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Museum in Ufa live ghost


By the International Museum Day website tells the mysterious story … Believe it or not, there are ghosts. Especially like to live in museums created from mansions and castles. Apparently, their former masters like to remember a time when they were human beings, not ghostly beings.

The museum in the house Laptev


In this room served a prayer, and the ghost disappeared from the museum.

This story is told in the site ProUfu.Ru Art Museum named after Nesterov.

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Tonight, many of Kostroma witnessed an unusual phenomenon


UFO, comet or satellite? Tonight in Kostroma many citizens have witnessed the unusual phenomenon. In different parts of the city in the sky could be seen a bright glow. Our correspondent met with witnesses and experts learned opinion that in this unusual object flying at night over Kostroma. This video took our viewers. Some say that the glow reminiscent of a frozen sea wave, others only saw a bright ball. At the same time, according to witnesses, the object moved erratically.

The glow did not disappear for at least an hour. The

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A trial over Poczobut

Society In Minsk at the October court at the time the case is heard Hrodna journalist Andrzej Poczobut. His trial for participation in the rally on December 19 at the Independence Square in Minsk. No other information about the process so far.

After a search last night in his apartment in Hrodna journalist "Gazety Wyborczej" A.Pochobuta taken to the Regional Directorate of the KGB, and then — at night — in the October in Minsk police department.

Dec. 19 journalists detained in the square in Minsk, the night he spent in the paddy wagon, and later released him at the

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Whether we like it or not, the feeling the reality that underlies these legend, soaked us before birth. And how would man may swaggered … I do not think that light there is at least one sverhmaterialist that would not flinch at a meeting with the monster.

This is surprising phenomenon has generated an incredible amount of fantastic stories, was fertile ground for stories of folklore and literature, because few writers cost without at least one story about the phenomena of ghosts. Well, at least to start with Shakespeare.

Ghosts are, according to something

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Jumping through time …

Who does not dream of a collection of old "gold coins" and "attendants" to dive into the sweet "years of stagnation"?

Playing with time does not like jokes

But alas … Until you build a time machine is possible only in the movies. However, the facts almost acrobatic leaps from past to future known.

Time can be rightly called the Seventh Ocean, similar to what is considered by the Fifth air elements, and six — space. And seventh ocean is not so impregnable as it may seem ignorant people. But the journey there is fraught with many risky adventures, contingencies

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Messenger of the underworld

Although we often refer to smart people "wise owls", this bird is considered unlucky. Almost all of the night birds, and especially those whose cries sound dark and mysterious, grisly — the owl most.

Owl Feather — from the evil eye

Since time immemorial, the owl was considered a messenger of misery. The ancient Romans had for her disgust, associated with death and disaster, and saw her in the afternoon, caught and then burned, and the ashes poured out publicly into the Tiber.

Obviously, a bad name owls in our time, and in Roman times, there was because of

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Temperatures down to minus 40 degrees skuyut north of European Russia

Abnormal cold temperature is lowered at night to minus 30 — 40 degrees is expected in Komi, Arkhangelsk and Vologda regions and the Nenets Autonomous District at the end of the week at night, the thermometer drops to minus 30 degrees Celsius, according to the website "Meteonovosti."

"In the northern regions of European Russia established abnormally cold weather with an average temperature of 7-8 degrees below normal. By the end of the week the situation will not change. In Arkhangelsk, Vologda, and the Republic of Komi in the morning air will freeze solid to minus 30-35 degrees in the Nenets

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The building of the Supreme Court of Georgia was got ghost


The building of the Supreme Court of Georgia at night wandering the unknown ghost. This writes today, September 23, the Georgian newspaper "Version", referring to the words of one of the court staff.

As reported, the ghost seen not only guards, but other workers department. The matter is so serious that the President of the Court Kote Kublashvili a meeting between several members of the staff, asking them to set up night vigil.

According to the paper, it may be a ghost of the former Minister of Finance Iuzy Kobakhidze, who was arrested

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Dust storms, wind and hail expected in Tuva

Dust storms, thunderstorms and hail forecasted in Tuva on Friday night and Saturday night, according to the Republican government.

Projected squally wind gusts can reach 20 meters per second.

Due to bad weather in the region is more likely related emergencies, in particular, with damage to power and communication lines.

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Will the human imagination, our world is populated by a myriad of the most diverse creatures. Among them are giants and dwarfs, hideous monsters and goblins good-natured, bizarre hybrids of different animals and birds. Some of them do not look like a man, others are parts of it, living their own lives. At all times, the distant land of people attracted unprecedented wealth and unprecedented adventure. But only in the most courageous and strong-minded enough determination to go conquer the unknown lands. Most choose not to leave the inhabited area. Even to get to the next village, medieval

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