United States: the mystery of anthrax disclosed?




U.S. scientists have unraveled the mystery of anthrax — a mechanism that allows this microorganism to survive in almost any environment and multiply at an alarming rate.

As shown by their study, these properties anthrax linked to several hundreds of genes and their encoded proteins. High survival

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Crystal skulls — a mystery with a century of history

The origin of the crystal skulls has been for hundreds of years, is haunted by the researchers. The answer to this riddle has remained undiscovered.

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The first of the skulls was discovered in Lubaantun — the ancient Mayan city. It consisted of solid rock crystal. The skull was different ideal proportions and contained no trace of artificial treatment. Its weight

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Astronauts go to the contact




Once again, the "mystery of the Tunguska"

Until today, the most common versions of what happened in the forest mysterious phenomenon remains a hypothesis about an unusually large meteorite exploded, the release into the atmosphere of a giant explosion and the amount of natural gas, the collision

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Secret of Genghis Khan’s burial

The name Chigiskhan relates a great mystery, and perhaps the most sensational find the twenty-first century. He was born in the tract Delyun-Baldock that the Onon River, about 1155. The township it has retained its name until now and be near the village Tsasuchey, in the Chita region. Yes, yes, do not be surprised, Genghis Khan was born on the territory of modern Russia. The exact date of death is known, since at the time it is accompanied by the chroniclers. It happened on August 25 1227goda.

You need a

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Mexicos Zone of Silence

April 4, 2012 21:38

This area is on the border of three states — Durango, Chihuahua and Coahuila, just six miles from the Texas town of El Paso.

In this desert, where there are practically no large towns, TVs do not work, for some reason stops the clock and the compass dances, confusing part of the world. Radios are mostly silent, but there are places where you can send the antenna so that even a low-power receiver will revive and will take the station, for example, Japan or China. For some strange reason this wilderness "chosen" meteorites. Registered unusual mutations

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The origin of the moon

February 9, 2012 19:04

We are used to our only "natural" satellite that orbits the planet constantly every 28 days. But when we begin to analyze the physical properties of our friend neighbor, many details suggest that the moon can not be normal natural creation. Photo from theepochtimes.com

Moon dominates in our night sky, from ancient times it has affected the people most poetic soul strings. Although over the past few decades, offered new insights into the many mysteries of the moon, a large number of outstanding issues still surround our only "natural" companion. We used to rely on

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Tunguska invasion. 100 years along with the secret. Online

Watch Tunguska invasion. 100 years along with the secret

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Secrets of the night lights. Online

More than four billion years, the moon kept its secrets. Unique studies reveal the mystery surrounding the satellite blue planet.

Title: Secrets of the night lights Original title: Expedition Lune Year: 2009 Genre: Documentary Directed by: Tomoyuki Katsumata, Yuichi Kunishara Issued: France Televisions — NHK Duration: 00:50:19 : Professional

Watch Secrets of the night lights

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Secrets of the world. Cities underground online

The film is about an ancient underground cities that are endowed with incredible strength and hide the secrets of past advanced civilizations. Very few people managed to get into them, and quite a bit out of there …

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Secrets of the world — Immortality. Online

At all ages, people have sought to immortality. Alchemical elixirs, sacrifice, cannibalism — all this and much more was aimed at obtaining an infinite life. And it is possible that the extension of the secrets of existence of each person are very close …

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