Sonos multiroom system

With Sonos you can expand your set-up at your leisure — why not start with a budget Play:3. and add a bigger Play:5 later? Then maybe hook up a Connect to your existing hi-fi and router, then add speakers to a Connect: Amp in another room, or a SUB for a bass boost. For a further upgrade, the Arcam rSeries SonLink DAC works a treat with the Connect.




Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6

Our favourite music streamer is only kept from the top spot by the brilliant flexibility of the full Sonos system;

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CONTACT 01978 265308

‘There has been a music shop on this site now for approximately 32 years,’ says owner Paul Sturman, ‘I have been trading here under the Music Place banner for 5 years and have built up a fine reputation for quality instruments, percussion, PA, and a large selection of accessories and effects. This area has always been exciting for musicians, and there’s a good live movement here, especially with younger players.’


With just one snug room straight in from the street, The Music Place manages to offer a wide choice of percussion, effects, recording


The music man

Hidden behind a barbershop in a particularly nondescript part of Los Angeles’ Korea town district sits a small, equally unremarkable looking building. We call it the Death star,” says Stacy Jones, gesturing at the unit through a rain-splattered windshield. We’re sitting in his car because inside the studio, which the American Hi-Fi frontman has owned for the past decade, French garage- rock girls Plastiscines are recording vocal takes for their third album, which Jones is producing. “Normally I’d say we could just do the interview outside, but this weather….» He nods toward the ominous skies above, which have darkened following

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The movies, music and games to test your system



Download, CD, vinyl

Out now ★★★★

Some bands’ collections of B-sides, remixes and ‘rarities’ are overt barrel-scraping affairs, an exercise in contract fulfilment or an admission of creative bankruptcy. Belle and Sebastian do things rather differently.

After all, this is the band that didn’t include a single on an album until their sixth LP (Dear Catastrophe Waitress) — prior to that all the band’s singles and EPs were stand-alone.

So in the manner of 2005’s Push Barman To Open Old Wounds (which rounded up B-sides and what-have-you from the first five albums),

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Stereo Spectrograph

Most stereo systems have some kind of music level indicator, The indicator may be as sim pie as a set of LEDs, ordinary low-voltage lamps or V-U (volume-unit) meters. These were later replaced by bar-graph type LED indicators. Though attractive, they provide only one-dimensional ‘movement’ of LEDs with the music. Now this system has also become very common.

Presented here is a spectacular system to replace the outdated music level indicators. This system is capable of providing a smart, two-dimensional ‘dancing’ effect on a square matrix of 100 LEDs.

In this system, out of 100 LEDs arranged in a square

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Shaker Maker

To the fore on two rock’n’roll classics and more besides, the late Joe Moretti was one of British pop’s ‘guitarist’s guitarists’. Profile by Alan Clayson.

Prior to British beat music’s subjugation of the planet in the mid-1960s, only a handful of native recordings were really on a par with anything in the annals of US classic rock. Among these were Vince Taylor’s Brand New Cadillac and Shakin’ All Over from Johnny Kidd. Each song lived in their riffs – and the guitarist who played both of them was Joe Moretti, a man who rippled across the decades as an influence

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£2300 /

Hang about. I seem to be holding a copy of the Habitat catalogue. Don’t panic, gadget fan. Until 2017, when DFS will include the Autonomous Bum-Grinding MechaSofa in its autumn collection, we have nothing to fear from furniture. And furniture is precisely what Ruark has created with its lovely new R7: furniture that also happens to do a very good job of playing music.

Ha! It’s a… a thing! A music thing! Yes, it is a sound system. It’ll play pretty much anything from any source — it’ll stream your music wirelessly over Bluetooth (aptX), use its

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Pilgrims Tale

With just a guitar, the odd overdub and a string quartet for company, the jazz/fusion great reasserts his lifelong passion for the music of the Beatles with a 14-song testimonial. Interview by Pete Langman.

A failing dictaphone in a noisy dressing room at London’s Ronnie Scott’s and a wayward internet connection from a hotel in the Ukraine are not the best advertisement for the wonders of modern technology, but it seems apt considering that Al Di Meola’s latest project, All Your Life: A Tribute To The Beatles, was recorded entirely analogue at Abbey Road studios. It’s the kind of move

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Once you have your recording, you may want to edit out gaps, remove umms and hmms. and add music or effects. Sound editing is more art than science, and the best way to make a podcast omelet is to break some eggs. Now is also the time to add intro and outro material.

If your interview, music, and other sounds are of different volumes, you should adjust them to even things out. You can do this quickly in Audacity by selecting Edit/Select All and then Effects/Normalize.

Editing and exporting audio on the Mac.

Audacity doesn’t come with an MP3 converter, because MP3 conversion software can’t legally be distributed in free programs. But Audacity and other audio applications can plug in third-party encoders such as LAME.

3a. Download an MP3 codec library if you haven’t already, that works on your platform (see software chart) and extract it to your Audacity folder. Within Audacity, open

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Make Yourself Automatic Music Search System

Automatic music search system, popularly called AMSS*, is nowadays incorporated in many commercially available cassette recorders. With AMSS one can skip the present music or go to the starting point of the presently played music by pressing ‘Cue (FF)’ or ‘Rew’ keys. This reduces repeated cueing and rewing of tape in order to reach the desired point of the tape.

AMSS does not require elaborate circuitry, but the mechanical modifications necessary in the cassette deck mechanism alienate an average electronics enthusiast. In this article, it will be shown that the mechanical modifications are not as complex as imagined and that

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