Proximity child

In a world sometimes children are very comfortable. They are obedient, most of all love to be near his mother, and in the company of other adults feel quite good. They like to sit at home is clearly more than a walk. And if they have to go out, they usually bypass the sandbox and my mother gone away from playgrounds.

At times my mother tell my child leads to the site, but it does not show any enthusiasm, the child afraid of the noise and the crowd pressed to saving his mother's knee. The other children quickly taken

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There are worse things than war

Memoirs of evacuation hospital nurses

"It was terribly sorry for the people." Ludmila Grigorieva the war she worked as a nurse in the capital base hospital. About this time, she knows with Prof. restraint. And starts to cry when he remembers what happened in her life before and after the war

About the beginning Lyudmila Ivanovna weird recollection, never read about it was not necessary. As if on the night of Sunday, June 22, in the skies over Moscow was the glow of the flames as if everything was covered. She also remembers that when Molotov read on the

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