Nighttime Minsk painted grille

Society Graffiti calling for the release of political prisoners appeared in the night from February 28 to March 1, in the center of Minsk.

"This is — a form of protest against the conclusion of the Young Front leader Dmitry Dashkevich organizations and activists Ales Kirkevich, Vladimir Eremenko, Eduard Lobau, as well as the prosecution of Anastasia Palazhanka and many youth activists "- the website" Young Front . "

Graffiti images are fettered hands, hands behind a barbed wire lattice windows with the words "Freedom to Dashkevich", "Belarus — not a prison," "Homeland? Freedom? "As well as a list of

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Night frosts return to Belarus


In Belarus the following week at night frost is expected to minus 10 degrees, BelTA learned from the National Weather Service senior forecaster Olga Fedotova. Happy March sun will continue to indulge the spring warmth. Contrasting alternation of night and day temperatures are characteristic of the first month of spring, explained the expert.

Under the influence of an anticyclone weather patterns March 18 did not significantly change. In most of the country is expected to weather without precipitation. Only here in the Brest and Grodno regions, where most full impact effects of atmospheric fronts, shifts from

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Storm warning for Belarus

On Saturday, in many areas of Belarus is expected snowstorm, at night on the north-west of the country, and a day in most of the increase in wind gusts of 15-20 m / s. From February 13 to expected cold snap. The temperature at night and in the morning on February 13-14, falls to -13 .. -20 ° C, with clearings to -22 .. -24 ° C.

Gregory Kastusyou: No proposals or threats, even bad words to me did not sound

Society Deputy head of the Belarusian Popular Front Party, former presidential candidate Grigory Kastusyou says Ales Mikhalevich statements about torture in the KGB prison.

"I was treated surprisingly well. They said," Please, get out of car, please, sit down, please, come on. "On the first night after I refused to go to detention for interrogation without a lawyer. And the KGB did not insist, only one — told to sign a paper that without a lawyer refuse to answer questions.

Most worryingly, perhaps, for me, was when summoned to the KGB for interrogation after, I have filed a complaint

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Weather is preparing for a thirty-frost

Thirty-degree frost is expected on Wednesday night in parts of the Leningrad region, RIA Novosti reported.

"On the night of Thursday to places of expected air temperature of 25-28 degrees below zero" — the report says.

Most likely such a cold in the northern, north-eastern and central parts of the region, and in the suburbs of St. Petersburg on Thursday, the temperature drops to minus 20 degrees.

"The roads will remain icy region", — the report says.

In Papua New Guinea found the night orchid

On an island in Papua — New Guinea discovered orchid flowers which bloom only at night.

Among the thousands of orchid species Bulbophyllum nocturnum — the first of its kind known to science. A plant whose flowers live for only one night, it was found by botanists during field trip to New Britain — an island in the Bismarck Archipelago.

According to scientists, this way of life of the plant remains a mystery.

The port city of Nakhodka (night photos)

Author of the report — Anton Balashov (LJ barnas)

Evening and night Nakhodka   2. The bypass road

3. SWC

4. Str. Michurin and ul.Pogranichnaya

5. Area "Swamp"

6. p.Kozmino, "Transneft"

7. Nakhodka Bay, South district

8. Nakhodka Bay

9. Area "Velvet"

10. The central road skirts the Nakhodka Bay


12. Swan hill


14. Cape Rotary


16. North District

17. Monument "Grieving Mother".

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Owls — nocturnal hunters watch online

In the shadows, hiding the killer. These famous beings possess an incomparable force, attack silently and pierce the eye of darkness, inspiring fear and prejudice. But now, lurking around these creatures come true. For this, one a man who devoted all his life his own enthusiasm, travels around the world, he is trying to realize — as they have subjected themselves to the darkness. And why have chosen the most formidable land on our planet. The National Geographic Society will make the company filmmaker Fergus thrashed, which removes a movie about a bird from a young age, it excites

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In the skies over Yaroslavl can see the unique natural phenomenon

According, the time when the sun rises, barely go and even late at night sky quite bright. It appears, in this season, in addition to short night there is another beautiful and mysterious natural phenomenon — the so-called noctilucent clouds. The naked eye and can be seen only in the summer in a strip of white nights, which includes Yaroslavl, and just after sunset — from about midnight until three in the morning.

— The clouds can be seen directly in the city, go on nature is optional. True, they do not appear every night. They

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Nearly two-monthly rainfall fell in one of the districts of Primorye

Active snow cyclone in 12 hours brought the Khasan district of Primorye about two monthly rainfall in Vladivostok received more than one month norm, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday Primgidrometa representative.

Rain and snow began in Vladivostok on Monday night. At night, they intensified the blizzard began. Edge GUMCHS Russia issued an urgent warning about the sharp deterioration in the weather. Rescuers and online services Maritime alerted due to the cyclone.

"The maximum amount of precipitation fell in the village of Barabash — 32 millimeter. This monthly rate here is 12 millimeters. Moreover, here, as well as in the

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