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Do not disturb the city of the dead


Several years ago, the magazine "World Daily News" published a sensational stories of people who allegedly witnessed this "demonstration" of immigrants from the dead. According to them, it was in Austria at the village cemetery near the town of Brouckere-an der Mur. As if the dead have left their graves and in front of the terrified inhabitants column marched through the neighboring village.


This terrible procession from one species which hair stood on end, consisted mainly of yellowing skeletons,

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Whom to fear in Christmas and Christmas Eve?

"This Christmastide — preferred days every kind of evil: witches, ghosts, dead and other" cute creatures "freely roam through the world until the Epiphany, and the pranks they are not as harmless as a charming Gogol's heroes. So who is afraid of our ancestors for many the Christmas evening and night? "

"There is no nation in the Old World, which would not have been my beliefs about rampant evil forces not only Christmas, but also to the neighboring night."

"Russia was even a, calendar evil — svyatochnitsy that could only appear at Christmas. This ugly-looking creature, covered from

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Ancient mysteries: Lukomorie exist in reality?


Lukomorie — a childhood friend of Pushkin's poem on the floor. But it's actually — Myth or forgotten geography of the ancient kingdom? Numerous researchers give different addresses: the Black and Azov Seas, the delta of the Volga and the Caspian Sea … But it is not always the number of scientific papers add clarity, and in the case of the curved shore, it seems quite the opposite — the more research, the more difficult to understand where is the actually had this fantastic country. So is it possible today to find on

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ATTACK of the night

If you are not up in arms at a professional magician, or you do not take revenge foe, the energy attacks, which is popularly known as the evil eye and spoilage, usually done in the afternoon.

During wakefulness our subconscious is the guardian of the body and feels these invisible attacks, about which alerts us with an unpleasant feeling. If you believe that the cause of your ailments can be not only bad food, pollution, viruses, etc., as well as various non-traditional factors, it means, you can take appropriate protective measures. For example, mentally surround yourself with energy shell,

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Argentina okuppirovali evil aliens and pterodakteli!


Gennady Fedotov, a columnist for the "AN"

UFO is very unusual shape was seen in the vicinity of the village of San Rafael, located next to Lake El-Nihuil in Argentina.  

Raptor or a UFO?

44-year-old fisherman Rafael Pino, said the publication Diario Los Andes, going down to the shore of the lake, noticed something hovering over the water. He immediately grabbed his cell phone and made with a built-in camera some pictures. "I was

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In India the catch ghosts!


Gennady Fedotov, a columnist for the "AN"  

One of the first of the ghost in the building of the High Court in Bangalore has publicly declared residing in the territory of the administrative complex woman. According to her, the night at the courthouse, moaning woman comes in white robes, who demands justice.

'Phantom' fever Then, faced with a ghost chief constable. He told me that one day on duty someone pushed him. Turning around, he saw a policeman, wearing a

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Frosts in central Russia on Tuesday, will be replaced by warming

Period of frosty and sunny weather in the central regions of European Russia ends its successor has come from Tuesday warming, which will be accompanied by snow, blizzards, and sometimes — freezing precipitation and ice, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"Monday will be the last really chilly afternoon in the center of European Russia. Tuesday frosty anticyclone will move away to the east. Starting from the north-western regions, will increase the influence of the vast Atlantic cyclone moves out of the north-eastern Atlantic. In European Russia will pour warm and humid air masses, "- said in a statement.


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A lady without a head of Mlyniva


Scary legend related to the old homestead in the village Mlyn (Rivne region.). In 1793, the owner of the palace of Ludwig saw the right wing of the castle silhouette daughter Rosalia, which was supposed to be in Paris. "Do come back?" Thought the mother, and was appalled. Rosalie's head separated from the body …

It was on that day when her daughter dreamed mother, Rosalia was executed in Paris for liaison with the disgraced Marie Antoinette. Distraught mother left the castle. But the specter of Rosalie lived within its walls forever. Generations

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October 22 will see the meteors

Halley's comet, which is held every 76 years near the ground, leaving a trail of where the land falls each fall and spring. It is through this trail we can see "shooting stars" — meteors.

Meteor rain, which began in early October, is expected to peak at night on October 22.

Earth enters the tail of Halley's Comet on October 2, and takes off on November 7. It was at night on October 22 has a maximum flow — meteors will fall at a rate of 25 per hour. It then goes down, and by October 26 to reach 5

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Five days in Brest and ten days in Minsk

Society A member of the BCD, trustee ex-presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski Dmitry Shurhay convicted by a court of Moscow district of Minsk to 10 days in jail. Dmitry was taken to Minsk immediately after pyatsisutkavaga arrest in Brest. Friends and acquaintances Dmitry Shurhaya did not know where he is.

In Minsk, he was taken by KGB officers. Here activist Belarusian Christian Democracy was charged with Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code — participation in an unsanctioned event.

Dmitry Shurhay serving his sentence in Akrestsin.


elections, interrogation, the KGB

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