Cruel ring writer — IOAN Grigorescu director — Sergiu Nicolaescu operators — Nicholas Girard, Mariana Stanciu artist — ADRIANA PEUN composer — ADRIAN Enescu


Sergiu Nicolaescu, Constantin Brinza, Marin Moraru Mihai VASILE BOGITSE Marian Kulinyak, Michael Vogler, Laetitia Gabrielli, Iurie DARIV Sebastian Papayani


The film is dubbed in the Gorky Film Studio

Dubbing director — B. Tipping

Color. 9 parts, 2-183 m. R /

Number 18003985.


This film — a just retribution that overtook one of those who during the Second World War, tortured people, sending them to the gallows and the gas chamber, mocked and humiliated disenfranchised. About retaliation, which happened in the boxing ring, which came together in a duel ill many years after the war,

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Soligorsk: Favorit-independent trade union of miners left the job

NPG at the next conference, which is scheduled for the end of November the miners plan to pick a new favorite union.Independent Union of Mineworkers (NPG) in Saligorsk created December 27, 1991. At the founding conference was only 16 people. But already in 1992, joined the NPG voedinyzhdy 430 people. NPG was elected chairman Nikolai Novik — one of the favorites of the labor movement Saligorsk who worked as a miner in the mine for 22 years.Nicholas Novik was a member of the City Council Soligorsky intensively worked in the Committee on Legislation. Specifically Nikolai Novikov announced initiative miners on

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Nicholas went audiobook Yermolovich

Among scientists, educators and democratic society Nikolay Ermolovich known as an outstanding historian. He owns a serious effort to study the history of the old Belarus, which znyapravzhvae many official dogmas. But avdyevydanni Mikola Ermolovich ceases in a new form, reads one of the publishers Franak Vyachorka:"In this book are collected known and unknown texts Nicholas Yermolovich. Unfortunately, he was already dead, but the feeling that predicted what we have now in Belarus: the complete humiliation and destruction of the entire state is not Belarusian forces. Also disclosed a method for dealing with this . "Nicholas Yermolovich edition book "Old

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Nikolai Lozovik not believe

This plot is situated in the dormitory of the Belarusian State Technical Institute. How many of these sites on the basis of 2-days of early voting?CEC Secretary Nikolai Lozovik said:"Now it would be surprising if used on any site has received more than 50%. Surely such areas as yet to be no. Information we collect is not on sites and in the districts." Regarding the situation in the polling station number 528 Nikolai Lozovik said that, he says, "it is difficult to believe it."

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Police rushed to the show Free Theatre

"The play is suspended. They say We, that there Tipo passes "something illegal." By telephone discussions that lead riot police with his superiors, all can take in the region "- said by telephone Liberty Free Theatre director Nicholas Khalezin. In total, according to Nicholas Khalezin police holds about 50 people. This amateur theater actors, the audience, in including students and foreign guests. Piece by British playwright Edward Bond’s "Eleven shirts" is dedicated to the dilemma of violence in the school environment. But, according to the Free Theatre actors, "if desired, and then see the policy." Nikolai Khalezin commented present actions

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In Zhirovichi monastery currently lives 700

To Zhirovitsy got half of the ninth, because prayer captured only for half an hour. Particularly impressed with the choir — such songs you can listen to at least a day.Brother Nicholas invited to the refectory. Drilling dining tables only shifted as if for a celebration. Now another post: breakfast — potato porridge (no seasoned with tomatoes), gulls with jam.The bread is very attracted. Bake it in a monastery and never put any artificial additives.And at the moment we are building a monastery. HVIII age, wall thickness — 1.5 meters. However, after the restoration of all manufactured under renovation. Audience

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Statkevich campaigning for candidates Evrakaalitsyi

The meeting was held in the district House of Culture Lepel. Present in the room was a little, but they intensely questioned and most female candidates, and favorite Social Democrats, who comes to the number of trustees of Mrs. Sadouskaya.Tomorrow Statkevich said to extend to the Smolensk market in Vitebsk propaganda leaflets candidates Igor Kanygina and Alexei Gavrutsikava. Together with it will agitate and last political prisoner, Vitebsk favorite businessmen Sergei Parsyukevich. Evening Statkevich accept role campaigning in meeting together with the candidate for the October-Vitebsk constituency number 20 Galina Kozyrevoj.

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Grodno in the museum Bykova met admirers of his work

One of the creators of the exhibition Alex Demidovich said that prepared the first issue of the newsletter dedicated to national writer of Belarus.For soon there are new exhibits, native Bykov transferred some of his belongings — a printer, a tunic, a diplomat.Not so long ago the head of the official Writers’ Union Nikolai Cherginets when I was in Grodno, a local newspaper reporter said that the alliance, which he heads, can support the initiative to open a museum Bykov.Managing public museum Nikolai Melnikov believes that this demonstrates the willingness of the Union of Writers of Belarus intercept public initiative.

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Resignation M.Damashkevicha: corruption or personal misunderstandings?

Misha Marynitch convinced that Nicholas Damashkevich resignation has nothing to do corruption. According to the former Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, the other reason:"This is the first signal of discontent inside the team Alexander Lukashenko. Here surezneyshyya prerequisites for corruption. Began to show symptoms of a situation where the chiefs are unhappy with their favorite. After all, the real internal and foreign policy does not correspond to the statements that the President is doing. "Misha Marynitch not assess Nicholas Damashkevich as manager and business executive. "After the last posts — Chairman of the State Control Committee and Chairman of the

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Protesters against the abolition of benefits fined

Children took part in a protest against the abolition of benefits for students, pensioners and other socially vulnerable categories of the population. Nicholas and John was accused of violating the law on mass events.More than 10 ka youth activists of the democratic movement came to support Yana Mikhailova and Nikolay Korshunov in the Metropolitan Tribunal district of Minsk.Voice Galina Vetkin:"I came to support his own friend, and also Nicholas Korshunova, as it is unfair. They do what is not guilty. Why are they judged? They came out for the interests of others — and my interests too.’s And came to

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