I have plans for destroying every fortress … and ships, which can resist the fire of all the heaviest cannon … I can make armored cars…”

That’s Leonardo da Vinci, asking the Duke of Milan for a job. ten years before Columbus discovered America.

Leonardo got that job. He went to Milan to make huge bronze statues, giant cathedrals, enormous canals, secret tunnels, and a bristling host of giant, terrifying, remarkably sadistic war machines. Leonardo had plenty of plans — volumes full of them, plans stuffed in the margins of his plans. But Leonardo never shipped the products. He never



Using an iPad as a camera might not seem the most logical step, but for Carolyn Quartermaine it’s her second best tool — her first being her discerning eye. Tim Clinch discovers a photographer who is following in the footsteps of some of the great and undiscovered masters of their day.

Karl Blossfeldt and Charles Jones are two of my favourite photographers. What do they have in common? They weren’t ‘photographers’, that’s what. They had little idea about the beauty of their work during their lifetime, never considered themselves to be photographers (they were, respectively, a botanist and a gardener)

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Effortless portraits

Seasoned pro George Lange has photographed everything from the cast of Seinfeld to the births of his sons with a light-hearted touch that makes his thoughtful and emotional pictures appear completely spontaneous. We talked to him to find out how he does it and got his tips so you can try it yourself.

How did you get started shooting?

I was born in Pittsburgh in 1955. I started taking pictures from when I was about seven years old and I’ve taken pictures every day since. I went to the Rhode Island School of Design, graduated from there, moved to New

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Desperately seeking an ORGASM

Nearly 70% have faked the big ‘O’ at some point, but what if you’re faking it every time? Catriona Birdsall knew she had to come clean» her boyfriend Kyle…

Ever since Kyle and I got together two years ago, we’ve had a healthy sex life, and fancy each other loads. The only problem? I’d never had an orgasm. It wasn’t like we weren’t doing it often enough or not enjoying it; we’d have sex several times a week and tried lots of different positions, but I’d never experienced those ‘fireworks’ It wasn’t just with Kyle — I’d never had them.

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Box of Gold

How to use this essential pantry staple in 4 delicious dinners

My pantry is never without at least one box of chicken broth. I reach for it when I make a quick sauce or to moisten a left¬over casserole. But more important, it’s my secret to fast, flavorful dinners. It’s an obvious ingredient for soup (like the amazing Loaded Baked Potato Soup on page 42). But I also use it to whip up week night-fast risotto with shrimp, corn and edamame or I turn it into a pot of Chicken Stew with Turnips & Mush¬rooms. Sure, if I had all

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We — Anglo-Saxons.

Mark Twain 1906.

I do not know, for better or worse, but we continue to teach Europe. We have been doing this for more than one hundred twenty-five years. No one invited us to the teachers, we impose on ourselves. After all, we — the Anglo-Saxons. Last winter, at a banquet at the club, which is called "the far end of the Earth," the chairman, retired military high rank, proclaimed with a loud voice and with great enthusiasm: "We — the Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Saxons when something ought to, he goes and gets".

Chairman's statement caused a storm of applause.

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Santa vs. Santa Claus

Differences of Santa Claus from Santa Claus

1. Red. Santa Claus can also be in the red, but he can wear and other apparel — it is desirable for it to be white, blue, it can be yellow, and green. Also garb of Santa Claus this does not cover solid color — it is diluted patterns, embroidered, trimmed (white or blue), etc. And in Santa Claus clothes prevails aggressive solid red color (only this!), And only a fringe of his miserable kurtenki sometimes white .

The color of clothes — red: This is hardly Russian Santa! [Cut]

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February 14 is the oldest Ukrainian noted 116th anniversary

Birthday Catherine Kozak noted in their native Carpathian region.

This is stated in the story TSN.

The old woman received guests in the village Hotimir. A woman does not go, and it is difficult to say. However, on the occasion she sipped a glass of champagne. Most long-liver donated sweets, because she loves them most. Despite his advanced age, a woman has never been in the hospital. She’s still in good memory and in good spirits.

His longevity elixir calls Catherine Kozak good nature. The villagers do not recall that she ever

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In Tyumen, drew a huge bookshelf

Street art, to our great satisfaction, the country is gaining momentum and weight, more and more impressive facilities, the level not lower than the world. One of these objects was established in Tyumen art group "Color of the city." Gray building looks out into the school yard and create in him a very sad situation turned into a bookshelf.

Here is what the project Dmitry Zelenin of "Colors of the city":

"For two years I took my children to a prestigious school. Two years in a row I was throwing up eyes wild inconsistency of

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Wall Calendar 2012 Fuck. Photo


All kinds of fucked up on the cover

As is known, in 2012 come to an end. In the calendar, "Fuck" every month to have a doomsday scenario — for every taste. Twelve different illustrators invented ways to destroy humanity and embodied his plan in his style. Calendar "Fuck" — the best gift for the New Year. "Fuck" will be alive every day in 2012, he was never thrown out, he will never lose in price. Calendar "Fuck" will decorate any wall in the office and at home — chilling picture of the apocalypse are made in the

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