Romanovs prediction — XIX century




Alexei Butor

In the history of Russian surname Vasiliev has, I think, a special meaning. Suffice it to mention the two artists, who died very young, or just a pseudonym, taken for operational documents during the war, Joseph Stalin, or the modern Vasiliev — the leader long

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Sailboats St. Nicholas and St. Andrew floated in Petrozavodsk

Launching of the "St. Andrew"


Launching of "St. Nicholas"


In Petrozavodsk ceremony launching two vessels built at the shipyard craftsmen Petrozavodsk sea of historical and cultural center of the "Polar Odyssey." Copies of old sailing ships, which have been called "St. Nicholas" and "St. Andrew", built by shipbuilders on the Karelian Pomeranian kochey prints using traditional methods of wooden shipbuilding.

Already on June 2 court depart from Petrozavodsk, in the first of a series of research expeditions motor sailing under the name "Pomeranian ring." The purpose of this historical and geographical

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Entrepreneurs have called for solidarity with Autukhovich, Asipenka and Bashurov

Society Prison Commission refused amnesty Vladimir Osipenko imminent release, but reduced his sentence by one year. The investigation has been investigating the case activist "Tell the truth" Michael Bashura. Minsk entrepreneurs call for solidarity with Mikalai Autukhovich and other fighters for democracy.

The activists of Solidarity "Together" spread the appeal in support of the Autukhovich, Uladzimir Asipenka and Mikhail Bashura. The grounds were steps in the liberalization of the business environment. Solidarity movement "Together" states that these concessions the government is doing under the pressure of the movement of entrepreneurs, and recalls that it took an active part Autukhovich, Uladzimir

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Nicholas Vlasevicha fined 1.25 million

Society Today Ostrovetskiy court punished by a fine close-UCP activist Nikolai Ulasevich. He was found guilty of disobeying a fire inspector. Nicholas Ulasevich with the decision of the court disagrees and considers it politically motivated.

The trial of Nicholas Ulasevich lasted three days. The activist believes that local authorities thus avenging him, because he still does not recognize the elections to the local councils and continues to appeal them. In particular, it requires to prosecute members of the district election commission M.Zimnitskaga (Administrator of the District Executive Committee) and V.Svilu (Department of Social Security Lawyer District Administration), which, in

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The myth of Emperor Nicholas II

The campaign to glorify Nicholas II began under Gorbachev, and did so with such exaggeration and hyperbole, just breathtakingly. Nicholas called highly educated man of high culture, stately military strategist. Immediately began a campaign to brand new "de-Stalinization" first started it, Khrushchev, Brezhnev but turned. They opposed each other — dropout Stalin and Nikolai educated, a military strategist governor and "Ruin the corpses of soldiers" Germans despot; Romanov family man and a beautiful disaster in Stalin family — one son perished in captivity, the second drunk, wife, or "killed" or "driven to suicide". At the reign of Our homeland

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Nicholas Avramchik


Nicholas Avramchik Nicholas Avramchik — Belarusian poet, writer and translator. He was born in 1920 (according to other sources — 1919) in the village of Reach Bobruisk district. Author of many books of poetry and several novels. Together with Neil Gilevich created the famous poem "The Tale right Bald Mountain."

Jealousy of Bykov

Society Allocated a room, the street sparedHot July days, it is difficult to endure, and the elderly infirm Nikolai Melnikov again goes to the executive committee that the authorities did not forget that it is necessary to decide the fate muzeychyka Vasil Bykov, no matter how delayed. The result is: unexpected for the museum of the writer, veteran organization that created it, offered another room in the same tower. It is, incidentally, is in a good location — in a historical building on the street. Soviet. Nikolai Melnikov happy, of course, but he says that is not yet known exactly

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Kyrgyz issue will be discussed in Yerevan

Society Informal meeting of heads of state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) will be held in August in Yerevan.

As the CSTO Secretary General Nikolai Borduzha, the presidents already have a tentative agreement. Who developed the order of the day. As RIA "Novosti", Nicholas Borduzha informed that the meeting will review the situation in Kyrgyzstan.



Siberian scientists have deduced fearless rats

Genetic material from the laboratory of the American biochemist, Nobel laureate Robert Lefkowitz Novosibirsk scientists helped bring the party fearless rats.

This was today told reporters neyrogenomiki functional head of the laboratory of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Dygalo.

The subject of the research of Nobel Laureates in Chemistry in 2012 by Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilki are receptors coupled to G-proteins.

"In the early 90s I wrote Lefkowitz, and he sent me a plasmid, ie receptor gene, isolated separately.

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The restoration of the Naval Cathedral in Kronstadt in three years spent 6.1 billion rubles

The total amount of funds allocated in 2009-2012, the recovery of the Kronstadt Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, was 6.1 billion rubles.

As reported by "Rosbalt", the press service of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, which has inspected the targeted and efficient use of funds allocated for the restoration, at the expense of the federal budget for the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Defence has been allocated 4.8 billion rubles. They went to the repair and restoration, general construction and civil engineering work.

Chin lesser blessing of the Kronstadt Naval

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