Machkevich: Named mystical fundamental things? ..

Machkevich: "Unreal are fundamental things? … Alexander Lukashenko does not think that the issues of democracy, civilian society — is the existence of the country in the European Union. When violated civilian rights, no freedom of speech, and Head of State states that the EU imposes mystical requirements, because it sounds as if President Lukashenko in general does not think like a normal government should work. "

Mystical stories with Victor Wierzbicki (80 — 82 issues) watch online

Magical stories with Victor Verzhbitsky. The battle for good — it's totally unique docudrama, which are the main characters are real people, and all the actions that we see on the screen took place in reality. This documentary series created on the basis of unspeakable events that have happened in the life of the main character's actions, which, for one reason or another suddenly decided to go for help to the people who own magical abilities, so that they assist them to solve their problems or to find a way out of a certain current situation. Leading magical stories:

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Searchers. Mystical paintings of genius watch online

During the life of Elijah Repin walking rumors that his paintings possess magical powers, which is why some of his models (Garshin, cakes, Moussorgsky, Stolypin and others) realized early death. Wrote about it in his own memoirs Roots Chukovskij, long years who was friendly with Repin. What is it — a tragic accident? But critics and, more importantly, the scientists say that a similar dialogue with the artist, as paradoxically, is not always without any trace of the portrayed! But there is also evidence Chukovskogo that Repin at the time of writing, the portrait "endlessly adored his hero." Evidence

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Cool World (25 — 34 issues) watch online

Parallel world — a series of programs about the unknown, unusual, mysterious, the paranormal. The most unspeakable things — next to us! We can not ignore them, we can turn a blind eye, but that miracles do not disappear from our lives. Home, work, kitchen, shopping, gatherings with friends — our life is moving in one, great friend circle. All things, all phenomena have been investigated, and may not be accustomed to spring a surprise? This is not the case. The world of the mysterious and raschudesno surrounds each of us. You will be amazed, realizing that the world

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Aryan magic. How to find the Golden Eye

December 14, 2011 18:18

Golden Eye — The mystical power, which has many nymphs Aryan magic. Golden Eye can see almost any spell (his or someone else's) entirely and take a picture of it completely. Ordinary people just like not normally like that. Even if they think they can do that, which might be either an illusion or a subconscious self-deception. Although about one person in 2,000 is born with golden eyes, and five more are developing spontaneously before puberty. In the post-pubertal age alone to achieve this almost impossible.

This method allows to train your mind to the perception

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Mysterious light in the sky over the Philippines

Mystical, fiery light was captured by accident in the skies over the Philippines May 20, 2012. No one knows what it was — a UFO, the remnants of rocket stages, meteors or burning gases in the atmosphere.

A reasonable explanation of mysticism




For a good half of the mystical film stretches a long train of mysterious accidents. This is — an old tradition, it originated in the days of silent film. For example, shooting the film "Nosferatu" in 1922, followed by mysterious disappearances and even deaths of participants.


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Sufi Soul — The Mystic Music of Islam Full Movie

The eminent historian and acclaimed author William Dalrymple has been researching the traditions of Sufi music in Pakistan, Syria, Morocco, Turkey and India. He will tell us about the music and the magic side of Islam

Concerts, Music and dances

Occult secrets of the Reich

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Mystic Ukraine. Map of black magic watch online

Is it true that on the ground Ukraine live the terrible monsters? How to recognize and avoid the geopathic zone of its influence? What is the black spots, and where exactly in our country most of the terrible tragedies happen? Is there in fact werewolves and vampires? The search for answers — in an exciting expedition the most mysterious places Ukraine in a new television project "Mega" "Mystic Ukraine". "Mystic Ukraine" will show evidence of witnesses, the comments of scientists and professionals from different fields, try to reproduce every detail of events to refute or confirm the existence of

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