Weather Center promises to moderate frosts in central Russia next week

In the center of European Russia next week expected mild frost and little snowfall, the roads will be icy, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

According to forecasters, the region will be on the edge of a powerful anticyclone centered over the north-east of European Russia and the cyclone zone in Europe. Passage of fronts will be celebrated a little snow, but in some places in the western and southern regions of the district, it can be more intense.

"The thermometer will be predominantly negative, and snow cover will continue to increase," — said in a statement.

On Saturday at

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Belarus has again become cold

After a brief warming that has been observed in the past few days in Belarus, the arrival of spring, once again slow down, told a videobrifinge chief of the National Weather Service Hydrometeorological Forecasts Dmitry Ryabov, BelTA has learned.

The territory of Belarus is expected to shift from the north to the south of a cold atmospheric front. Much rain it will not bring on the snow cover is not affected, but the south wind changes to the north, and the warm air will gradually go to Ukraine. The temperature of the forthcoming night will range from

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Michalevic ready to give an explanation of torture

Society Former presidential candidate Alexei Mikhalevich, who is now in the Czech Republic, is ready to give an explanation of the General Prosecutor's Office of Belarus regarding his allegations of torture in the detention center of the KGB. BelaPAN was told by his wife.

According Milana Mikhalevich, the third day she tries to contact the Prosecutor General's Office employee who signed the summons to her husband with a call for questioning to find out possible organize this process. For example, is it possible to provide a notarized statement. However, she constantly replied that the employee is in the KGB

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Damn bit my finger and disappeared

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In France, the storm raged

On Wednesday night in the north-west coast of France hit a powerful storm. Thousands of families were left without electricity due to high winds and waves.

According to the data of French media, wind gusts reached 105 kilometers per hour. Wave height near the coast of Brittany in the night of Thursday to reach 8-10 meters, the sea level on the coast could rise by 10-20 centimeters.

Trouble for the inhabitants of the north-west of France in the next few days will continue, as will provoke a storm flood.

According to local meteorologists, wind north-west of France

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Unusual happened at Easter


At night, from 4 to May 5, during the Easter festivities in the sky over the domes of St. Michael's church in Izhevsk appeared crimson disk. An unexplained phenomenon from materialistic positions photographed at the beginning of the first hour of the night and put in his microblog on Twitter Chief Editor of "The Day" Sergei Shchukin.

Pictures that of one of the domes of the church with a gold cross near discernible color is crimson disc, made at the time when the procession had just ended. At the same time, Metropolitan Nicholas of

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Putin visited the biker club

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called from Sevastopol to Yalta, where he held a meeting with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. In Yalta, Putin had made a stop at the camp of fans of the bike club "Night Wolves".

Earlier, the head of state was on this basis, in the glory of Russian sailors, which regularly hold rallies motorcyclists and show programs are bikers. Putin also attended events bikers in Novorossiysk and other cities.

Russian president to focus on the fact that the club he began to see more girls. "Last time I visited you, did not pay attention to it,

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Astronomers have discovered a single night once 19 asteroids

Astronomers Hawaiian observatory with a telescope PS1 found for one night only once 19 asteroids. It happened on January 29, but it has become known only recently.

Reportedly, these celestial bodies are close to some of the planet. Immediate threat they represent, but in the future it is possible that these cosmic wanderers can enter the gravitational field of the Earth, TV channel "Russia-24".


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Large dump smoulders on the outskirts of Ivanovo

Municipal solid waste dump area of 3000 square meters on fire on Tuesday night on the outskirts of Ivanovo, in the elimination of the consequences of fire and continue on Wednesday, RIA Novosti Deputy Governor of the Ivanovo region Leonid Motorin.

According to the source, the fire was reported around 21.30 on Tuesday, at seven in the morning the fire is localized. Surrounding houses were not damaged by smoke (it is the street of Nekrasov and JBK), as the wind blows in the opposite direction.

"The whole night working on the localization of fire appliances MOE, housing and tenants landfill.

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In the Russian capital are struggling with snow elements

In the Russian capital are struggling with a snow element. And it seems that Moscow motorists on Tuesday again have easy. Snowfall in the city continues to this day. And, while the Moscow authorities say the thousands of sweepers who work around the clock, many metropolitan highway covered with snow.

The situation is complicated by the strong black ice. Because of it in the city on Monday night took dozens of minor accidents. Despite the snowfall all Moscow airports are operating normally. According to weather forecasts on Wednesday nature will present another surprise — in the capital region is expected

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