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Diary of a horticultural society watchman Bluff


The Chairman asked me, since I still live here all the time, earn a watchman. Thought. Agreed.


Examined entrusted sites. Determine where it grows. Hepodaleku from areas where growing radishes and onions, put a few bottles of vodka are mixed with a laxative.


Ha plots evenly made a lot of organic fertilizer.


Bottles no one else touches, until vegetables too. [Cut]


Hung announcement that the radishes will be checked for excess radiation. Hekotorye roots painted with luminous paint.


In the local beer with relish listening to the argument that the "Rock" is located on

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Congratulations, man!

Various men roam the world. Just two words — on this one. First, men are real. There is a very interesting, just brilliant. There is a foot-and-a-match. There are heavyweights. There are very serious. And it is simple to hang. [Cut] men-bad-ass, male nerds, Men restaurants. male pribludy. There supermuzhchiny. There are hedgehogs in shorts. There are strange uncle and master of sports. There is moronic. There are academics Men pragmatists, male controversy. There is a big letter. There is a large number. There is no waiting rhyme-married man and not man-for-what!, Male, always feeding coat. There classmates have classmates,

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SOUTH pilots made the night air raid on conditional objects

the enemy 281% 29 -% 281% 29.jpg

In Krasnodar military pilots Air Arm of the Southern Military District / SOUTH / in special classes for flight training on the latest Su-25SM3 and SU-25 "Grach" delivered a missile and bomb attack on a simulated enemy combat formations in the aviation training ground at night.

In the training flights, committed in the daytime and at night, involved over 100 troops, including more than 20 ground-attack crews.

Total pilots flew about 50 scheduled departures. In the course of combat missions at the range of about

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Full Flight Simulators for the crews of helicopters Mi-28N and Mi-35M

Specialized simulator crew of the Mi-28N is designed to CSTS "Dynamics" in 2009 for the Ministry of Defense.

The simulator is designed for teaching and training of flight personnel on basic tasks related to piloting, navigation and combat use of helicopters Mi-28N.

The main methodological possibilities simulator includes instruction in piloting the full range of altitudes and speeds, including the use of night vision goggles, working off the shuttle flight instrument with flight control and navigation systems, applications to drill standard weapons, working off the crew in special cases, the flight; Crew work out cooperation in solving problems

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Aircraft in the muddy water. 30 years of the crime.

On the night of August 31 to September 1, 1983 there was a provocation by the CIA, which has accelerated the process of the destruction of the Soviet Union. Mysteriously disappeared without a trace South Korean Boeing 747 with the passengers. Incidentally this is the first of five Boeing, which disappeared without a trace, drastically affected the geopolitical situation in the world.

During September 1983, to seventy ships of the USSR, the USA, Japan and Korea, search for the wreckage of the giant, the remains of passengers and baggage. Despite the shallow depth, flat bottom and favorable

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The port city of Nakhodka (night photos)

Author of the report — Anton Balashov (LJ barnas)

Evening and night Nakhodka   2. The bypass road

3. SWC

4. Str. Michurin and ul.Pogranichnaya

5. Area "Swamp"

6. p.Kozmino, "Transneft"

7. Nakhodka Bay, South district

8. Nakhodka Bay

9. Area "Velvet"

10. The central road skirts the Nakhodka Bay


12. Swan hill


14. Cape Rotary


16. North District

17. Monument "Grieving Mother".

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The cleaner the earth, the louder the song of the nightingale

At the edge of the territory of the nightingale is a unique monument of nature — Central Black Earth Nature Reserve of Professor Alekhine. Today its territory Regional Committee of Information and Press Department in conjunction with the Environmental Safety and Environmental Kursk region for journalists held a press tour on "Nightingale night in Kursk. Census of nightingales. " 

Andrey Vlasov, director of the Reserve believes that the nightingale a long time and on the right is the living symbol of the Kursk region. The song of the nightingale Kursk counts from 8 to 14 level: flute,

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In Togliatti opened a new automated production

In Togliatti opened a new production, fully meets the principles of innovation and technology of the future. There are literally built from scratch a fully automatic plant where the input can download a simple sheet metal, and the output for — anything.


The philosophy of the equipment incorporated in the title line — «Night Train» — «Night Train." While everyone is asleep, it works. Almost without human intervention and without stopping completely. The entire cycle is automated. The robot removes from shelves and takes the necessary blanks to machine tools. Their Line 5 —

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On Friday night in Moscow, the first night rehearsal for the Victory Day parade.

The event was attended by more than 11,000 soldiers and 100 pieces of military equipment.

Thursday evening arrived in the capital column of military vehicles. She drove down Tverskaya street. For the metal railings were passers-by, who were filming the tanks and armored cars on camera phones.

In turn, the police and military agencies monitored the situation and monitor the safety of pedestrians.

Meanwhile, the parade participants marched twice on the pavement. During the rehearsal of the military in line all the ritual of the parade: Welcome commander, consolidated statement of a military

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In the Black Sea began teaching

Putin ordered a night exercise in the Black Sea

Russian President Vladimir Putin last night ordered Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to launch large-scale military exercises in the Black Sea. About RBC said Head of the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense and Information Major General Igor Konashenkov.

The exercise will be attended by Russian Black Sea Fleet, part of the special-purpose airborne troops. The military were suddenly put on alert last night and started to perform the assigned tasks.

In practical actions taken more than 7,100 military personnel, 250 armored vehicles and

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