Apartments for rent in Minsk

Guests of the Belarusian capital often have a choice of where to temporarily tormoznut, arrived in Minsk. Hotel accommodation is always connected with the implementation of the rules and regulations established at the hotel, has certain time limits reception. For you will inevitably have to comply with the terms of hotel accommodation. Way out of this situation is the rent apartment day or watch in Minsk. Pretty easy to open ad in section "rent apartment day Minsk "and choose the right option for you. Contact directly with the owner of the apartment, the apartment can book in advance to your

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Anomalies Medvedetskoy Ridge



In the summer of 2007 members of the Study Group on the Volga and the paranormal group "Volga-Kosmopoisk" under the direction of Valery Borisovich Eniology Moskalyova several times went to the anomalous zone in the north of the Volgograd region, known as the Medveditskaya ridge.

According to eyewitnesses, marked by increased activity of the UFO over the territory of the zone. Every night marked bays luminous objects in the form of stars, binary stars and occasionally triangular stars high in

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Nocturnal heat waves will become more likely to visit the Pacific Northwest

July 25, 2013. Recently, a study on heat waves, brought quite interesting results, showing that the amount and intensity of such events will increase in the north-western Pacific countries, not during the day and at night.

Experts from the University of Oregon and Washington have documented 15 instances of "night heat waves" in the period from 1901 to 2009. Ten of them came after 1990, 5 were from the short period from 2006 to 2009. While the study materials were prepared for the press, became aware of the occurrence thereof, even a heat wave at the end of June this

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Night storm swept through southern Kansas

July 26, 2013. Recent night for residents of the southern counties of Kansas is anything but calm and quiet thanks to a strong storm, the wind speed at the time of which could measure only the three-digit numbers. In addition, the Hutchinson squally wind storm brought large hail, some fragments reached 12.7 cm in diameter.

Fully assess the damage caused by the storm, it was possible only after the morning. As it turned out, in low-lying areas of the storm provoked a mini-flood, wind gusts at a speed of about 160 km / h broke a record number

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In the Czech Republic dominates tropical heat

July 28, 2013. A real tropical heat went through to Sunday night residents Czech Republic. ITAR-TASS, in most parts of Prague, the temperature exceeded 20 degrees of heat, which, according to the norms of meteorologists, is the boundary of "tropical night."

For the Czech Republic, this phenomenon is very rare. Meteorologists record such high night temperatures no more frequently than once every five years, usually in July and August.

On the eve of the day in central Bohemia air temperature ranged between 37 degrees. Sweltering with the heat of people bathing in the fountains and on the streets drenched himself

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Congratulations, man!

Various men roam the world. Just two words — on this one. First, men are real. There is a very interesting, just brilliant. There is a foot-and-a-match. There are heavyweights. There are very serious. And it is simple to hang. [Cut] men-bad-ass, male nerds, Men restaurants. male pribludy. There supermuzhchiny. There are hedgehogs in shorts. There are strange uncle and master of sports. There is moronic. There are academics Men pragmatists, male controversy. There is a big letter. There is a large number. There is no waiting rhyme-married man and not man-for-what!, Male, always feeding coat. There classmates have classmates,

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Deliveries of the Mi-35M has already begun


The Russian Defense Ministry decided to purchase the party military transport helicopters Mi-35, the export version of the Mi-24, better known by the nickname "Crocodile", the newspaper "Izvestia", citing a source in the military-industrial complex. These machines will be purchased instead of attack helicopters Mi-28N "Night Hunter"(wrong, see details here). Military explained the decision that the Mi-35 is easier to use and cheaper than the Mi-28N. Deliveries of the Mi-35M has already begun, yet the War Department bought about 20 of these machines. The Ministry of Defence intends to use the new helicopters to support special operations forces.

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Night vision goggles new generation


Russian night-vision — the best in the world. And only the inertia of thinking hinders their implementation in a broad military and civilian practice. Moscow "Geophysics-NV" showed the technique and technology of such a level that today only forces the U.S. industry, and even then not always. Completed development and testing of night vision goggles new generation. In one of the countries in the Middle East, completed testing of various night vision systems for helicopters. The Russian was better than American ones. Somewhere said about nanotechnology in the future tense. In "Geophysics-NV" have created a platform for their

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Out of pure stubbornness


Exclusively from its own resources a small company from Novosibirsk reached the level of the world market leaders of night vision. At the decisive moment "clean" the designers were able to become serial producers


Even in his native Novosibirsk Company "Cathode" few have heard.

"Did you know that your city has company — almost a world leader in the production of night vision equipment?" — I asked Novosibirsk, the majority of respondents responded negatively. I explained that the "cathode" was a small design office of one of the well-known factories in the city, and

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World championship in water skiing

Waterskiing Dubna has forty-year history. Dubna is the hometown of many famous Russian champions. The city held a number of important water-skiing competitions, including several of the World Cup starts.

July 18-24 in Dubna World Cup will take place in water skiing.

In Dubna, home to about 70,500 residents. Dubna — well-known international research center. It is a quiet and picturesque town located 125 kilometers north of Moscow on the banks of the river. Volga. It is surrounded by countryside, which although does not have the famous monuments of culture, but is close to

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