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Around 12,000 Voronezh remained without electricity due to lightning

Residents of 20 villages of the Voronezh region remain without power after a night of storms, experts "Voronezhenergo" promise to eliminate the accident during the day, told RIA Novosti the company.

"During a storm on Sunday night in the area have been disabled tranformartornyh 196 substations," — said the source.

According to him, left without electricity 11.5 thousand people in 20 villages Novousmansky, Repevskom, Panino, Kashira and Verhnehavskom areas.

Eliminate accident experts "Voronezhenergo" promise for the day.

According to RIA Novosti the City Civil Defense, in the regional center of the storm also had a power failure, but they were

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Dead birds found in Sweden


5.01.11.Okolo hundreds of dead birds, including crows, ravens, magpies, found on Wednesday night, local residents Falchepinga located in south-western Sweden, according to Swedish news agency TT.

One of the eyewitnesses Dril Hula, in describing what he saw TT interview, said he was returning from work late in the evening, when I saw a lot of black spots on the road one of the streets of the city, RIA Novosti reported.

"We stopped, and in the beginning I did not understand that there were birds. I remember when I read that something similar happened in the U.S..

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The landslide damaged 150 houses in the largest city of Bolivia

Heavy rains caused the collapse of the hillside near the administrative capital of Bolivia, La Passes, damaged 150 homes, said on Sunday the Associated Press referring to Mayor Luis Revilla.


 Despite significant economic damage and loss of property of people, no one was hurt. Residents were evacuated from the hill on Saturday night, when the slope is just beginning to break down. On Sunday night, he finally collapsed.


Such incidents are not uncommon in the mountains, on which the town is situated in the 3640 meters above sea level. Bolivia is the capital city of Sucre, but most

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Sinkhole in Tver. Video

Karst holes

7.03.12.Dvizhenie Street Sominka Tver suspended. The reason — on the road for a few meters collapsed ground. Pit depth of 5 meters was formed on the night of 5 to 6 March. Workers' TverVodokanala "have to take extra care.

At this place is gravity sewer. Water pipe burst at first, and then washed away the soil. The main difficulty is that the near failure of the school is located. Because workers' TverVodokanala "were especially vigilant. Installed around the pit metal fence. Duty around the clock crew. Work to eliminate already begun.

Dmitry Kapustin, General Director of

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The strongest six months magnetic storm occurred on Saturday night

Strong perturbations in the magnetic field of the earth have been recorded on Saturday night, according to experts of laboratory X-ray astronomy of the Sun Lebedev Physical Institute (LPI).

Magnetic storm, according to their data, began about 21:00 MSK and lasted six hours — to 03.00 MSK. Kp index of geomagnetic activity reached a value of 6, which corresponds to two points on the five-point grading scale adopted by the magnetic storms.

"While the storm occurred and not a record (above it is even more powerful three classes of events), the amplitude of such events were observed six months

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Secrets of the night lights. Online

More than four billion years, the moon kept its secrets. Unique studies reveal the mystery surrounding the satellite blue planet.

Title: Secrets of the night lights Original title: Expedition Lune Year: 2009 Genre: Documentary Directed by: Tomoyuki Katsumata, Yuichi Kunishara Issued: France Televisions — NHK Duration: 00:50:19 : Professional

Watch Secrets of the night lights

Thanks Yuri for a great movie recommendation


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Chupakabra.Foto was got near Novosibirsk. Video


Photo: Natalia Grigorevskii

24.07.11.Zhiteley several villages near Novosibirsk "Nightmare" is that week. They believe that under the cover of night to their homes climbs unknown science creature: Chupacabra.

A mysterious animal, of which started a legend in the last century (see our dossier), settled at metropolis and attacks on livestock villagers. Prefers mainly goats and sheep but not above.

While the owners of the house is asleep, she sneaks into the hall, floods the poor animals in one jump and bites his fangs into his neck and drinking their blood — to the last drop. If we believe

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To Moscow is a cyclone mischief in Europe

Central and north-western Russia expects climate shock. Flurry of wet sticky snow, breaks power lines, broken trees cars — this is a list of misfortunes that will bring a cyclone has done a lot of troubles in Europe. Gale completely powered Baltiysk Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg made a real storm, and now coming to Moscow. MOE has warned that residents of many Russian regions remain without electricity, and roads are not safe for drivers.

Earlier this week, the capital will be under the influence of an active cyclone, which caused a chain of natural disasters in the European countries, RIA

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Russia is going through a snow apocalypse

Moscow recently experienced a real traffic jams, when one day the city received more than 254 mm of snow. This rainfall is considered to be the January monthly norm. Due to snow, thousands of passengers were forced to spend the night in the city's leading airports, as the aircraft could not fly in such weather.

After a snowfall of some residents of the capital could not get to his car, the roads near the houses, small streets were under the impressive snow. They did not even able to get road service workers to start clearing. Of course, due to

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In Crimea occurred just six earthquakes per night

From 1 to 11 November this year in the Crimea was 8 small earthquakes.

About this site "Krym.Kommentarii" reported in Reskomitete on construction and architecture.

"The continued revitalization of seismotectonic structures Demerdji (Demerdzhinsky deep fault). In the night from 10 to 11 November in the area occurred six aftershocks, the strongest of which (about 9 pm) was felt by individuals. Calculated intensity I-2 points, "- said in Reskomitete.

According to them, distinct anomalies in the deformation fields that point to the preparation of a strong earthquake in the Crimea have been identified.


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