SYNDROME svinushki

Every year is the beginning of mushroom season fans quiet hunting and their relatives accepted debate: take it or not, and if you took — eat or not eat. Spring morels are a subject of discussion, summer and autumn — svinushki. In the web over the last serious passions boil. Some say: take, take, and will take, and if someone is etched, so they did not know how to cook. Others argue: look, the whole of Europe considers svinushki poisonous mushrooms. Still others, having read forums regret that scored a bucket of mushrooms and now will have to be disposed.

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M.Grib: No thaw will not

"After a certain number of days after the announcement of the OSCE, we learn that will deliver about Belarusian election management EU and the U.S.. On this will depend on what will happen in Belarus. I personally do not see a decent here. No improvement, no thaw in democracy and Human Rights at the near horizon there. All is not earlier, but on the contrary. "Statements by the Belarusian authorities on transparency and democratic elections in the House of Representatives last speaker of the Supreme Council Mieczyslaw Mushroom considers zaavesyu smoke, fog, in which concealed the fact what happened really.

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Freedom Night with Alexei Znatkevich. July 24

Part 1:• News Digest forward to.• Interview with economist and deputy director of the fund «CASE Belarus’ Alexander Chubrik.• Survey in Minsk: "Worth taking a loan from the Russian Federation, taking gas?"• Transfer Alexander Pamidorau "Zwukopis." Group "Sigismund". 2nd part:• Lithuania: the case for the extradition of fugitive Belarus postponed.• "Night of research": the collection and sale of mushrooms and berries in Belarus.• Survey in Gomel: "Are not you afraid to take mushrooms and berries in the markets and near the roads?"• Belarusian website in "night of the siege," Severin takes Kwiatkowski.• «Night rap." Verses Andrew Adamovich.

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Will the promised safety to prazdnichkom town?

Can the authorities to ensure security during mass events? It is not necessary to reduce the scale of the celebration, taking into account the fact that during the days of celebration during the July 3 Independence explosion? These questions are answered by a retired police general Mieczyslaw Mushroom. Tsigankov: "At the moment, when preparing and Dozhinki day and the town, on what is necessary to direct attention? May be recalled that the explosion, the investigation of which is still last, occurred specifically during mass prazdnichka, on the night of 3 to 4 July."

Mushroom: "Emphasis should be given to

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M.Grib: release Kozulin harder than continue renting

Mushroom: "Due to the fact that the very things soured with the management of, somehow there was a need to review his case with the European Union, with the United States, need to do some steps. Refusal to rent to BHC was very critically acclaimed and the European Union — a statement they were doing, and the U.S. — they also do a very harsh statement. And these statements are unnecessary Belarus. I think, here is simple.Over the past thirteen years, nobody nowhere have never been canceled in all matters that would not appear in connection with law enforcement agencies

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M.Grib: From the list of banned still was not helpful

"If you do not recognize the presidential and parliamentary elections democratic, why in general to deal with this state? And that goes double approach. We do not recognize and have affairs. I was immediately against any banned lists. Let go, let them stare, may have their eyes will reveal how ordinary people live, "- says Mieczyslaw Mushroom. With all of this last speaker believes that the harsh West talks with Belarus execution 1st requirement of 12 is not enough.

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M. Mushroom: This simulation activity investigators

Mushroom says that he did not want to associate that what’s happening at the moment, with 1937."If then grabbed, then nobody will be released. This is the big difference. And here took, detained, checked and released … I do not think that’s great. It is very bad. In primarily for whom delay. And the second — to the investigation. Investigator has to spend very many useless work, then, does not promote the true offenders. " Views on sovereign Grib, the problem is that the top management has given installation and put the puzzle possible faster to find, and it comes

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M. Mushroom: Lukashenko allocates according to personal trust

"Everything is done on the basis of personal trust. Who leads the personal protection of the president, who has the best chance to get a more senior job. Who operates the coming Assistant to the President, Vladimir Makey, then also has advantages in destiny."Vladimir Mackay may be the best admin — more educated than its predecessor Gennady Nyavyhlas believes M. Mushroom."But there is no chance of any configuration, as all power remains in the same hands. Who and where will rearrange — it does not matter. Officials can change what you want, but the system power remains the same."

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M.Grib: Why sonorous case converted to visyak?

Such, in general, was in the practice of the Belarusian law. By exposing the problems of justice in the midst of the 1980s was added our public editor Mieczyslaw Mushroom. His band for the disclosure of rapes and murders in the Vitebsk region ladies learned that for 15 years wasand wrongly convicted 13 people, some of them shot. New History of Belarus was marked more sonorous violence. Kill the 1st of the companions of Alexander Lukashenko, the president’s Comptroller Eugene Mikolutskogo; disappearance of opposition politicians, gang "firemen", "morozovtsev"; Grodno police maniac; attacks in Vitebsk and "hooliganism" on the night of

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M.Grib: The accusation opponents Belarus sends a consequence the wrong way

Even the removal from office of State Viktor Sheiman and control of the presidential administration Gennady Nyavyhlas that are not formally responsible for mass events, adds complexity operatives. As was the case with a number of crimes loud, top-down plan for fast search intruders forces missed the first-best suspects, not zaglyblyayuchysya in the matters. Why did the authorities in critical situations, try to stay away, and public opinion to bring virtual "enemies of Belarus?" And whether it is possible with the application of large stands to take as a typical pressure on the investigation?’s Outlook Mieczyslaw Grib: "I think ever

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