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Figure a day or 2 billion 100 million dollars

During the first half of the deficit in trade of Belarus with products and services zabugornom countries amounted to 1 billion 70 millions of dollars.It will be recalled that the first year Alexander Lukashenko claimed from the government, so he reached the in This year in the external trade surplus of 500 millions of dollars.In forecast 2007 laid lack of trade balance in the amount of 1 billion 400 millions of dollars.

A day or figure: 3000000000 652 million dollars

Ministry of Statistics calculates the trade balance suspended for a month because the final results 2007 still unidentified.In the trade in products from Russia for 11 months last year imbalance in favor of Russia closer to 7 billion dollars (- 752 6000000000 millions of dollars).Balance was negative for the first 11 months 2007 and in trade with Ukraine — 110 millions of dollars. This imbalance is partly offset by a surplus in trade with non-CIS countries (3 billion 99 millions of dollars). But with a major trading partner outside the CIS — Germany trade surplus products also negative (-1000000000 290

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Underground inhabitants of the Far North

According to the dowry of tundra Urals and Western Siberia once lived mysterious people who locals call the "Sirte".

They were small in stature, had a light vertically-set eyes, wearing nice clothes, metal pendants. Representatives of the people were strong, stocky. Their way of life, clothing — all the different habits of the local population. They led a solitary life, tried not to talk to people in the tundra visited only at night or in fog. And to find work goldeneye Taras Bulba you online


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Social networks make of you psycho!

You feel angry and depressed? Notice for a signs of aggression or misbehavior? Can you now do not have electricity and disconnected the Internet and you can not go to his page Classmates, Vkontakte, Tmitter, or of Facebook? Think about it, this is clearly linked. Scientists have proven negative impact of social networks on the mental state of a person!

Watch Online Social Networking — No time to waste!

According to a study conducted by the British Selfordskoy business school, active Facebook and Twitter users often experience

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Friendly products to watch

Our health is constantly in danger. The reason lies in the GMO, pesticides, growth hormones and the entire periodic table. All are seeking "nezapyatannoy products." On the shelves of supermarkets, we give preference to products, the title of which is the prefix "eco" and elect products on the market from farms. And for those products, consumers pay huge amounts of money. But does it make sense?

Food and products

Modern methods of treatment of hernias

Many people find themselves in a hernial protrusion, the main symptom of developing a hernia, do not rush to see a doctor. Some believe that the hernia does not cause them serious trouble, while others are afraid of surgery and try to delay the appointment with the surgeon. And they both make a mistake. First, the fired herniation fraught infringement of internal organs which may lead to the most sad outcome. Secondly, the latest treatments can get rid of hernias quickly and painlessly.

About how modern medicine can solve the problems associated with hernias, we talked with

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Georgian defense sample construction

For the first few months of this year from Georgia it's some news regarding the development of the defense industry in the country. First, the general public notified about the development of modern infantry fighting vehicle Lazika, later came the news of their MRL, and in the month of April and the public open a discussion visit Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili's Scientific and Technical Center "Delta". On the face of an ordinary event for the country, which produces its own instrument, thanks to a series of presidential statements provoked a strong reaction. Often it was the mocking laughter and jokes.

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