There can be up to half a million board feet of lumber in a single mature giant redwood. It seems sacrilegious to think of these natural wonders in woodshop terms, but they did provide our ancestors with the lumber to build entire cities. And it’s impossible to stand among them, if you’re the kind of person who owns a table saw, and not think about the massive amount of rich, red heartwood.

Oh, come on. It’s OK to just think about it.

Nowadays, most commercially available redwood is the result of planting. The virgin forests are off limits. While a


Symbolic images

Designs on paper money serve as ambassadors for nation’s identity

Paper money has long served as a source of national pride, where famous citizens as well as official emblems and symbols turn up as design elements with some regularity.

Defining just what a national symbol is may not be a simple exercise. Ask an American to pick a pair of unique images representing the United States, and the bald eagle and Statue of Liberty would be high on the list.

Ask some Japanese to identify some American national symbols and many would probably name cowboys, Indians and the Wild West

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African National Parks

Africa — a continent with a large multinational layer of immigrants from other countries, especially those of European origin. Natural conditions, development of the territory and natural resources, technological development and the level of national consciousness in different countries have significant differences. Naturally, the national parks and reserves in Africa do not constitute a single entity. Approaches to protected areas, the history of environmental affairs, difficulties and problems that need resolution in each country to a large extent different. The history of the African national parks and nature reserves calculated for decades, renowned Kruger National Park in South Africa,

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National Union of SRO year old elevator

February 15th, 2011 in the office of the Russian lift association held two events: Annual General Meeting of the members of the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations, and immediately after the meeting — a meeting of the Union.

In February 2011, one year since the formation of the National Union of lift CPO. And on 15 February, it was the first in a series of major activities of the Union, scheduled for

2011. Plan of Actions approved by the NSL SRO 20yanvarya Union. According to him, April 19-21, will be the first congress of the National Union of

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Equatorial Guinea National Guard Air Arm Expansion

ALTHOUGH THE air arm of the Republica de Guinea Ecuatorial Guardia Nacional (Equatorial Guinea National Guard) has long had a very limited capability, there has lately been a considerable expansion in its aircraft equipment. Most potent among its recent acquisitions are four Sukhoi Su-25s, comprising two single-seat aircraft, first reported last August, plus a pair of two-seat Su-25UBs, which had been delivered by December 2007. They are flown from the main operating base at Malabo. At least four Mil Mi-24V Hind-E attack helicopters have also entered service over the last couple of years, flown out of Malabo but with a

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CAF to vote on new HQ.

The Texas-based Commemorative Air Force (CAF) has recently decided to update its planning strategy in order to increase its profile and the relevance of its message to the general public, reports Richard Mallory Allnutt. The organisation will establish several «Airbases» around the USA which will be, for the most part, existing, well-established facilities within the CAF structure, featuring some of the more prominent aircraft within the fleet. However, each of these operations will transition into a more formal aviation museum, open to the general public on a daily basis with interactive displays, educational activities and events, which will include an

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Next year sees the centenary of the First World War. Colin Harding from the National Media Museum looks at the role photography played in representing the ‘war to end all wars’.

In the summer of 1913 people were blissfully unaware that they would soon be plunged into the greatest global conflict the world had witnessed up to that time. This year, of course, in stark contrast, we are well aware that we shall shortly be commemorating the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

As the Great War has moved inexorably from common memory to historical record, the



Camping (called conditional «nature tourism») has attracted a growing number of people. Not only does it provide the human body needs physical activity to health, but also gives a person great aesthetic pleasure. Isolated on wildlife concrete walls of city apartments and thousands of square meters of asphalt, we begin to feel more acutely her beauty and originality. Add to that the ability of nature to take mental stress, calm the mind and to purify the human soul. And we hasten to nature.

How many of us? It turns out a lot. According to the Central Council for tourism

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VF Shishmarev Romance languages ​​SOUTH-EAST EUROPE AND THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE Moldavian SSR


Modern romance philology sets the eastern Romagna Romanesque two types of speech: Western submitted Dalmatian language, disappeared at the end of the XIX century., And east, which could be called conditionally-Balkan Romance. This second type are still alive.

Its inclusion in the group of Romance languages, but not all was enough motivated. Thanks to it a considerable amount of Slavic elements it seemed some people almost Slavic or, at least, mixed. During the reign of our ideas of Academician Marr, who had a tendency to consider almost all languages ​​as «mixed», «crossed», this view of the Balkan-Romance language

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a decade of glory

A national treasure, home to rare wildlife species and sky high mountain ranges, The Cairngorms National Park in Scotland is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Native photographer Peter Cairns reflects on the location’s unique habitat

The Cairngorms boasts a unique list of superlatives: four of Scotland’s five highest mountains, the UK’s largest area of arctic mountain landscape, 25 per cent of the UK’s threatened wildlife species, the largest surviving remnants of native woodland, stronghold populations of red squirrels, crested tits, golden eagles, ospreys, capercaillie and wildcats… all impressive stuff. And to top it off, for the last ten years the Cairngorms

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