JARGON BUSTER server terminology


A method by which routers dynamically assign IP addresses to computers on an internal network, allowing for simple, largely configuration-free set-up of client machines. In setting up our server, we opted out of DHCP to assign a static IP address, to prevent our server getting lost on our local network.

DOMAIN NAME A human-readable web address that saves us from remembering the IP addresses of computers we want to access on the Internet. It can be broken down into sections, with geographic delimiters (if any) at the end of the address (.uk, xa, and so

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There is a growing network of radio school.

On the practice of one or another amateur radio organization is judged primarily by how a wide range of amateur radio community it brings, which focuses on the growth and development of amateur radio traffic. That’s why the main work of the Tallinn Radio Club is an organization of radio clubs in enterprises all-round improvement of the initiative and activity of the primary organizations DOSAAF in the development of amateur radio.

…At a meeting of the board of the club discussed the issue of who to entrust the organization of radio school in the largest city of the team —

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What progress

COMPUTER has long been a part of our lives. To the extent that among children under six years more than those who deftly managed WITH YOUR THAN those who know how to tie shoelaces and ride your bike. Nevertheless, something interesting NETWORK WE CAN STILL FIND.

Social networks: choice of lifestyle

For preschoolers and primary school children have a whole range of their social networks and «permanent site», «Smeshariki» (www.smeshariki.ru) — a social network based on the animated series. This favorite characters, the rating of active users, games and tournaments, search for friends and chat in the forum, audio

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The Ballad of networks

Networked digital audio empower fixed and temporary installations, the key factor is the further development of their mutual compatibility.

Held in the framework of the exhibition Integrated Systems Europe 2013 Congress of network AV Technology AV Networking revealed that part of the «B» (video in the abbreviation «AB») still remains to be worked out.

Congress President Bob Snyder (Bob Snyder), chief editor of Channel Media Europe, commented on the idea of ​​the congress: «We wanted to draw the public’s attention to network audio system and what resources they require networks to share experience of successful integration, to get acquainted

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«CSTB» Anniversary Exhibition in Moscow

From 14 to May 17 in Moscow hosted the 25th International Exhibition «CSTB» dedicated to the development of telecommunications and information technologies. The exhibition was held under the official support of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and under the auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Moscow Government.

This year’s forum were presented 543 companies from 28 countries, including major corporations from the US, China and Europe. They showed telecommunications technologies and networks, new information systems, software and

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Faster downloads, better coverage and superior audio and video on your mobile

The UK is no longer stuck in a one-horse race when it comes to 4G connectivity. O2 and Vodafone have joined EE in launching their own 4G LTE mobile networks, bringing five-times-faster mobile speeds (and better) to smartphones, tablets and laptops.

While the average 3G speed is 1.5Mbps, 4G should be around 8-12Mbps. However, EE has already doubled speeds in 10 UK towns, bringing speeds of 25/30Mbps and a theoretical maximum of up to 120Mbps.

The end of the EE ultrafast monopoly should mean a more competitive landscape,

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Autumn — time active network of business

First on my first contact with the networkers. Three months I had the imprudence to reverse say neighbor in the house, I wish buy a good pan. Evening neighbor, who, as it turned out, is a distributor network of Swiss company "Zepter", brought to my apartment immediately 6 pans of this company. According to a neighbor, after, as she began to prepare meals specifically in this vessel, lost her entire family acquired diseases of the stomach and intestinal tract.I wanted to buy a frying pan, and I was offered 5I wanted to buy only one pan, but I neighborly recommended

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Night Siege of June 19

UN Council Human Rights abolished the mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Belarus. The forums this news portal comment followed properly.Fromall: "Human Rights in Belarus is obvious benefit would not, though, with On the other hand, sneezed everything on "UN resolutions", as in globally. "akselbant: "UN is a pitiful and scary bureaucratic office on consumption funds in the main European taxpayers." funhouse: "Previously, the choir sounded Lukashenko supporters: we want to spit on any special speaker! Who is he such, the rapporteur?. Yeah, it generally does not mean anything! And tseper shchanyukovaya some satisfaction that this special rapporteur canceled …"The

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Mogilev bureaucrats they say about the rehabilitation of Chernobyl-

During the 2-day participants make out the results of the implementation of international programs from Belarus "Cooperation for Rehabilitation".With Belarusian side seminar uchavstvujut only employees of municipal structures.According to the official disk imaging, the seminar will undergo consideration the difficulty of providing radiological safety, health, culture, education, youth and kids education, socio-economic development of rural dirty radiation.The program "Cooperation for Rehabilitation" operates in Belarus August 25 2004. Projects implemented in the programs from Bragin, Chechersk, Slavgorod and Stolin districts. The program is funded by a global network of United Nations in the development and positive changes people’s lives. Network covers

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A network of charging stations for electric vehicles — to be. Already this year, the first Russian Revolt high-tech company, operating in the field of electric transport and charging infrastructure, announced the creation and development of the Russian network of charging stations for electric vehicles and environmentally friendly transport. Revolta network of charging stations will create the necessary charging infrastructure and will serve as a catalyst for the mass withdrawal of the Russian market of electric vehicles. Despite the skepticism of many scientists, businessmen, politicians, public figures and ordinary citizens elektromobilizatsiya planet is growing and will grow. Most

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