A set of "Urban Farm" for growing mushrooms

A set of "Urban Farm" for mushroom growing guide presents

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Wonderful gift option for those who can not live without the mushrooms. With this set the proud owner of a gift will grow about 1.5 kg of oyster mushrooms in less than 10 days. In this case, you need only open the container, pour over it and wait for the emergence and maturation of fungi. Substrate for oyster mushroom is made from 100% recycled coffee grounds container for mushrooms can be left on a windowsill at home. You can

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In the Chelyabinsk region were up early mushrooms

June 10, 2013. In the southern Urals recorded anomaly: in the beginning of June rose mushrooms. The victims of mushroom hunting have become two pregnant women.

As the correspondent of "New Region", the residents of the Chelyabinsk region previously noted unusually appearance of mushrooms. Eyewitnesses report that met in the woods russules, barns, and other boletus mushrooms. Usually mushroom season begins in the Southern Urals in the middle of summer.

Already there were the first "victim" of such anomalies.

Day of June 9 two pregnant women of the village Kundravy Chebarkulsky district went to the woods to pick mushrooms

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Business for wild plants

Company "Vologda berry" claims to be the largest player in the domestic market of frozen berries, mushrooms and vegetables: it launches new refining capacity and is ready to become farmers.

First train from Moscow to Vologda. Then 320 kilometers in the direction of Saint Petersburg — and we in the remote forests of Vologda. 8:30 on the clock. "What have you come so late? The forest was already Mamaj "- meets us older forager berries. She looks around us skeptical with the photographer and notices that for berry our clothes did not fit. "They’re out of the

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Mordovskie mushrooms

Farm by these fungi grow started in December 2012 in the village of Lunga Ardatovsky district.


In January 2013, the complex gave the first mushroom harvest. Owner of the farm is a member of the target program "Support for beginning farmers in the Republic of Mordovia for the period 2012-2014 years." Under this project, the farmer received from the State of 1 million rubles for the purchase of equipment. The total cost of the project amounts to more than 7 million.

In the spring of plans to expand production and increase

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Large complex processing of mushrooms is created in the Novgorod region

In the Novgorod region created the largest complex for growing and processing mushrooms worth $ 1.4 billion. At the briefing said the vice-governor of the region Arnold Shalmuev and Alexander Volodkov, General Director of "Agroprominvest" created from scratch for the construction of a large object in Malovishersky district area.

"The decision to build the complex, our company has made in the last year, and then started looking for places to host it. Today, the project is in the active phase: in Malovishersky district purchased the property in 60 acres of land, which will house not only champignons complex with

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In toadstools found unknown substances




In search of inspiration for the creation of new pharmacologically active substances, scientists often turn to the mushrooms, not without reason, considering their amazing chemical factories. And the mushrooms do not cheat expectations.

German researchers from the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen) of the two

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Food plants and other grazing. Photo


This article is intended as a generalization of personal experience on the use of pasture for travel to the North of the Far East. Author's experience is limited mainly to the limits of Magadan region, but I think it can be applied to a much greater margin. In my opinion, in the summer in the taiga or the tundra away from human habitation can not die of hunger. Yes, all that can be found in nature, strange taste, not very nutritious, and can not replace good nutrition for the modern man, as we are not used to too "wild"

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Death cup killed twenty Russians. Video


5.10.11.Srazu in several Russian regions have been cases of mass poisoning mushroom poisoning and is increasingly becoming a death. Thus, in the Saratov Oblast Clinical Hospital died immediately, three local residents — a husband and wife, and their friend. Survived only two year old daughter of the victims, which, fortunately, ate very little mushrooms.

Told reporters in the regional office "Rospotrebnadzor" victims gathered mushrooms right in the city park. Overall, in the Saratov region in June of mushroom poisoning 8 people died, all of them were poisoned by death cup, which this year is very similar to russules.

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Mushroom anomaly in the Chelyabinsk region. Video


14.06.11.Griby in Chelyabinsk forests appeared two months earlier than usual. The phenomenon has surprised even avid mushroom and caused a lot of issues. As long as people speculated that it was — an anomaly or a pattern, enterprising pickers are already out on the mini-markets with full baskets.

Among the first to react to the surprising phenomenon professional pickers. In cities and towns spontaneously turned mini-markets. Traders vying offer luteus pounds or entire buckets. Those who love mushrooms, but do not know how to collect, eagerly interested in forest products. "Sooner they are, — the mushroom Alexander Antonov.

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The village appeared Chipyshevo pit of muddy water. Video


26.10.11.Karer with muddy water found near the village of villagers Chipyshevo. In STRC "South Ural" People have asked to find out whether such a dangerous neighborhood.

"Picturesque" careers for a month adorns Chipyshevo outskirts. What the muddy water near the pipeline, people can only guess. But according to local residents, the whole liquid slowly seeps into the ground and into the wells. "The water you take — it smells like gasoline or kerosene," — says Valery Vinokurov, a resident of Chipyshevo.

This pit is, as the Chief of the Environmental Safety Chelyabinsk oil pipeline control — a common

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