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Pochobut be tried again

Society Minsk City Court has considered the protest in October prosecutor capital relatively fine Hrodna journalist Andrei Poczobut.

He was present at the hearing in person. He told us that his office has considered his punishment was "too soft." City Court disagreed and sent the case back for a new trial in the October District Court Minsk, the date will be set later.

Andrei Poczobut was fined 750 1000000 thousand for what was at the Independence Square in the capital on December 19. He was a correspondent of the Polish «Gazety Wyborczej», lives in Grodno. December 19 he performed

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Glow in the night sky baffled Kazan citizens

(KZN.RU, July 27, Irina Smirnova). This night, many residents of Kazan witnessed an unusual and exciting spectacle — in the night sky for quite a long time, there was the fiery flashes like lightning gleams of lightning.

It is worth noting that last night in Kazan was no storm, no hint of rain. Phenomenon was observed from almost all parts of the city — the Soviet (as the old part, and from Azino), Moscow ovskogo, aircraft. Member of one of the social network wrote on his wall: "Go outside, there is something. Flashes of lightning every 5-7 seconds,

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Avtoinstruktora how to choose?

There is nothing more dangerous on the road than an inexperienced driver. Have you ever noticed how many drivers experienced a negative attitude to cars with label "Y". And they can be understood as modern driving school let out on the roads of the capital is unprepared road. Nobody said that training in a driving school — it's a waste of time, but still, the facts speak. Graduates of these institutions know perfectly right, but that's in the process of driving lag behind others.

If you wish to learn how to drive a professional and be prepared for any situation

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The moon causes the mysterious disease

June 15, 2012 22:25

To date remains a mystery, does the moon on human behavior, but for some reason, and perfectly healthy people complain of insomnia Moon The word "lunacy» — lunaticus — Latin for "mad" and "somnambulism," as it is called, means "walking in a dream." Where is the moon?

Sleepwalking. Photo:

Since ancient times, people have attributed to this mysterious phenomenon and mystical meaning associated with the effect of light cycles and night lights in the human psyche. In medieval Europe, it was thought that somnambulism predominantly affects women, during which they were accused

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With Zanevsky seen a UFO. Photo witness


At night, the townspeople from the parking lot near the "Okey" in the prospectus Zanevsky seen some flying objects.

Photo: Vladimir

As the "Fontanka" eyewitness "was at the speed is higher than the supersonic aircraft. In this case, no noise in the silence of the night, they did not publish. Bright yellow lights, or triangles, which retain their shape, or single objects at an angle of 30 degrees to the prospectus ZANEVSKY

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The capital of Mordovia was again seen UFOs


The capital of Mordovia on Thursday night observed an unidentified flying object. As told Trend. RIA "Info-RM" witnesses, he appeared on the south-western area of the city around midnight.

"The version that is a satellite or an airplane, immediately disappeared, as similar to the bright plasmoid body moved, not the straight path, and maneuvered from side to side" — told the witnesses. Besides, even for the aircraft altitude was too small.

In addition, an unidentified flying object seen over Saransk, from time to time to modify their brightness, color and shape. He

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Rescuers warn of heavy snowfall in the Ivanovo region

Storm warning announced in the Ivanovo region because of snowfall, which will continue at night, prevents GUMCHS the region.

"Today is the end of the day, save the night of February 6, the city and region expected loss of a strong and sleet 10.7 millimeters and increasing snow depth of 4-6 inches. On the roads of snow drifts in some places," — said in a statement.

City Hall asked not to park along the roadside, where he works snow removal equipment. Traffic Police warns drivers of the need to act with caution on the roads and try not to use

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Belarusian vicissitudes of weather

In the Republic of Belarus in the first days of May will determine weather cyclones. May 1 in most of the rains of the south-east of strong thunderstorms with wind gusts may be enhanced up to 14 m / s. The air temperature will follow at +2 .. +7, day +7 .. +13, In the southern regions to +17 degrees.

Is not without cyclones in Belarus and 3 and May 4. This means in most of the rains again, at night is severe, there may be thunderstorms, gusty wind. May 3 and May 4 in the night and early morning

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In place of the anomalous frosts come in CFD warming and snow storms

The sharp change in the weather is expected in Central Federal District in the last week of 2012 — to replace the abnormal warming of cold weather and snow storms come, said the Russian meteorologist.

According to meteorologists, the weather in the coming week will be unstable: frosty anticyclone moves to leave the region and in the south-east, inland, and the weather, beginning Tuesday, will define a series of cyclones and frontal waves, which will be held on the northern half of European Russia.

"Above the region set west-east transport, which will provide a flow of warm, moist air masses.

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Another anomaly in Molebka


In 1989, the village Molebek recognized anomalous zone — a place of paranormal activity and increased UFO activity. In late September, Perm ufologists watched it once abnormal phenomenon.

UFO expert Nikolay Subbotin said: "At night, coming on the high bank of the Sylva, from which a good view of the whole area, we noticed three pretty bright glow around the hearth of the anomalies of Snake Mountain, central clearing, Settlement."

The researchers made several pictures with your digital camera, set it on a tripod and making a long exposure of 30 seconds.

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