Fire Flower Fern

September 3, 2012 16:45

Once upon a time, a very, very long time, ferns covered the entire planet. And it was not some kind of lawn grass, and huge trees! Since this plant is somewhat crushed, but die it is not going.


Fern has many popular names that everyone and do not count: paport (or paporot), snack, kupirod, damn beard bloshnik, activists and many others …

How many fern names, so many legends, and perhaps even more. Some legends have very real roots. For example, it was believed that male Dryopteris (one of the most common species

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On the night of November 13, inhabitants of the earth will see the solar eclipse. Video

Today, on the night of Monday to Tuesday, November 13, will be the only one in this year's total solar eclipse, which can only be seen in the north of Australia and the Pacific.

The largest city in the way of the moon's shadow is Cairns, home to about 150,000 people, and which will bring together 80,000 scientists and tourists to observe the rare phenomenon.

Recall that in Moscow, a total solar eclipse can be observed February 25, 1476, and the next time it happens only October 16, 2126.

Solar eclipses occur when the moon is exactly between

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Sleeping child

Every night your child, carefully collecting all the toys, and parents wishing to have a good night, obediently went to her bed and sleeps in it until the morning in the arms of a teddy bear? Then you can safely turn over the page, the section — not for you. If you put your little fidget not easy, read on.

The first thing that parents are interested in why baby trouble sleeping at night? Perhaps the reason lies in the excessive lability of the nervous system of the baby, or that he had a sore tummy or teething? Or

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In the Black Sea began teaching

Putin ordered a night exercise in the Black Sea

Russian President Vladimir Putin last night ordered Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to launch large-scale military exercises in the Black Sea. About RBC said Head of the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense and Information Major General Igor Konashenkov.

The exercise will be attended by Russian Black Sea Fleet, part of the special-purpose airborne troops. The military were suddenly put on alert last night and started to perform the assigned tasks.

In practical actions taken more than 7,100 military personnel, 250 armored vehicles and

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Germany experienced the coldest night in the last 160 years

Night of 29 to 30 and from 30 to 31 December were the coldest in Germany over the past 160 years. Temperatures in some regions of Eastern Germany fell then to reach minus 24 degrees Celsius

On the night of 29 to 30 December in East Germany were reported record low temperatures since the beginning of regular meteorological observations in the region over the past 160 years. In some places, the temperature at night dropped to the level of minus 24 degrees Celsius and the average temperature was minus 21-23 degrees.

"With full confidence we can say that this night

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South Korean bots shoot at North Koreans

The border between North Korea and South Korea is becoming every day or more and more than an unsafe place.

Not so long ago, it turned out that on July 14 the armed forces of South Korea put on alert on the border with North Korea 2-patrol boats at the cost of 330 thousand dollars each.

On boats Samsung Techwin SGR-1 machine guns Daewoo K3 with active stabilizers "for sniper fire."

Fully officially reported that bots SGR-1 be successfully passed its baptism of fire in Iraq, carrying automatic protection of locations of South Korean units. How many they

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The testator has threatened to be the night to those who break their will




In Norway, the testator has threatened to come in the night to those who thwart his will.

"I swear to haunt you in the darkest hours of the night" — the document says. The threat was intended to anyone who tries to challenge the will.

The testator,

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UFO was chosen by the Vologda region





1970 — 8-year-old child is abducted by aliens. January 28, 2003. Glowing object like "badminton racket". February 20, 2003. Unusual luminous object bright yellow in the center of the city.


April 24, 1989. Two women saw a UFO and the alien. May 26, 1989. Deputy

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Attack of the parallel worlds

December 27, 2011 8:14

The existence of parallel worlds around us only to modern scientists. And our ancestors seem to know about them, many centuries ago. Prominent religious figure XV century, the founder of Lutheranism, Martin Luther, wrote about him over this revelation, in which he said. "To attack fell on the ground, terrifying demonic creatures disturb people, forcing them to coitus and kidnapped human seed to extend his demonic race."

Medieval descriptions of meetings with the "demons" are sometimes identical to the last detail with contemporary testimonies and stories of abductions by aliens Today, many victims of abductions

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Gipselend — lake, which is lit at night

1 January 2013 12:48

Never ceases to amaze our earthly nature and the new natural discovery, there's still a lot of places that will surprise people. One of these is Gipselend, unusual lake, its unusualness seen at night, as the waters off the coast of the Saints in the blue and blue. This is not someone you fancy, it's really a natural phenomenon, the name of which — bioluminescence, when the color of the water changes because of the vital activity of microorganisms.

This unique phenomenon has become noticeable even at night, and these fantastic photos were

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