More than 400,000 homes are de-energized in France due to the hurricane, Joachim

More than 400,000 homes were without power in western France on Friday night due to the hurricane, "Joachim" (Joachim), reports AFP referring to Interior Minister Claude Geana.

"The biggest problem is a power failure, because there is no light at about 400 thousands of private houses, but in the end, EDF (French Electricity Company) will conduct the necessary work to improve the situation," — he said.

Hardest-hit departments of Morbihan, Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine, Loire-Atlantique and Vendée.

Energy stated that the restoration work can begin only at the end of the day, when the wind dies down. According to AFP,

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Storm raged in France (video)

On Wednesday night in the north-west coast of France hit a powerful storm. Thousands of families were left without electricity due to high winds and waves.

According to the data of French media, wind gusts reached 105 kilometers per hour. Wave height near the coast of Brittany in the night of Thursday to reach 8-10 meters, the sea level on the coast could rise by 10-20 centimeters.

Trouble for the inhabitants of the north-west of France in the next few days will continue, as will provoke a storm flood.

According to local meteorologists, wind north-west of France will

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Otherworldly reality

November 27, 2011 2:43

Ghost can be seen on the street

In the media, people often see messages about meetings with ghosts. Most of them are questionable. Still, there are examples of manifestations of supernatural beings who almost impossible to refute.

Phantom of the flower

Cases related to ghosts, especially convincing when the latter is directly interfering in people's lives. For example, send some information. That's what happened with the case of a young Englishman Ounom Harrison. He came to Europe from South Africa, where at that time his family lived, to take part in the fight against fascism,

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Upcoming night on Earth shed star rain

In the night of 14 December, the Earth will spill star rain of meteor shower Gemenidy. True, make a wish to see a shooting star, will not all. Astronomers warn that monitoring will prevent the fall of meteors bright, nearly full moon.

Gemenid drop — one of the most intense meteor phenomena. It is observed every year in the first half of December. According to experts, on Wednesday night will be visible in the sky from 40 to 50 shooting stars every hour, according to ITAR-TASS.

The Geminids meteor shower is quite young. First meteor shower in December was recorded

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Earthquake kicked of Iranians to the streets

A series of aftershocks forced residents Esfarain in northeastern Iran to host last night under the open sky. Reported by the news agency IRNA. According to him, tremors began on Friday and continued until Saturday evening. The magnitude of the strongest of them was 4.5. The epicenter was 13 km from Esfaraina and 46 km from a large administrative center of the province of North Khorasan Bojnourd.

Cause panic in the city has been the emergence of rumors that the oscillations of the earth's crust of moderate strength are harbingers of the coming earthquake. Virtually the entire population Esfaraina, despite

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Mountains crumble, the earth cracks — scientists warn of an impending earthquake in Vietnam

Strange geological activity observed residents of Vietnam. Residents of the city are worried, because the intensity of earthquakes is still growing. Growth near mountain Son "explodes" louder every night. Liu Kwang Lai, 70, a resident, said that he had never seen such a strange phenomenon in the last decade. The land here seems to have changed. Every night, the sounds of explosions coming from the ground, accompanied by thunder. "Two nights ago from the mountain began to come roaring sound. I was getting used to the noise, but it was nothing compared to the recent" explosion. "Seconds later, the ground

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In Norway, one night dropped two feet of snow

In Norway, the weather has pleased fans of winter sports — it finally started to snow. And quite strong: for one night rose two feet in drifts.

In a country that is famous for its winter resorts, snow usually falls much earlier. Skiers have begun to worry and think about what would have to go to ride in other countries such as Canada.

However, the snow brought the Norwegians and inconvenience, especially for drivers: on the road — ice, said "Russia 24".


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Dead birds found in Sweden


5.01.11.Okolo hundreds of dead birds, including crows, ravens, magpies, found on Wednesday night, local residents Falchepinga located in south-western Sweden, according to Swedish news agency TT.

One of the eyewitnesses Dril Hula, in describing what he saw TT interview, said he was returning from work late in the evening, when I saw a lot of black spots on the road one of the streets of the city, RIA Novosti reported.

"We stopped, and in the beginning I did not understand that there were birds. I remember when I read that something similar happened in the U.S..

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Unexplained tremors damaged homes in Eastern India

October 21. A series of tremors lasting for about two or three seconds led to the formation of cracks in the walls of the 120 houses. Aftershocks recorded on Thursday night in more than 10 villages, as well as several surrounding communities Piyepalli a radius of 100 km, according to

Some local residents heard a thundering sound of midnight, he immediately ran out of their homes and hid in the shelters of open ground adjacent to their homes. People do not sleep all night, waiting for the aftershocks occur again. Some note that this felt dizzy.

Source: FinalNews

On Earth, started strong magnetic storm


Index of geomagnetic activity according to NOAA Space Weather Center

MOSCOW, April 6 — RIA Novosti. Magnetic storm began on Earth on Wednesday night — the index of geomagnetic disturbances Kp reached a value of 6, one more than the minimum value, which is considered a storm, according to the space weather forecast center of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the USA (NOAA).

Level of magnetic disturbance began to grow around 15.00 to 18.00 MSK and reached the "red zone." Currently, the index Kp, characterizing the geomagnetic activity has reached a value of 6.

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