This Mohammed

On the day of my thirties, who was sadly rather than fun, my mother said, «Well, if the mountain will not come to Mohammed, we do go to him.» It was, of course, does not travel, but about my marriage, or rather, the complete absence of signs of its approach.

On my horizon men were observed, they like me at all and did not notice, so that when I go online next the questionnaire, some questions to answer just could not. For example, on the question of sexuality — there I have it or not. Who the hell knows!

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Hello, we are looking for talent!

Almost every mom is convinced that her daughter — a genius, talent and, in general, is a miracle of nature. But how to open these gifts and how to help them implement? These issues concern mother no less than the health of her daughter or academic success. Here are a few tips that may be useful in addressing this challenge.

From the first steps

Very often the child's interests and talents appear quite early and stay with him for life. For example, if your daughter started drawing before going, and still covers all your notebooks images princesses and animals,

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Educating girls

What do you think about when you are born feeling of motherhood? When your kid call you mom or gave you your first smile? Or when you put red on the belly, screaming newborn creature, which is more expensive for you there is nothing in the world? Or maybe when you first felt within himself a barely perceptible motion, and someone still unknown, in the depths of your body stretched and straightened his tiny legs?

In fact, the feeling of motherhood is born much earlier. The famous British psychologist D. Winnicott came to the conclusion that this sense of

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Change wife (Ukraine) Watch online

We offer are popular reality TV show "Change wife," presented by Ukrainian channel 1 +1. The essence of the show is to share the experience of spouses and family life. Families who have been casting and began role in the project, will have to spend a week with the newest mother and wife. The first day or three brand new mother should live by the rules of the institution in the family, in which she got, but the next day or three, shall have the right to organize their own rules and try to change the fact that she

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