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In Riga park blooming daisies


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26.12.11.Pohozhe that the department celestial office in charge of the weather in Latvia, has gone on leave — such "non-winter" in December in the country have not been.

In Riga, anyone can verify the strangeness of this winter — in the park in the city canal Monday blooming daisies. It is not surprising, December 26 in Riga and in many other parts of the country were broken temperature records. In the capital, the temperature rose to 9.2 degrees Celsius, which is as much as 3 degrees higher than the previous record set

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Bigfoot Hunter




Anatoly Fokin videolovushki puts on forest monster.

Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot, also known as wood spirit, lyutuet Viatka on forests for centuries, bringing terror even to the experienced rangers, bugbears. But there is in

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In Bulgaria, an earthquake of magnitude 5.8.

22.05.12.Etoy night several aftershocks recorded near the capital of Bulgaria. The strongest power of 5.6 on the Richter scale. Sofia residents in panic from their homes. And back in the room is not in a hurry, afraid of new stimuli. Aware of several collapsed buildings, but about the victims are still unknown. Tremors felt last night in Bulgaria.

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Astronomical spring comes with good weather

Astronomical spring will come to Belarus on 21 March, but night frosts are reminded of last winter.

Astronomical spring will come to Belarus on March 21 at 1.21. As director of the observatory said BSU Algirdas Grasshopper sun moving along the ecliptic, will move from the Southern to the Northern Hemisphere. Earth will take a position in relation to it, that the rays will fall steeply to the equator. On the vernal equinox, the sun rises due east and sets exactly in the west. At this time in the southern hemisphere occurs astronomical autumn.

"On this

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On the border of Serbia and Kosovo again restlessly

Last NIGHT MODE Albanian customs officials tried take stormed two checkpoints Fri, who controlled the Serbs. Had to fend off the locals. It did not happen without the wounded and the dead. Acts of Kosovo administration has condemned the NATO and the European Union. Expressed concern about the situation and the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Pristina reported: the operation is finished, all the PPC under control. But what happens at the border, no one knows. Serbian sources report that post Yasmin is still under siege. This is it night July 26, the Kosovo Special Forces did not have time

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Beijing because of showers and thunderstorms canceled 138 flights

The Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that Beijing Airport "Shoud" restores the normal work schedule disrupted by powerful showers and thunderstorms. According to official data, during the previous night, a total of 138 flights were canceled largest Chinese airlines flight 104 has been moved to a different time. Thousands of people were forced to spend the night in the waiting rooms or hotels, which were provided by airlines. At the moment, all the airport terminals running "hot line" communications that I can get all the necessary information. Passengers are advised to contact the airline to clarify the time of

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All women — witches, but some of the witches




Shortly before the night of Ivan Kupala (on July 7), it is worth wondering what threatens peace to men women's evil power

Kreks, pacemakers, FEKS — and all of my men!

Call dearest wife, or at least the wife's mother a witch — a favorite pastime of

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Central Asia is cracking under the pressure of the Siberian frosts

Severe Siberian frost risk pregnancies lay on the life of Kazakhstan. In Astana, with an average minimum of -15 ° fifth night lasts about -30 °. Energy systems can not withstand the load in the morning do not run cars. No better than the situation in Central Asia. In Tashkent throughout December temperature background kept by 3-5 ° below normal. Shifted to the south-west, the Siberian anticyclone set on the brink of life and death, New crop of radishes in the Ferghana Valley. Kyrgyz, moved to central Russia, are in a hothouse environment than their compatriots at home, where

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To Moscow is a cyclone mischief in Europe

Central and north-western Russia expects climate shock. Flurry of wet sticky snow, breaks power lines, broken trees cars — this is a list of misfortunes that will bring a cyclone has done a lot of troubles in Europe. Gale completely powered Baltiysk Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg made a real storm, and now coming to Moscow. MOE has warned that residents of many Russian regions remain without electricity, and roads are not safe for drivers.

Earlier this week, the capital will be under the influence of an active cyclone, which caused a chain of natural disasters in the European countries, RIA "Novosti"

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Night storm deenergized 20 substations in Mariupol

Night storm of unprecedented force was played last night in Mariupol. Lightning flashed above the houses and industrial areas are so close that in many apartments was automatic blackout. 

After the next level to stop broadcasting the majority of television channels.

As the head of Mariupol 0629 RES Maxim Batenko, 20 were de-energized substations. Residents remained without electricity boulevard Shevchenko, 17 district, Kirov Square, Industrial Area Street. Krasnoflotsky, the private sector in the Primorsky region, quarter, at the intersection. Trade and Lenina, etc.

"This is the result of a Thunderstorm. Perhaps somewhere lightning hit a pole, somewhere

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