Country lost and not seen

Staging is dedicated to 200th anniversary a day or birthday founder of the Belarusian drama. Visited a performance theater critic Vyacheslav Rakytskyy — he shares with us his impressions.And This time, As usual, when the prime minister Nikolai Pinigin indicates, in the hall of Kupala theater notwhere he wasdrive on the nose. Again — forgotten by the Russian classics. Again — a stunning success, the secret of which has long Pinigin opened not far removed from the traditional text and scenic state tradition, to find another vital idea in ancient works, keep it to the end, where to put the

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Belneftehim in crisis

Some consumers zabugornye Belarusian petrochemical products shall be removed from the previously announced kanrtaktav. This was stated by Minister of Economy Nikolai Zaichenko, kametnuyuchy impact of the global financial crisis on Belarus. "Belneftekhim" reports that the extremely complex implementation of technical yarns and cord materials. Importers of potash in Europe, Southeast Asia and Brazil became renounce from the previously announced purchase volumes, "- said Nikolai Zaichenko, Interfax reported. Lowering export capacity can tellbe at the level of warehouse supplies.

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Mogilev Tribunal rejected the complaint party activist

Through activist tried to appeal tribunal ruling, which did not allow the City Council to hold a rally and march to the anniversary of the proclamation of the BNR. Nicholas Rasyuk argued in court that the application be treated in violation of law. In this regard, he also sought to involve administrative liability business manager Igor Avseenko executive committee.The court verdict said Nicholas Rasyuk biased and unfair."Motivation ban sucked from the finger. We have substantiated this court. Platform on which we planned to hold a rally, not repaired. This is recorded in the image. We have provided them to justice.

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M. Charnavus: I plead to victory

Nicholas Chernous said that the meeting was chaired by Judge Ira Kulbedy was very small:"As I entered, a newspaper editor and journalist, the referee has sounded:" Naming Republic of Belarus in a lawsuit against the newspaper Nicholas Charnavus "Our Land" refuse. Everything! All — free. "According to Nikolai Charnavus now he claimed Baranovichsky court decision to visit an appeal to the court of higher jurisdiction."Freedom" has reported that the newspaper "Our Land" in This year May 24 published a huge article on two pages, which, according to the views of Nicholas Charnavus was "registered" and cursed him as a candidate

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Third scion Alexander Lukashenko

But the Interfax news agency said that Actually sons have head of state three, there is still one — four Nicholas. Apparently it specifically about Lukashenko read Khoiniki, and even earlier in April last year, when at a press conference, he said that President of Belarus it becomes very professional young. Later, the Interfax information was removed from the website without explanation of circumstances, but it managed to locate at different means mass disk imaging.In soon Nikolai Lukashenko is with the pope on many public occasions, he was with them at a volunteer, at a hockey game, also in Turov

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Will Belarus National Museum of Chernobyl?

Now the village Sudkova Khoyniki district meeting held Chernobyl. To the villagers come their countrymen that after the Chernobyl clusters dispersed in different regions of Belarus. Organize a meeting of village Chernobyl museum that such action is celebrating its first anniversary.A pioneer in the creation of a local museum became the last manager of an agricultural cooperative "Sudkova" Nicholas Sadchanka. After he led Hoinikskii executive committee, and is currently working in Gomel. But Nicholas Sadchanka sure that without his specific role museum deal not stall: "Starting the museum made. But we need to develop. Bid We introduced the Director has

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Father C. Skrabets again summoned to the tribunal

This Nicholas Skrabets vyznat now, when he received a letter from Supreme Court. It is reported that Nikolai Kupriyanov, Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus issued a protest against the decision of the district Pershamajski and Minsk courts. Earlier in these courts Nikolai Skrabets failed to substantiate that his property was purchased at his own expense, and therefore can not be taken in a criminal case offspring. Sergei Skrabets by this occasion said "Freedom":"My father — Honored Worker of Industry of Belarus and honored inventor of Belarus. His seniority — 40 years, 20 of which he was director of the plant.

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Democratic forces that are planning on Chernobyl anniversary

Now the organizing committee "Chernobyl Way-2008" has applied to the Minsk City Executive Committee. Captioned put 8 persons.Mogilev opposition require power to resolve today pickets in the center of the town and its neighborhoods. And in Gomel civilian activists begin preparation for "Hour of sorrow."One of the favorites of the movement "For Freedom" Yuri Hubarevich informs about the features planned for April 26 in Minsk "Chernobyl Way" from the platform at the Academy:"At 14.00 — start. And further defined route along the avenue to the Independence Square, where the rally will take place. For a discussion on it identified three

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In Kaliningrad pilots died from Belarus

As reported by the media is now Kaliningrad, in their kitchen was incorporated gas burner, and the house was suffocating smell sour. Specialists have found that death occurred as a result of suffocation about two hours before departure of pilots in their next flight.Vladimir Strezh came from Bobruisk, and Nicholas eyelid — from Minsk. After an internship in the United States have both been invited to fly on "Boeing" in Kaliningrad.Nicholas was the only offspring of parents. In Minsk, he also left a five-month daughter and wife. Vladimir did not manage to become a dad. Shortly before the crash his

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Belarusian businessmen wrote Yushchenko

Said a member of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Nicholas Charnavus, letters entrepreneurs expressed a desire together with businessmen from other regions "to discuss mutual cooperation. Namely: the construction of wholesale markets in the five-kilometer border zone Republic of Belarus . "According to Nicholas M. Charnavus, due to the introduction of the decree 760, many entrepreneurs can not work normally and receiving the product, because obliged to trade behind the counter. The representative of the campaign "For the development of entrepreneurship in Belarus and Ukraine." At the moment, many Belarusian SP go for the product in Khmelnitsky Ukraine,

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