My loss

On reception at the psychologist, MD, PhD Catherine Narkevitch, woman

Lost control of appetite. He used to obey her, and now raging tornado. WHAT TO EAT natural desire to turn uncontrollable elements?

A time of love and dislike

— Hello, my name is Natalia, I

29 years. I’m worried about my weight. Rather, what he got out of control.

— When did it happen?

— About six months ago. There has always been full, but diets are easily lost 5-7 kg, could easily avoid overeating, control weight on your own. Now everything has changed: the attitude to yourself, and

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Jubilee Adamovich official events not observed

Need to immediately recognize nowshnyaya official date, fixed in handbooks and encyclopedias. She was a writer and a passport, but Actually Ales Adamovich was born in another day and year, said daughter Natalia:"He’s since 1926. We in the past year the family themselves have noted the 80th anniversary. And then another month — not September 3, and on August 3, the date of birth."Confusion with the year, says Natalia made mom coming writer intentionally, that the minor is not dragged the Germans during the war for forced labor in Germany. And with a month — it is not clear why.

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Minsk Regional Tribunal considered legitimate expulsion pastor Lukasik

Minsk pastor of the evangelical church, "John the Baptist" Yaroslav Lukasik was obliged to leave Belarus on June 6. The authorities accused him of participating in the organization of meetings constructively minded youth and harm national security of Belarus in the sphere of religious relations.Yaroslav sent despite the protests wife and three kids who have Belarusian citizens. Natalia Lukasik on behalf wife filed a complaint with the District Miadzieł tribunal. But the tribunal rejected the complaint.Lukasik pastor wife Natalia convinced: "I think that the decision adopted earlier. And now it was all for show. "Lukasik Natalia came to Belarus only

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Lukasik family pastor complaint rejected

Jaroslaw Lukasik case involved his wife Natalia, a citizen of Belarus. Pastor himself left the country on June 7, after 14 years of living in Belarus. Natalia Lukasik appealed Miadzieł militia, which ruled in their actions KGB officer. Natalia Lukasik:"Some of the information in RAM disk imaging KGB, were not disclosed in court. And those that were announced: that" contacts with organizations favorites "Bison", "The Edge", " Young Front "Socially active favorites, among them — Shein, Sadovsky, Yatsevich Dashkevich role in the events of March 2006, control hunger strike … "According to the lawyer Sergei Lepesha, discussions between the parties

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Belarusian fashion: successes, challenges, state nuance

Then that the Belarusian fashion is about Belarus is known in the field of fashion — no hesitation. On the classic Belarusian festival "Mill of Fashion", "Snow White Amphora", "Fur boom", "Calico Ball" attracts world-famous couture» is Belarusian beauties Miss Universe Serezhnikova Olga, Katya Domankova, Victoria wore Makhota specifically Russian designers. "There are designers who exhibited in Moscow, represent Belarus abroad. Well, our krosotki act Belarusian fine suits, evening dresses in which Belarusian designers sew "- says a former model, and now director of the school models Natalia Mackay.In Russian, the country had only one Belarusian Fashion Center, which recently

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Went to Poland — will not receive monetary assistance

At Roman and Svetlana — two bedroom apartment in a new neighborhood. Coupled with their lives 16-year-old daughter, Olga. At the kitchen table drinking coffee, Roman decomposes utility bills for January and associates it with December. Total prices rose by about 6 bucks, as promised power. But it has already happened in the first month of the new year. Roman wife and daughter often walks for food because life encourages evaluate not only the prices for utilities.Roman: "Look, you go to the market, and there grew citrus that kids love for vitaminak. Become more expensive pork and beef, though a

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What leads people to renounce from pets?

The room in which are enclosures with adult dogs with longish hair, resembles a large greenhouses — for As the last, there such as triangular glass roof and walls with windows bolshennymi greenish color. But the air temperature is not much different from that on the street — now funny day in Minsk was eight degrees below zero. In the coming days expect more frost. In a bowl of water to drink instead — snow. He absolutely does not melt. In general, dogs are constantly bustling open-air cages for sonorous bark. Their recently fed — at the entrance, I saw

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Spouse and father of Alexander Furs collect signatures for him

Natalia Fur not only not assured finish spouse role in campaign, and indeed the work involved in the election:"Of course, I alarming than it is over, but how can a spouse support, helping around and hope for the best. The teachers at our school also aware of this situation, call. And they read the newspaper and on the Web. Neighbors and friends also support. "The family Mechs — two sons 9 and 11 years, they also support the tattoo, says Natalia. As well as the ancestors of ales and Natalia. In particular, experienced mom Ales, and his father joined the

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Varakomshchyna: Cossacks and Adamczyk

Varakomshchyna — the village is very bright and quiet. Quiet so that unwittingly have doubts — and whether there inhabitants? Blackened old houses drowning in green scrublands narrow streets.

Reporter: "What are your feelings here?"Vladimir: "You know what? Previously there were no fences. Previously, I knew where the house key hanging. Did not lock anything. No fences were not. And the village is very very different. If no fences, you can go to the relaxed home at least some . Here at the moment so much pile up fences that even in your own home there is not suneshsya. "Our

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Grodno vertical fool Lukashenko

The last point to severe administrative inspection in step became Dvorishche municipal equestrian coach Natalia Yuranova. Seen her outraged:"The minutes of the orders of the president says:" Executive Committee will complete construction manezhu in 2006. "They have created a transport for 2007 and reported that passed in 2006. Documents have not shown us. Whom fools keep?"Remember that the federation is headed by managing director Presidential Administration Sovereign Domashkevich. Neuzh it difficult for him to apply power? Ms. Natalya shrugs:"I speak to him in person only at the event, we can not really get through to him. Yet let versed State

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