Abnormal cold come to Siberia in the last days of November

Abnormally cold weather expected in many regions of Siberia in the last days of November and early December — the temperature in some areas will fall below 30 degrees Celsius, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"The reason (the anomaly) is ultrapolyarny process in the troposphere, where cold air masses from the Arctic Ocean basin moved far to the south of Siberia. Then there is a further cooling of the Arctic air over the continent in the prevalence of anticyclonic weather types and partial cloud cover," — said in a statement.

On Monday and Tuesday increased frost will replace snowfalls

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UFO in Romania.

One of the most plausible of the video UFO, of which I have ever seen. Venue — Romania.

Luminous object moving slowly in the night sky of the city, then there was a flash and development area is rapidly sped away into the night sky …

Watch UFO in Romania.


UFO in Dry Logue




Residents of Dry Valley is now on duty at night in the hope of seeing aliens. A small town filled with rumors about the visit of a UFO. In the kindergarten on the snow appeared perfectly aligned circles to explain the origin of which can not and

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Tenth earthquake in Kazakhstan, which took place last night

New earthquake of magnitude 4.2 occurred on Monday morning in the south-eastern Kazakhstan, near Alma-Ata, the website of the European Seismological Center (European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre). According to the center, tremors have been recorded in 08.31 local time (06.31 MSK), 74 km north-east of Almaty. This is the tenth earthquake that occurred last night in the region. Six of these cases occurred in a Sunday, three — tonight. The first 5.5-magnitude quake was recorded at 08.31 (06.31 MSK) on May 1. The epicenter was located 76 kilometers north-east of Almaty. Was later recorded a series of eight earthquakes with a magnitude

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UFO in 2013. UFO under the airplane in the night sky

When shooting night sky amateur operator noticed and recorded on camera UFO flying just below the aircraft. This video UFO 2013, filmed on July 1.


The more similar stealth bombers U-2 and F-117?

F-117 and U-2. You probably know them: the first — superbombardirovschik invisible, second — … If you, the reader pochetaemy, hope meet here the story of the famous high-rise Scout U-2 "Dragon Lady", that must disappoint you: that the U-2, which will be discussed below, only just perkalevy biplane design NN Polikarpov."Stealth" and "corn-cob" — two famous aircraft that have become favorites of the whole people. About their shot rolls of films and books written by the library.

The principal South American programm to create an invisible plane — a resounding debut and just loud end, with running

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Flying ball of light seen in Estonia

January 5, 2012 3:01

Flying ball of light seen in Estonia Reuters / Scanpix

Tuesday night at 20.18 in Southern Finland saw a glowing ball of considerable size — he was flying through the sky for more than ten seconds. According to the society of astronomers Ursa, body on fire over the Narva. Delfi page in Facebook, as well as the comments on the article in the form of letters began to come to us evidence of readers who claim that they have seen on Tuesday night in the sky, an unidentified glowing object.

Readers reported seeing

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FIRST «Night Hunter» Received WEST NOT SUMMER, and in April

Western Military District (WEST) RF apprehend own composition in the first two Mi-28N («Night Hunter»), first in April, told reporters on Tuesday, acting chief of the press service WEST Major Vladimir Drobyshevskiy.   With all of this in November last year, the press service WEST stated that the county will begin receiving these machines in the summer of 2013.   «Night Stalker» resettled complex avionics and devices that you can use it all day and night, in bad weather and at the maximum low altitudes. Design features ensure the highest survivability of rotorcraft and crew survival in the criteria

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Tomic videotaped UFO

April 18, 2012 5:13

Tomic took on consumer camcorder unusual. Coming on the eve of an hour a night on the balcony, he witnessed the inexplicable end of the world in the night sky. First attracted his attention bright vibrant point. Picking up the camera and configure the maximum approach, young man, quite literally, lost the gift of human speech …

Mysterious underground people leave traces

December 20, 2011 23:04

"Here and there among the trunks of fallen trees and moss stuck upright petrified of stairs to the gods could descend on them on the ground to people. Pamu but it seemed that these steps have put forward from the depths of the underground Men Sirte: apparently live in numb grief he felt so terrible that they escaped from the depths of the sky. " Alexei Ivanov, "The Heart of Parma."

This mysterious people on the legends once lived in the tundra of western Siberia and the Urals. Hyperborean called them Sirte (or sihirtya) and attributed

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