators of the deputy’s request Lyudmila spike:"And in Belarus including, Ukraine and very nearly all spill over. And indeed,

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Chamber will manage the new old speaker

Place the speaker became vacant after, in September Vladimir Kanaplyou filed his resignation from office. He referred to the bad state of health. Now deputies received text of his statement.And the hemp on the session did not come. And did not expect it because, as told Radio Liberty one of the deputies, hemp and wrote the second statement — that will not be able to participate in this meeting.For the resignation of the Speaker of Deputies voted 88 against — 19.Bar Council unanimously invited to choose a new chairman Vadim Popov. Arguments in its favor are: the new parliamentary elections

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Vladimir Konopleva fired as chairman of the House of Representatives

According to the regulations, the deputies voted in secret ballot with the introduction of cardboard. The decision is considered adopted if a majority of ordinary vote of the full House of Representatives.Vladimir Kanaplyou not in session. MPs porazdavali his statement, in which he refers to the bad state of health.The deputy, who asked not to call his name, said Radio Liberty, that V.Konoplev wrote another statement in which reports that it can not be at this meeting• deputies will Speaker, budget and language, 2.10.2007

Is it realistic to withdraw the member of the House of Representatives?

Tsigankov: "Public activists who have launched a campaign to recall deputies of the House of Representatives, fined and persecuted. Why so afraid of the power? Neuzh they really afraid that it may come to recall deputies?"Golubev: "I do not think the case had previously come. But, in fact, I think this and should not be. Indeed, voters should think before choosing, and be responsible for I didand. On the other hand, I have a historical experience, when we, the opposition BNF in the Supreme Council, tried to adopt such a law, and to organize a review of some deputies, and

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MPs who eliminated the exemptions wish to withdraw

The question of recall of a deputy could be raised at the meeting. Initiate its conduct can group numbering 150 voters. In some surroundings for this already collected signatures.In Borisov group of voters means to initiate a review of the deputy Leonid Kozik, chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus. Campaigner Victor Gorbachev said:"People are well aware that people in such positions and votes for cancellation of benefits … Because public support is. Kozik opposite must fight for social protection benefits, as he raised his hand. We have materials to its promises, and we will put together and

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What is taught in opposition Novapolatsk courts?

Online newspaper from Novopolotsk Ximik.info analyzes results trials local activists Valery Shevchenko, Igor Anton and Sukhorukova Yasinovich. These processes occurred yesterday, September 25th. Case differed in that for the first time in Belarus lured to administrative responsibility for violation of the order a review of MPs. Managing Internet project Andrei Alexandrov saw this story and didactic point for the democratic forces. "The authorities track down those who are against it, and in this case found the formal pretext for repression, as was used revocation mechanism of Deputies, which is not provided for by law. This must signal for all activists.

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Valery Putitsky: This trip, as if to Shushenskoe … I link

Bushlyakov: "You are currently in Zhytkavichy. This — trip?"Putitsky: "It’s such a trip, allegedly to Shushenskoe. C. I wish to make Lenin … I’m in exile.""We decided that I’m not a rural dweller, I do not need and" Dozhinki "Bushlyakov "In Rechitza expected this weekend prazdnichek" Dozhinki "and you was sent from his native town … What was the need for this work?Putitsky: "Maybe it was … I work from August 1, this is my first trip. But I think that was not necessary, as no one I left Rechitsy …"Bushlyakov: "Do you regret that you will not in Rechitza

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Opposition rushing to find candidates for deputies

This decision came now presidium United Democratic Forces (SLM) in Belarus. By this occasion accepted advice to regional coalitions, as they had better find a more promising candidates in each electoral environment. Co-Chair of the UDF Anatoly Lebedko explains this by saying that "we can not exclude early elections." Under current law, elections were held in House of Representatives take place in the second half 2008. • All supporters of change are invited to run for deputies, 12.09.2007

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