Warbirds & Warriors.

World War II was a singular happening in the world’s history and, although it is fading in history’s stream, its men and machines live on in film and pixels.

Aces All.

Captains Obie O’Brien and Bud Anderson listen to Don Bochkay describe his latest aerial encounter. All three were aces and belonged to the 363rd FS, 357th FG. During WW II, the public relations machine worked overtime putting photos like this in papers across the U.S. to aid in bond drives. Today they are invaluable historical documents. O’Brien finished the War with seven victories, Anderson 16.25 and Bochkay 13.83.


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Charles Kennedy describes the experience of flying in a Mustang with Stallion 51 in Florida.

My father saw an advert for Stallion 51 which led to a conversation about flying in one of the most famous fighters of World War Two — the Mustang. The company is based at Kissimmee Municipal Airport in Florida and a look at the its website, www.stallion51. com, gave a good impression of a professional organisation. An e-mailed questionnaire, to establish our expectations and experience levels, included the ‘magic’ question: “How many gs would you like?” Plus, gave the opportunity to make requests for what


Perfect for fighting against the MiG

Fighting the MiG in a Mustang held no concerns for Capt. Byers who flew with the 12th FBS. Capt. James F. Byers was one of the most experienced of the pilots in that he had served a full tour in World War II and flew well over 100 missions in Korea with the 18th Fighter Bomber Group. In speaking to other pilots in the 18th, he told them, «You could not find a better aircraft for the job than the F-51. We could carry the load, had the range, can outgun and outturn the MiG and above all, outlast it

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It’s a collection of cleverly shaped pieces of steel and aluminum that, when mixed with gasoline, can be manipulated by a human operator and made to move through the air and do stuff. That’s it. That’s the entire Mustang thing. So, why all the intefest? No, let me amend that. It’s not just «interest.” Why all the outrageous passion it seems to engender? Very good questions! Unfortunately, we have no answers.

One thing is an absolute fact, however: for reasons that are often unique to the individual involved, the Mustang is NOT «just» a



A long day at the office Captain C. E. “Bud» Anderson. USAAC 357th Fighter Group, 363rd Fighter Squadron

During the spring of 1944,1 could see the military buildup in England and figured the invasion would take place soon. I was returning from a mission on June 5, 1944, and as I neared Pas De Calais, I noticed more boats than I had ever seen before. I shouted over the R/T, «Oh, wow!» The group leader ordered radio silence; he didn’t want me tipping off the listening enemy!

Invasion bound!

After we landed, our P-5 IBs were swarmed over by ground

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Have guns, will travel

Rhubarbs and Recces: Flying Tactical Recon with RCAF 414 Squadron

By RCAF Pilot Officer Clyde East

When I arrived in England with fellow RCAF fighter pilots in the spring of 1943, I was given my choice of four different fighter aircraft to fly— the Supermarine Spitfire, the Hawker Hurricane, the Typhoon or the new American fighter called the Mustang. Naturally, being an American in Canadian clothing, 1 choose the Mustang. The British named these early models the Mk I Mustang and these were built to British specifications. About the only negative thing I can say about these early Mustangs was

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Evolution of the breed

When the P-51 first took to the air, no one could know that it would have such far-reaching effects in nearly every theater of combat. Simultaneously, nobody foresaw that the initial disappointment in its performance, when measured against its peers, would turn into near-elation as the concept became a world beater. The Mustang’s evolution began with a cutting-edge airframe mated to a marginal engine, which was then replaced with one of the finest powerplants ever. The original design’s limited range was expanded with more internal fuel and drop tanks that made all the difference as a bomber escort. Armament also

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Birds of a feather

Too tall, too determined

By the time I made it to basic training, I knew I wanted to be a fighter pilot. I had one small problem that stood in my way; how was I going to cut two inches off my 6’2″ frame to meet the legal limit? The answer came in the form of my instructor and partner in crime, Frank “Mickey» Spillane.

It would be many years later that Mickey would become a famous author and beer commercial star, but in 1943, he ignored my height as we conspired a devious plan to get me into fighters.

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Are we there jet?

Itching to fight

I had been interested in aviation ever since Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic. As a kid growing up in Newark, New Jersey, during the Great Depression, all pilots were my heroes. I always looked to the sky to watch military aircraft flying over head, smiled and convinced myself that someday I was going to be a fighter pilot. The beginning of that journey began on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. However, after I joined the Army Air Force, it took me over two years to finally get my hands on a fighter. Then, I

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The Mustangs entered the Army SOUTH

New vehicles — cars Kama Automobile family "Mustang" entered service in the brigade logistics SOUTH stationed in Budennovsk, Stavropol Territory. 

New vehicles — cars Kama Automobile family "Mustang" (biaxial "Kamaz-4350" triaxial "Kamaz-5350" and a four "Kamaz-6350") has entered into service in the brigade logistics SOUTH stationed in Budennovsk, Stavropol Territory.

"After the distribution of vehicles with staff will be held Instructor and methodical pursuit of modern cars operating in mountainous, high altitude and hot areas. Specialists also will give a master class on extreme driving in non-standard

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