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Contact with UFOs

It happened somewhere in the 1983-1985 year at the beginning of the summer, I lived on the outskirts of the city, near the airport. Especially in the evenings and at night was well heard the roar of aircraft, but the city they were not flying. Flew into the side of two or three kilometers.

One summer evening, we met at a birthday party by mutual friend, or should I say another. It is not with any of my friends had not met, although it seemed to me that she had a liking to my friend, but he did

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In Goragorsk land out from under the feet

Residents of the village Goragorsk spent the night on his feet, because the land out from under them. The fact that the houses are in the area of landslides, rains wash away the soil, it begins to move. Every minute of it can lead to tragedy. NTV correspondent Fatima Dadaeva find out why people do not leave their homes and they hoped.

Weather — only for what are closely watching the villagers Goragorsk located in Nadterechny district of Chechnya. All week there are rains. Local residents fear that heavy rainfall could cause mudslides and landslides.

Dagaev Hussein, a resident

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The first training-combat helicopter Mi-28UB performed a demonstration flight

August 9 Mi-28UB made its first demonstration flight in the flight test station "Rostvertol", part of the holding "Helicopters of Russia".

Mi-28UB — a special helicopter with a double set of controls that can be used to study piloting the Mi-28N, while retaining all the features of an attack helicopter.

Create Mi-28UB meet customer demands, especially the Ministry of Defense of Russia. This modification is intended to train military pilots who need to practice flying in helicopters Mi-28N "Night Hunter". In this case, the Mi-28UB can perform all the functions of an attack helicopter, which

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Hurricane in California


In California / Photo EPA /

22.03.11.V California tens of thousands of homes and businesses were left without electricity and heat as a result of damage to the power lines after a powerful and prolonged storm that struck the state.

In some areas, beaten to stick with 1940's record year for precipitation.

Intense rainstorms accompanied by hurricane-force wind gusts, complicated the situation on the roads.

Thus, the route through the mountain pass linking Los Angeles with the central part of California, was closed for 12 hours.

Trapped in the way drivers were forced to stop for the night

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Legends Estates Haddon




Haddon Manor is located in the south of Devon in England. Old dilapidated house from the XIX century is located in the middle of a vast moorland. In these places, the weather is always overcast, often rains, winds never stop blowing. Many legends and superstitions enveloped the

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Luminous pork frightening housewives China


"Luminous pork" frightening housewives China. Photo:

7.03.11.Po post TV "Liaoning" 3 March, one housewife from Henan bought pork stew, but accidentally discovered that pork is lit at night. This is the second time that 'Light pork "frightening housewives.

According to the newspaper "Trafficking in the Southern Ocean," woman bought pork, fried half and the second part left on the table to cook in the morning. At night, walking past the kitchen, saw a luminous object is green. This is her very scared that I could not sleep the whole night. In the morning, she found

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In Dushanbe, a panic after the quake, with its epicenter in northern Afghanistan

In the Tajik capital Dushanbe, on Sunday night panic after residents felt tremors crust occurred after a strong earthquake in northern Afghanistan."Despite the deep night, many people have woken up, and some even ran out into the street. The houses were swaying chandeliers in closets rang dishes "- "Interfax".Tremors of magnitude 5.9 to 6.2 have occurred in Afghanistan on Sunday night.The epicenter was 76 miles south of the Afghan town of Faizabad, about 120 km north-west of the Pakistani city of Chitral, 137 km south-west of the Tajik city of Khorog, and 256 km north-east of the Afghan capital

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Upcoming night in Moscow could be the coldest in 2012

Upcoming night in Moscow could be the coldest in 2012, and the temperature can drop to minus 26 degrees, according to a statement on the website Weather Center "Phobos."

As recalled by forecasters, at the present time is the lowest temperature in 2012 was recorded in Moscow on February 3, and was minus 24.6 degrees.

"But the situation is such that on the night of Monday this threshold is overcome, and the capital of the air cooled to minus 24 minus 26. As for the Central region, in some areas, and temperatures can fall to minus 36", — stated in

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Australia were covered by flood

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Over night in Melbourne emptied monthly rainfall

The south-east coast of Australia suffered from severe floods caused by incessant rains. Hardest hit by the disaster capital of Victoria — Melbourne, Gippsland and areas.   As the representative Emergency Melbourne's Andrew McGuinness, for only one night here had the monthly rainfall.   Drains can not cope with so much rain. In this regard, car traffic in the city is difficult. Local residents are unable to leave the house. According to weather forecasts, in the next few

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Hundreds of French again spent the night in the snow banquet halls

Hundreds of French people spent the night on Friday in the sports and banquet halls in the north-east of France because of snowfall, which deceived the vigilance of road services and did not allow time to clear the highway, according to RIA Novosti.

Snow continues to confuse the French plans for the day before the Catholic Christmas. Next, the fourth in the winter snowfall was in northern France on Friday night. However, road services were again not quite ready for it. On Friday morning, the traffic was almost impossible on secondary roads department of Ain, the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, and

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