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On Friday night in Moscow, the first night rehearsal for the Victory Day parade.

The event was attended by more than 11,000 soldiers and 100 pieces of military equipment.

Thursday evening arrived in the capital column of military vehicles. She drove down Tverskaya street. For the metal railings were passers-by, who were filming the tanks and armored cars on camera phones.

In turn, the police and military agencies monitored the situation and monitor the safety of pedestrians.


Meanwhile, the parade participants marched twice on the pavement. During the rehearsal of the military in line all the ritual of the parade: Welcome commander, consolidated statement

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In the southern Urals happened white night. Scientists can not explain why


Event in the Urals — from the category "Incredible, but true" At that time, the inhabitants of central Russia lived in anticipation of the arrival of spring and the light in the Urals meet the white nights. More precisely — the one — the only white night. As you know, in the Arctic Circle, the White Nights common phenomenon. Especially — in anticipation of the onset of the polar day. Characteristic of this phenomenon and the Leningrad region. However, residents of the Chelyabinsk region for such events were not ready.

The point is

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Become a hacker of his dreams


Instead of passively watching dreams use them to fulfill their desires [discussion] Svetlana COUSIN

"Obsessed programmers"

In the Russian Internet for several years now "lives" an unusual group of "hackers dream." In fact — this is research-play association of enthusiasts trying to use magic methods expert on shamanism Carlos Castaneda, the Chinese Book of Changes, "I Ching," Kabbalah. By keeping diary of dreams and remembering where they are virtual adventure, "hackers" have made a conditional card snovidnogo the world, and with the orientations of the world. They believe that the dream all people

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In Kiev, Ford sank into the ground

In Kiev Obolon from burst pipe underground car failed. The tragedy occurred on Friday night at the Avenue of Heroes of Stalingrad. Owner parked his car on the night in your own backyard. At one point under the asphalt, where the car burst water-bearing line, and began to wash away the soil. In a minute, "Ford" failed in a hole on the surface remained except the trunk. The car got caught in up to half the thickness of quicksand — a layer of sand and water. Fortunately, no one has ever suffered. How much damage the car — is

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Phantom of the nurse rips the bandages off sick and equipment


Employees and patients of St. Barnabas Hospital in Libode month already seen a ghost in the night. Specter has an opaque body and talking. Hospital staff refused to go to work the night shift, and patients in horror run home. The hospital held a prayer service and invited a psychologist, but it did not help … The appearance of a mysterious ghost nurse may be preceded by a spontaneous switching on and off of medical devices, knocks on the door and the sound of footsteps. "One of the patients who underwent surgery Caesarean

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Forecasters expect night in Leningrad twenty below

Forecasters predicted on Thursday night temperatures drop to minus 20 degrees in some areas of the Leningrad region, the Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Leningrad region, with reference to the weather center.

"On the roads icy. Predicted an increased likelihood of emergencies and incidents related to the failures of people and vehicles under the ice, as well as detachments of the coastal ice shelf Sestroretsk, Vyborg Bay, Luga and Koporskaya lips," — said in a statement.

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Parted impenetrable darkness. Pulled away from the fires. And the shaky path of light dancing fire came Yarylo newborn into the world. Climbed to the sky and began to grow by leaps and bounds. My child is growing, but the heat forces recruited. So much heat is gained, that is frost flustered, was bitterly cold to catch up. But where to Yarily cope?

And now the perfume smell of winter, the water awakened. Flashed blue invisible fire. A Yarylo keeps growing. Went up again in the morning but so cherished that the winter dream with eyes Perunova drove away.

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Can I do without sleep?


Lack of sleep is very poorly tolerated by most people. Torture waking applied in Ancient Rome.

It was used in the Middle Ages in order to force him to confess to crimes they did not commit, for the "expulsion of demons." And used it at a later time in Germany, the Gestapo torture chambers, prisons of the USSR in the 30-ies of XX century.

People sometimes themselves deprived of sleep for some lofty goal. For example, Gilgamesch, the hero of the epic of ancient Mesopotamia, had to stay awake for six days

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April 1 celebrates its birthday brownie

They say that house and still lives in every village hut, but not everyone is aware of it. Name of his grandfather, the owner, susedkoyu, domozhilom, demon-horomozhitelem, but this is it — the keeper of the home, hidden assistant masters.

Of course, he may dream tickle and crockery rattle in the night, or for tapping the stove, but it does so more out of mischief. Most important thing to — inspection of the economy. Brownie sees every little thing, constant concern is busy, that all was in order and ready: a hand hardworking, corrected mistake, he is pleasant offspring

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Frost in Russia hit record

In Russia, assign its rights until the winter rush. The minimum value for February Hydrometeorological records in Yakutia. The next night the thermometer there to drop to 59 degrees. Extreme cold established in the Altai. Temperature reaches minus 40 degrees. Crackling frost and the Volga region. The Ministry of Education of the Ulyanovsk region encouraged schools to cancel classes for students from 1 st to 11 th grades. In Kazan today also expected a record minus 42 degrees. In St. Petersburg, the second decade of the month was the coldest in the history of weather observations. Frosts were even

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