Nastya Drobyshevskaya — ravesnitsa Chernobyl

As a woman takes a day April 26?Nastya: "Well, it’s for me like prazdnichek. And at the same time — today memorable especially disaster do in life, because in today Chernobyl tragedy occurred. "Ancestors were in charge of a child STI, in which particular day she was born. Later in the 53rd school, where she studied the woman, a school friend Alina Anastasia Sudas always correctly oriented when the Chernobyl disaster occurred. Nastya: "When asked about the explosion at Chernobyl, my adnaklyasnitsa always knew always answered this question, because I — day of birth. So she answered. "Pupils knew of

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The film — a fairy tale. Jack Frost

Film-tale. Director: Aleksandr Rou. 1964

Once there was a nice, sweet girl Nastya. Wicked stepmother made her work without giving prodyhu. One day she decided to get rid of her stepdaughter, and sent the other to freeze in the winter woods …

In these parts lived boy Ivan. He loved Nastya, but I have only had it a great boaster, because the forest witch and turned it into a bear ….

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