In the desert of Nazca someone drew a five-storey building with men


Japanese scientists from the University of Yamagata studied the new satellite images of the Earth, and, to his surprise, discovered two new Geoglyphs of Nazca desert.

— Such images in Nazca still has not found! — Rejoiced study leader Professor Masato Sakai . — The drawings resemble the two human figures with large parties. This is very unusual because humanoid image uncharacteristic for this plateau.

The fact that until now has been found about 700 geometric figures primarily triangles and trapezoids and 100 spirals. There are a few drawings

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A huge trident is depicted on the banks of Peru




There is a theory that it was the work of the Cossacks and the Vikings

South American country of Peru is full of mysteries and secrets. Here the legendary Incas lived here, among impenetrable jungle, is the lost city of Machu Picchu, and still is, in Peru

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Nazca desert — the mysterious figure.

Today decided to add material about the mysterious figures in the desert Nazca (Peru). If someone had never heard or seen them, it's time to catch up. Line shapes are drawn from horizon to horizon, occasionally converge, overlap, to a concern that this runway ancient flying machines. Here you can clearly discern the flying birds, spiders, monkeys, fish, lizards ..

Video will not, but I suggest look at the drawings in the Nazca Desert aerial view in 3D! So, read to the end.

Nazca — The desert in Peru, surrounded

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Genetic markers in the drawings of the Nazca

Consider one of the most interesting documents, has come down to us from the abyss of the past centuries. It will focus on one of the drawings on the ceramics of the Nazca culture in Peru.

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This culture has become world famous after the discovery of large-scale drawings and lines marked on the

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NAZCA Geometry: A bit of history (Part 1)

The world-famous "album" mysterious ancient images on the high plateau of Nazca is located in the territory of the Republic of Peru, approximately 400 kilometers south of the capital city of Lima and 50 kilometers from the coast of the Pacific Ocean, between the towns of Nazca and Palpa. It stretches along the Andean pampas (flat as a table, high-altitude, about 1,000 meters above sea level) — plain, sometimes dissected by river valleys, mainly dry. The fact that here in the face of the wilderness there is a huge image size, reported in

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Geometry NAZCA: Who, when and how? (Part 1)

First of all, what are these images and signs on the surface of the desert, or geoglyphs, as they are sometimes called? From the top, they look like lighter than the surrounding terrain, lines, or areas, geometric shapes, line drawings of various animals. Up close, the surface of the earth, it is clear that the soil of the desert is covered with numerous small stones (pebbles and gravel dark brown because of their covering so-called "desert varnish" — salts of iron and manganese). Lines and images are shallow furrows from which these dark stones removed, so that

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NAZCA Geometry: A bit of history (Part 2)

The American astronomer George Hawkins (at the time deciphering the Stonehenge) in 1971-1974 using the computer made a study of several hundred lines of Nazca to test the astronomical hypothesis. In memory of the machine have been introduced coordinates of these lines, together with data on the situation on the horizon, the characteristic points of the rising and setting of the sun and the moon and some of the fixed stars of the era from 5000 BC to 1900 BC. The analysis showed that the direction of the lines have a random distribution.

NAZCA Geometry: A bit of history (Part 2)

Geometry NAZCA: Who, when and how? (Part 3)

And yet, in the confusion of lines marked at least one pattern. Namely, many of them come from certain centers, diverging from them in different directions in the form of rays. Typically, they are located on the top of a small hill and connected to each other by lines. However, such centers are sometimes not only on the surface of Pampa, but also the rather steep slopes rivers significantly below that surface. From the point of view of surveyors, it is unclear. If such centers is the reference point a network (such as triangulation) on the surface

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Geometry NAZCA: Who, when and how? (Part 2)

And another reason: In recent years, the discovery of new land Pampa coated same lines and patterns as in Nazca. They are located in the Peruvian province of Arequipa (Desert Maya and Sigua, Osmar valley near the town of Moquegua), as well as in the Chilean province of Antofagasta (desert and highland Tarakatar Pintados). In general, these images are confined to the strip extends along the Andes for more than 1,300 kilometers. Absolutely incredible that this was all done in one small indigenous tribe who held only a small river valley. Even here in Nazca, an area

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Geometry NAZCA: Probing location? (Part 3)

It was decided to test this hypothesis by attempting to transform one of these "skewed" images — "Condor" — to a normal symmetrical appearance, to determine at what angle to the horizon and at what altitude was made this drawing. Conversion pattern was two methods — a computer (program Adobe Photoshop 5.0), and through rectifier MTF.

Transformed "condor" — a more symmetric form: a line perpendicular to the axis of the wings of the body, etc. The best results were obtained when the conversion is carried out on a line

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