J-31 Fighter: scrutiny

November 8 in Beijing revealed XVIII Congress of the Communist Party of China. The country is preparing for this event and principled, to an old tradition, Congress meets labor feats. Aviation Enterprise Shenyang Aircraft Corporation also supported this initiative by launching tests of the new fighter of his own design. This aircraft was the second Chinese fighter, who is credited with the ability of typical fifth generation of this class of vehicles. For obvious reasons, it is too early read, as these expressions correspond to the truth, even more so in the current situation of lack of information. On

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Modernization of MBT M-1 Abrams

Until now, there were more than 9,000 American tanks M-1 Abrams, and most of them then at least once were modernized. But the army, seeking to save billions of dollars, intended to close the plant, producing and modernizing M-1 tanks. The plant will be closed for three years, and when it will open again, it will be pytatatsya the shortfall in the modernization of existing tanks and spare parts to prolong the life of the plant, while there may be a substitution will M-1.

Policy and management of the plant tend to throw plant open to save jobs, votes

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