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Professor Bubnovsky:



I-"’; Then I have to explain to his friends -1 healthy lifestyle causes of diabetes of the second type, that is non-insulin dependent. I have to say that this disease is not inherited, but if the family who is suffering from this disease, then we can talk about continuity. At the same time correction lifestyle towards naturally healthy hinders manifestation of the disease even in cases where many relatives suffering from diabetes mellitus of second type. But about overweight I consider it my duty to speak.

I have a friend, Vladimir

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Women’s weakness

«Urinary incontinence in women is now — one of the most common diseases. The urgency of the problem due to the high social significance. Today, all kinds of diseases amenable to correction — is important only professional approach.

Treatment appropriate to start with the least invasive methods. Only when there is no result with conservative therapy should proceed to surgery. The exception is expressed pathological anatomical changes in the lower urinary tract in women — cystocele, ie omission of the front wall of the vagina. In these cases, conservative therapy is doomed to failure.

When complaints about the loss

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To take and cancel!

Periods may become quarterly.

And even years. Among gynecologists is believed that the critical days need not all.

The most outstanding inventions of the XX century, according to a poll of British sociologists, women recognized oral contraceptives (OK). In addition to monitoring the pregnancy, drugs recommended to relieve the symptoms of PMS, hormonal correction and treatment of related diseases. The next step in getting rid of women’s suffering — the possibility to postpone the use of tampons and pads for the long term. For example, a medicament as Seasonale, reduces the number of menstrual periods to four times a

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Asthenopia (eye fatigue)

Stinging and pain in the eyes, tearing, redness of the eyelids and eyeballs, pain in the forehead, fatigue. All these are clear signs of the so-called asthenopia, often emerging in the computer users.

Asthenopia (Asthenopia; Greek. Asthenes weak + ops, opos an eye) — quickly coming eyestrain during visual work, especially at a small distance from the eye to the subject. Asthenopia— It is not a disease but a border state. However, if she did not pay attention, eye-strain can progress to a more serious disease. It is therefore important time to tackle this problem and fix it.

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Botox Gel + = minus 15 years

Each woman will sooner or later think about a face lift, with many non-surgical want — that there was stitches, swelling, scarring. And few people realize that it does take just a timely appeal to the beautician. No need to wait until the age reassert itself, frightening morning in the mirror sagging face and wrinkles. Start the prevention of aging now and get rid of the prospects scalpel!

You 23-25? It's time to start low concentrations of chemical peeling, massage Lift6, which will keep the facial muscles toned, microcurrent, oxygen-ozone therapy, especially if you do not get enough fresh

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Water Treatments

"Mother, the color of your face causes me anxiety! Is it time to go to the water, to improve health? "- Respectable gentleman with pince-nez stares at his magnificent wife. A typical scene of the XIX century, when water and mud treatments were all the rage in high society.

What's going on?

What is the therapeutic effect of water? The fact is that the body in the water environment brings entirely different temperature fluctuations. First, large thermal conductivity of the water. Secondly, sweat gland our skin in an aqueous medium does not evaporate moisture, whereby all parts of

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Age at anything!

"I remember the astonishment with which I discovered first gray hair. Then we laughed with friends when they told me to read in the points. But now, when I lift a heavy bag, I sneeze or cough, I'm not laughing! I think I'm really on the threshold of old age … "

Such thoughts — the first thing that comes to mind when a woman is faced with a delicate, but, alas, often the situation. However, this phenomenon has little to do with old age — the control of urination can be broken at any age. Studies have shown

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In Hong Yong-Jo found the gastrocnemius muscle tear

Injuries midfielder of "growth" and the team DPRK Hong Yong-Jo was quite serious. This information was confirmed by sporting director Alexander Rostovites Shikunov. "Unfortunately, the suspect in the calf muscle tear was confirmed. Perhaps this recurrence of the old injury that Korean aggravated in training before the meeting with the" Dynamo ". Whatever it was, at the time of his participation in a home match of the 5th round of the" Wings of the Soviets "a big question. Everything will depend on how effective will be the course of remediation activities, the designated Hong Yong-Jo" — quoted Shikunova correspondent of

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Cervical incompetence (CIN): types

There are numerous causes that lead to miscarriage. One — Cervical failure, that is, a condition in which the isthmus (in Latin "Isthmus") and neck ("cervix") of the uterus can not cope with the increasing workload (the growing fetus, amniotic fluid), and begin to prematurely disclosed.

What's going on?

In order to understand the development of this condition, it is necessary to know the structure of the uterus. Uterus consists of a body (where the pregnancy is developing fetus) and the neck, which, together with the isthmus forms in childbirth one of the components of the birth canal.

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As an erection

Over the last century, part of the population surveys have shown that the list of stresses associated with marriage, money is headed. Pollsters asked people not just about sex, and the respondents themselves were not given this information. When the list began to include sexual issues, money issues took a back seat. Even among happily married couples about 50% of the men mentionedkakih-nibud sexual difficulties (women satisfied was even less — about 25%).

Indeed, as one of the pleasures of life, full sex promotes good emotional mood. Sexual disorders often cause people a lot of unnecessary suffering —

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