In Crimea, 6 earthquakes occurred just one night

From 1 to 11 November this year in the Crimea was 8 small earthquakes.

About this site "Krym.Kommentarii" reported in Reskomitete on construction and architecture.

"The continued revitalization of seismotectonic structures Demerdji (Demerdzhinsky deep fault). In the night from 10 to 11 November in the area occurred six aftershocks, the strongest of which (about 9 pm) was felt by individuals. Calculated intensity I-2 points, "- said in Reskomitete.

According to them, distinct anomalies in the deformation fields that point to the preparation of a strong earthquake in the Crimea have been identified.

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Friendly German cemetery


Are at Gomel in Belarus village Oak Log. Does not seem to be remarkable, except for the incident that occurred here in March of 2003. We woke up one night the inhabitants of this village from the shots. Terrified that someone climbed into the cellar, someone in the attic. They thought the war began again. Looked out on the street, and there is indeed crawling soldiers in German uniforms. 

The first skirmish heard a local woman, 60-year-old Maria Evseevna Dobysch, who lived on the outskirts of the village. According to her, the sound

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The storm left without light several thousand Amber Land

Almost 15 and a half thousand people in the region last night remained without electricity. These are the consequences of the storm, cover the area the day before.

Most seriously affected Bagrationovsk, Guriev, and Krasnoznamenskij Chernyakhovsky areas. Because of failures in transformer substations power supply stopped in 97 towns. True, regional and municipal authorities worked quickly, and by seven in the morning with no light had only nine villages, that is 576 people.

Now the region has 18 repair crews. Casualties or serious damage hurricane has brought. In Kaliningrad, fallen trees on roads removed at night, and by morning the

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To protect themselves from predators, some species of butterflies prefer to spend the night in small groups

Despite the fact that butterflies rarely exhibit social behavior, and prefer to stay alone, is in the rule and the exception. For example, butterflies gelikonidy prefer to sleep in small groups of up to 15 individuals. Why this view shows even small beginnings sociality researchers found the University of California, Irvine (USA).

To explain the unusual collective roosting butterflies gelikonid zoologists have until recently had two explanations. First of all, going to such a small group, butterflies telling each other where to find food. Second, due to the overnight collective butterflies easier to protect against nocturnal predators. More detailed studies

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In Astrakhan, observed an unusual phenomenon

On the night of January 27 in different parts of Astrakhan region was observed for a rare optical phenomenon of our seats.

According to witnesses, it was something like the Northern Lights — hovering in the night sky light poles pink and white flowers. To photograph the event, most Astrakhan failed due to poor lighting.

We asked for a comment to the head of the Astrakhan Weather Service forecasts Faith Yakhyaeva. According to Vera Petrovna, it was the so-called optical light poles. Their arrival caused a polarization of light by small ice crystals:

"At night, showered weak snow, and

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Found genetic causes of bird migration

Scientists have found some of the molecular mechanisms that cause the birds to travel from place to place at night. Research article appeared in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, a short writing on New Scientist. The scientists worked with 14 European populations blackcap Sylvia atricapilla, who spend the summer in northern Europe, and in the winter move to the southern part or in North Africa. Usually these birds are active during the day, but during migration they make flights at night.

Authors took blood samples from birds, DNA isolated and tested the activity of certain genes related

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City Lights lead to disaster

October 31, 2011 15:12

Talk about what the night sky light pollution has become a serious problem for mankind, being a long time. And if the modern city dweller is not much going through because of the inability to see the starry sky and the Milky Way, the night insects severely affected, as guided by the stars. One small billboard leads to the death of about 350 thousand insects per year. A decrease in their population could disrupt the food chain, which threatens this environmental catastrophe, as some birds and animal species will simply have nothing to eat, German

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The center of Russia at the weekend will be under the care of an anticyclone

Weather at the center of European Russia at the weekend and next week will be stabilized and warmer than normal, possible precipitation and fog, said the Russian meteorologist.

As the meteorologists at the weekend and during the week for the CFD will be dominated by a anticyclones, atmospheric pressure is consistently above normal.

"The probability of only slight precipitation, mostly drizzling nature, and is not without fog. Average daily temperature remains positive and exceeds the norm by 4-4.5 degrees," — said the meteorologist.

In the coming weekend of the CFD will be under the "care" of a powerful anti-cyclone, the

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Rain paralyzed the airport and caused flooding in the capital city of Ecuador

Prolonged heavy rain, accompanied by lightning, which erupted over Quito yesterday evening until late at night, triggered flooding in several areas of the city. Residents of the capital of Ecuador also complained about the cold penetrating to the bone — the last weeks or even months in the mountainous part of the country a similar phenomenon in the evenings and at night has become a routine. Capital International Airport Mariscal Sucre for an hour (18:00 to 19:00) to suspend its operations, eliminating the booms and landing. Airline Aerogal premises were flooded — the water level rose by 40 cm


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