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Report from the night watch in Gomel

Society Gomel activists of the campaign "For Fair Elections" organized by close monitoring of early voting in the 17 urban areas. Most of them — laundry pazmennae observation. In some ways, even extreme, given that the yard — with strong winter night frosts.

Nearing midnight. Young Gomel Alexander and Sergey already almost three hours on duty near the high school number 45 on the street Bogdanov, where the two polling stations.

Said Sergei, an observer and a member of the United Civil Party:

"Hours before 12 am the two of us, and then one by one. One three-hour walk,

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Transport Prosecutor's Office interviewed website video in night subway

Society Minsk Transport Prosecutor's Office interviewed Anton Pieve, author of night shooting on May 29 in Minsk metro.

Pieve BelaPANu reported that law enforcement officers do not have a claim to it in connection with a visit to the subway at night, after the close.

From the detailed comments about the test, conducts prosecution, Mr. Pieve refrains.


Minsk metro

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Entry in Sochi closed due to heavy snowfall

Employees traffic police have closed the only road Sochi travel to Sochi — Mamaysky pass. "Mamaysky Pass (part of the route between M-24 and the center of Sochi Dagomys) is closed due to heavy snowfall. Ice on the pass, and there is the threat of an accident," — "Interfax-South" in the service of the traffic police traffic police Sochi.

Interviewee noted that the pass was closed and at night, but "then cleared the way and opened up." Snow on the pass reaches 20 centimeters, the machine stalled.

Earlier, the "Yugopolis" snowfall also destabilize the Sochi airport.

Snow in Sochi went

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Dozens of dead birds found in south-western Sweden

About hundreds of dead birds, including crows, ravens, magpies, found on Wednesday night, local residents Falchepinga located in south-western Sweden, according to Swedish news agency TT.

One of the eyewitnesses Dril Hula, in describing what he saw TT interview, said he was returning from work late in the evening, when I saw a lot of black spots on the road one of the streets of the city.

"We stopped, and in the beginning I did not understand that there were birds. I remember when I read that nechtopodobnoe happened in the U.S.. I found it all very strange," — he

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Weapon of genocide begin ban throughout Russia

So far — only at night. Sales ban will take effect — in Russia in the new year, and in Moscow this summer. The initiators of this step are sure he will improve citizens and reduce the number of crimes committed in an alcoholic haze. Statute of limitations selling beer supported even brewers.

Go dry at night for spirits has already borne fruit. In Moscow, for example, the number of alcohol poisoning declined by 10 percent. Fight, figuring someone who respects, too, have become much less frequent. But for the addition of all the running around actively.

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For video from the subway can fly straps

Society Conducted an investigation into the penetration night in Minsk subway groups of young people. This was announced by Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting on the investigation into the explosion at the station "October" of the Minsk metro.

According to Lukashenko, he was told about the video, who recently appeared on the Internet. In this video you can see how the group young people Night freely penetrated the underground. "They entered the night with the guys in the subway and filmed it all on video. Put it out on the Internet: see — this is how our police and all

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Already weekend, December 11-12



Snowstorm, day 3 to 8, the night of 5 to 11 below zero.

Do not pass

On Saturday in Mogilev Club Metro — a concert of Belarusian groups against domestic violence, and in the Minsk Palace of Sports — the presentation of the new disk group J: mors "Elektychnasts."

Night from Saturday to Sunday in Minsk Cathedral Cathedral will be held nightly chuynavanni Youth "Prepare the way of the Lord." Everyone will be able to share with the Metropolitan Tadeusz its cachet.

There, where we do not

In Kyoto, the summit will be held OPEC

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Abnormal cold Siberia handcuffed and Bashkiria

Siberia is experiencing abnormal cold. Forty below is in Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk. Not far behind and Bashkiria. Thermometer that night there also dropped up to "minus forty." Soon the cold of these regions is not going away.

Information board in the center of Tomsk as if mockingly reminds citizens — soon the summer, but now minus 41 on the street, and people have the most warm. That night there was an absolute minimum temperature — the temperature dropped to 45 degrees below zero. The region has enhanced mode switched communal and energy.

Frosty anomalies have covered almost the entire

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Saints go from icons


With a lot of mystery associated with icons. This mirotocheniya and miraculous healing the suffering, and more. Of all these phenomena most probably the rare and mysterious — meeting people with the saints depicted on icons. And during these meetings saints in appearance little different from ordinary people …

Twinkle in the night It happened in the 60 years of the last century. Two oceanographers, who took the boat at night the water sample in the White Sea, fast current and the wind blew the ship out to sea. Only 30 years later

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Vision Predator the army has

Eagerness to be able to build excellent in the dark world population has led to the invention of devices and accessories, enabling a high resolution view of a confident orientation in space, the ability to avoid the threat.

All the famous night-vision devices (HRP) used the principle of amplification of light is present in the night time: light Moon, lanterns, some ground objects that are sources of light.

Devices used for military purposes, then they have armed hunters, hikers and drivers.

Urgent need for a device that allows to "see" in the dark, has stepped up research and development

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