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Humanoids have painted a rainbow in the sky




OUR READERS FROM SIBERIA tells of strange phenomena They witnessed

Our reader Vitaly Shumilov of the Kemerovo region has witnessed an unusual phenomenon. "It was August 23, 2004 after a storm — says Vitaly. — Returning home after the work has been in the shadows, suddenly saw

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During the night the wind blew in Kiev more than 200 trees

The hurricane that swept the capital from 8 to 10 February, pushed only to the roadway for more than two hundred trees. Throughout the night from Tuesday to Wednesday employees "Kievzelenstroya" sawed collapsed trunks and branches removed from the roads of the capital. Places gusts reaching 15-20 m / s. "From 19.00 to 06.00 Tuesday environment our staff were clearing the road — a spokesman for" Kievzelenstroya "Elena Oganesova — Greatest rooted trees uprooted wind outside Dehtiarivska, Lepse Boulevard and Victory Avenue. In general, falling poplar. A Podol collapsed on the roadway old maple — 84 cm in diameter. "

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U.S. and British diplomats visited the estate of the BPF

Society Representatives of the U.S. and UK embassies in Belarus visited the estate of the BPF. They responded to the invitation of the party leadership to take part in a briefing to foreign diplomats. The reason for this was the failure of the housing and communal services of the Soviet district of Minsk to extend the lease on April 1.

BNF leadership announced an indefinite share protect the premises, which takes about 20 years. And in the evening of March 31 at the estate started around the clock.


The first night is spent with colleagues, party leaders,

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Murmansk residents celebrate the end of the polar night

Polar night, which lasted 40 days at a latitude of Murmansk, ends on Friday, activists celebrate this event on an event called "First Dawn".

According to the regional meteorologist, Sunrise is expected to 13.39 MSK, daylight lasts 34 minutes.

Murmansk residents greeted the sunrise traditional event called "First Dawn". Activists went on a hill south of the city, which is informally called the "Sun Hill", where they intend to observe the appearance of light on the horizon.

Action "first dawn" this year held for the seventh time. Last year, the event was attended by about 70 North. Typically, this action

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The first night in the office of Defense BPF party leaders will hold

On the face of society, in the office of the BPF, nothing has changed: the same auditorium with a white-red-white flags, the same exhibition of books, but disappeared exhibition of works by Alexei Marochkina prohibited. And this show, and many things were taken yesterday in the event of forced expulsion of the estate.

The first night here, party leaders will hold Yanukevich yes Igor Lyalkov, tomorrow they will be replaced by other activists.

"The purpose of this action is the duty not to allow the situation to the authorities could without the presence of any of the BPF and come

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Spring rolled on freezing

On May Day in Central Europe established an unusually cold weather. In Warsaw and Prague daily maximum is less than + 5 °, and at night and does marked freezing. In the central provinces of Poland temperature drops to -7 °. Second night of freezing observed in the Kaliningrad region. Nightly lows are close to record levels. This is the first frost after 2007. A significant anomaly is due to a combination of two factors: a deep Zatoka air from Greenland and lowering tropospheric cold

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Land will cover the Leonid meteor

In the night from Thursday to Friday Ufa residents will see a rare celestial phenomenon — the so-called Leonids. On that night, an hour will fall about a hundred meteorites.

— To see them any special optical devices do not need enough to go after four in the morning and look at the east side of the sky, — told the "KP" in Ufa planetarium. Leonids will be visible until Wednesday, November 23.

The last time the Leonids were out back in 1999, then the flow totaled about 5,000 meteorites per hour, and the next visit is expected only in

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Earthquake in southern Italy

Tremor power in five balls occurred at night in the Italian province of Cosenza, the southern region of Calabria, where most residents slept. After impact, the citizens ran to the street and spent rest of the night for fear of aftershocks. On the streets of panic prevailed as strongly push shattered houses and apartments.

It is reported that an elderly Italian died of a heart attack triggered by an earthquake. On the walls of a hospital in the small town of Mormanno large cracks have appeared, forcing the administration to evacuate people and hospitalized personnel. In the historic

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UFO: Belgium, Togliatti — transit

What is interesting. If historical records bring us information mainly about the disk-shaped, spherical or raketopodobnyh UFO (in the Middle Ages and earlier times, they are more commonly referred to as "ships of the Gods"), in the twentieth century, humanity is faced with a whole new class of unidentified objects — triangular.

For all other characteristics this type of UFO is the same as the more common for a person "drives" or "cigar." The only difference is in the form: as a rule, this object has the shape of an equilateral triangle with a side length of a

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Mi-28N «Night Hunter» — a shock Russian helicopter get dual controls

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