Youth activists held a rally near the Bernardine monastery

They lit candles in a symbol of solidarity with the faithful Catholics who pray every day, that they returned the building where is currently the archive, and soon plan to make the casino here.The action lasted for a couple of minutes. Youth activists lighted candle left near the monastery. Soon there were commandos. Youth stepped aside Cathedral. The commandos were for activists, but did not detain anyone.Policemen in civilian arrived at the scene of the action and uttered Radio Liberty, that extinguishes candles will not. Revisions responded positively passers-by who gathered at the monastery and photographed share for mobile phones.

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Central Park Kharkov equipped with free Wi-Fi


According to the press service of the City Council, Deputy Director of the Department of Telecommunications and communication Roman Salnikov said that such a large-scale Wi-Fi zone free access to the Internet created in Ukraine for the first time. His work is beginning on August 23 — the Day of the city. 

"Wi-Fi hotspots are working with support roaming, so users do not have to constantly switch when moving through the park, because the equipment is doing everything in auto mode with minimal delay. Through this you get wireless access to the Internet at

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Freedom day: Video

Procession under escort. Militiamen and riot participants jostle celebrating with Yakub Kolas Enforced collection point. Participants of the celebration, which was not allowed to Yakub Kolas, gathered around Academy The celebration began with prayer. Please rally around Academy Statkevich gave the word for prayer Pope Leonid Akalovich xxx xxx xxx

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Malady commemorated the victims of the Minsk Ghetto

Representatives of unregistered organizations in Belarus "Young Front"Commemorated the victims of the Minsk ghetto. Oct. 20 they laid flowers at the memorial to" The Pit "and lit memorial candles. "We laid flowers to commemorate those who died during the liquidation of the ghetto. Certainly, we are mindful of this disaster, and particularly young people forced to announce his presence, that we realize how we have the responsibility to build their future," — said one of the participating shares Anastasia Palazhanka. In stock assumed the role of about 15 people, reports BelaPAN.Sixty-five years ago Nazis killed in Minsk ghetto prisoners who

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Photos from natural disasters

View Mingxia County in Gansu Province after the earthquake a magnitude of 6.6 points, 22 July 2013. (Reuters / Stringer)


Soldiers apart the rubble after the earthquake a magnitude of 6.1 points in Chamdo County in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, Aug. 13, 2013. The earthquake damaged 45,000 houses, as well as roads, bridges and water conservancy facilities. (Reuters / China Daily)


Nineteen-year girl is in the hospital after the quake a magnitude of 6.6 points in the county Mingxia in Gansu Province, July 23, 2013. (Reuters

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Kill them all: U.S. War Crimes in Korea

The BBC documentary about the U.S. war crimes against civilians during the Korean War. In September 1999, a group of researchers from the Associated Press revealed the facts of numerous executions of civilians by U.S. troops. U.S. Army Command ordered assume every refugee, seen on the battlefield, the enemy. July 26, 1950 about 400 civilian refugees were killed by the Americans near the bridge near the village But Ri Gun.

See also: The Undeclared War. Vietnamese diary. USSR 1969.


Cold weather in Europe: photo

Cold weather in Europe: photo Weather and Climate

The number of victims of the cold snap to -32 degrees Celsius in Europe is growing, and the emergency services have to work overtime. Along the Romanian Black Sea coast was frozen in 16 Bulgarian cities recorded record low temperatures. In France and Germany there is widespread loss of snow and temperatures drop to -15 degrees in the warmest places.

Godevervelde snowy window in the north of France.

Merznuschy cold dog in Kiev, Ukraine.

People take pictures of the frozen Black Sea in Constanta, Romania.

A man on the train to Sofia,

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An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 near Chiapas, Mexico

An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 near Chiapas, Mexico Natural Disasters

Evening, January 21, 2012 a powerful earthquake at a depth of 79.5 kilometers far from the coast of Chiapas, Mexico. The epicenter was 91 miles west of Tapachula, 143 kilometers southeast of colors and in 811 kilometers southeast of the capital. From Guatemala epicenter was 281 kilometers away. Fatalities and serious damage was found.

Mexico is known for its devastating earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In September 1985, the country was recorded 8.1 earthquake centered in the subduction zone near Acapulco. As a result, more than 9,500 people died, 4,000 of

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In the state of Washington have discovered a new fault crustal

The figure shows the five areas paleoseysmicheskoy activity (red circles) and three Holocene fault (solid red line).

April 28. In the north-western Pacific Ocean occur quite severe tectonic events. From the Cascadia subduction zone where tectonic plate Juan de Fuca plate beneath the North American plate is moving and to the fault zone near Seattle, where 1,100 years ago the real earthquake occurred up to 7 points, there was the risk of renewed seismic activity.

Approximately 60 km to the north of the places described and located extremely close to the dangerous rupture in Bellingham near the

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Two earthquakes in Japan

Two earthquakes in Japan, Natural disasters

November 24, 2011 there were two earthquakes in the Japan Trench. The first earthquake was recorded 100 miles east of the Fukushima power of 6.1 at a depth of 37.7 kilometers.

The second 6.2 quake at a depth of 30 km occurred near the south-eastern coast of Hokkaido near Urakava. No casualties were reported.

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