4 Weeks Pregnant


Your figure has not changed, the only thing that can be seen — a little swollen breasts and nipples are too sensitive. Most of the work accomplished so far by. From the moment of fertilization, the body gradually increases the volume of blood, causing the heart, kidneys and lungs to work vigorously. Attaching to the wall of the uterus of the future placenta (which fully formed by the 4th month) can lead to increased irritability, drowsiness, fatigue.

This week's testpregnancy (HCG) can already be positive.


For the past 2 weeks your future the

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Vitebsk: Valentines from Myron

Vitebsk oppositionist Boris Khamaida adkamentavav another action Myron followed properly. Khamaida: "Of credible sources, it became clear that the flag is attached note, and in her words:" To prazdnichkom lovers. I love Belarus! Myron. "I believe that this action, one more action Myron, like us all to return vicious ground: you need to prepare to defend the motherland! Homeland for us — everything, and without it we are — nothing."Through some time flag saw police patrol. By "chatyrohpavyarhovki" attended several police cars, but no one person Pershamajski police department did not dare to repeat the act Myron yes climb a

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The general public for the first time presented a T-72B3

On passingAlabino tank in biathlonas part of the event was a demonstration of equipment that is in service with the Russian army. Besides the already known to the general public armored vehicles, was shown publicly for the first time T-72B3. It should be noted that the premier reason not caused excitement among visitors, everyone was trying to be photographed at standing next to the T-90A. In principle, in fact, apparently upgraded semdesyatdvoyka different from the previously illuminated on preliminary runs the T-72B model 1988 only in that instead of the usual sight-homing device 1K-13-49 was established multi-sight "Sosna-U." But

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Photo report of a trip to Metrovagonmash

Beware, under the cut a lot of photos and videos

1. Kazan composition (second of three ordered, first shipped in December and now came on line) in the debug area.


3. The front part is characterized by the lack of an antenna for wireless transmission of video signal (of course it is the composition of the set), and the name of the city next to the logo of the company.


5. My favorite angle 🙂

6. Stood alone beside the interim coach for Moscow.


8. The

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Vitebsk: white-red-white flag in honor of Ambassadors

Another state flag waving over Vitebsk evening March 14th.Passers-by could create a flag attached to the forest system at a construction site in the center of the Church of the resurrection of Vitebsk, near City Hall.Vitebsk apazatsyyanera Boris Khamaida that vyznat about the next act Miron from reliable sources, the flag was attached note further read: "Greetings from foreign ambassadors civilized states with writing the first indiscriminately state dictation, Thank you for supporting my native language in this very difficult for Belarushchyny time. Suppose lives beautiful whiteRussian language! Myron. "Tags: white-red-white, BNR, Myron, marathon

Ukraine prepares for shipment to Thailand next batch of BTR-3E1 in the 48 cars

Ukraine is preparing to soon transfer to Thailand next batch of BTR-3E1 in the 48 cars manufactured at the facilities of Ukrainian defense industry as part of the prisoners in 2006-2011. contracts.

"The representatives of the Thai defense officials have begun acceptance of the next batch of Ukrainian BTR-3E1. Now there is a new shooting techniques. Completion of technical tests and the signing of the act of acceptance the next 48 BTR-3E1 is expected Tuesday-Wednesday. Shipment APCs in Thailand is scheduled for the near future "- a source told the agency in State Concern Ukroboronprom Monday.

According to him,

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Three AN-148 on lease to the company, Angara

Following a meeting between the companies, "Eastland", "Ilyushin Finance Co.." And "Angara" signed a preliminary agreement to lease An-148s for 15 years.

 Photo source:obozrevatel.ua

It is planned that three aircraft will be available to the air carrier at the beginning of next year, and their operation will begin in the second quarter. Another seven planes of the "Angara" get over the next two years. In December 2011, IFC is ready to proceed with the preparation of the necessary personnel. By that time, the parties will sign the main contract, the press service said.

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In Tokyo, the possibility of a strong earthquake

In Tokyo, the possibility of a strong earthquake danger zone

According to researchers at the University of Tokyo, a strong earthquake in the capital has to happen before the government believes. In the next few years, a disaster will overtake Tokyo, so companies and people should start preparing now. Speedy development is explained by an earthquake in March 2011.

The probability that an earthquake of magnitude 7 occur in the next 4 years in the southern part of Tokyo, is 70%. The government, in turn, said that an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 could occur in the next 30 years, with

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Moscow will be flooded


Moscow will be flooded


08.10.03, the


In the next 5-10 years And along with it — the whole central Russia, most of Europe. Only Paris alone will stick out of the water, and walking past the Arc de Triomphe ocean liners are moored in Eyfelefoy tower. This will happen very soon. In the next 5-10 years. So, anyway, says a Gordon Scallion.

It has become a tradition to meet the beginning of each century to eschatological mood. If anyone has

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Google sponsored the next wind farm

Google sponsored the next wind farm Facts

Most recently, Google released information that a new wind farm with a capacity of 50 megawatts in the town of Rippey, Iowa, USA, spent $ 75,000. In addition, for all the time that the company is fighting for the implementation of "green" technologies and reducing its environmental footprint, its investments in related activities will soon beat the record of $ 1 billion

At the moment, Google has spent more than $ 990 million in various projects that support renewable energy technologies. A wind farm in Iowa will be able to fully

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