Sharp-eyed assistant sniper

The analysis took place regional and local conflicts, including the role of the military campaigns in some NATO forces, indicating that the preparatory step aviation inflicted massive air strikes, which have received the title of "carpet bombing", and then the coming of the enemy were demoralized by the infantry subdivision.

Trends in the development of modern auxiliary sniper weapons

At the moment arms of infantry units and subunits consists of the newest models of small tools, which are integrated into ultra-modern targeting system based on the use of optics, "telescope", "lasers" and collimators, and also thermal mirror — lens technology,

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Rescuers warn about strengthening winds in Kaliningrad to 25 m / s

Emergency Management in the Kaliningrad region warned residents to strengthen meters to 25 meters per second on Saturday night, according to the site office.

"According to the Kaliningrad Centre Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, in the region in the second half of the night of 5 to 6 October will strengthen the southwest winds up to 12-17 meters per second. Gusts reached 20-25 meters per second," — said in the message.

Therefore rescuers recommends Kaliningraders be with trees, billboards, under the balcony, and do not park cars in these places. Should not unnecessarily use personal vehicles and to leave the

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Zbruch idol Svyatovit

Zbruch idol Svyatovit — the most rich in composition, is the most interesting of the surviving statues of Slavic deities. The complexity of its composition allows researchers to draw conclusions about the reflection in her ideas of our ancestors on the structure of the world. Therefore, since its discovery in the river Zbruch he was always the center of attention of historians and fans of the Slavic antiquity. First of all, striking tiered sculptures, reflecting the world in a three-tiered view of the Slavs.

In the lower tier displayed Nav — the lower world, who left his name

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In Moscow continued snowfall

Metropolitan utilities are working around the clock. But to cope with the accumulated snow has not yet obtained. Snowing all day, and by noon the city stood in traffic. Congestion persisted even at night.

Muscovites at night trying to buy food for the holidays, at midnight at convenience hypermarkets no less crowded than during the day. Today forecasters promise only worsening weather. Snowfall will begin again.

Routes candidates Logoysk Mozyr, Asipovičy. And Brussels

Society Yaroslav Romanchuk was preparing to speak at the television. Dmitry Uss went to Baranavičy with Nikolai Statkevich. Andrei Sannikov met with reporters in Minsk. What were the presidential candidates and their representatives on December 2?

November 2 Yaroslav Romanchuk speaks at the Belarusian TV and so devoted all his spare time preparing this speech. It will be again a story about the program, or the performance will be dedicated to the analysis of the current situation in the country?

"This is a very different projection that does not repeat the previous one, but rather a complement. But again

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Ten famous haunted houses


Today in popular culture a jump in interest in the paranormal. Ghosts, UFOs and Bigfoot depicted in the pages of newspapers and magazines almost more than a pop star. Transmission on television, on the work of psychics and mediums who have high ratings.

Therefore not surprising that haunted houses are very popular among tourists: the mystical stories related to a particular attraction, adding to her popularity.

The spirit of the former owner, who wanders at night the hotel, guests are not deterred, and forces them to stay for a couple of nights. Forbes magazine has chosen

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In Belarus and thunderstorms before 32

Today Belarus is under the influence of an anticyclone centered over Western Ukraine. Until the end of the day will remain clear, dry weather. Wind unstable weak. The maximum temperature is expected to +22 ° C in the north of the republic to +28 ° C in the south. In the next day, May 31, anticyclone will gradually shift to the Upper Volga, while maintaining a decisive influence on the weather of Belarus. From the south-easterly winds in the country rushes very warm air mass from the territory of Ukraine. Expected to partly sunny. No precipitation. Morning in parts

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Two people on the streets of Minsk zamerzli

Society In the morning in an abandoned dispensary on Partisan Avenue caretaker found the body of a man 30-35 years old, wearing unsuitable weather. In the alley Olszewski found the body of a woman. The age of the deceased — 50-55 years.

Senior Assistant City Attorney Sergei Balashov BelaPAN that are expert bodies.

In the night from 29 to 30 November in Minsk was 13 degrees below zero. During the week is expected to -20 to -18 at night and during the day.



Candidates on the road

Society Presidential candidate Grigory Kastusyou started the week of the election campaign with a visit to Vitebsk, Nyaklyayeu today in Stockholm, Andrei Sannikov to hold a meeting with voters in Minsk. About that, what did you do in the Monday, November 29, these and other contenders for the highest public office, our correspondent learned.

My call has found a presidential candidate from the BPF Gregory Kastusiou Vitebsk:

Gregory Kastusyou

"Now, with your friends'm on the picket line in Vitebsk. And along with all hand out leaflets about himself as a candidate. People respond well. Take a flyer, look at the

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Burning ball in the sky over Texas. Video

February 3, 2012 17:30

1.02.12.V Wednesday night our TV WFAA received more than 200 reports from witnesses who observed a bright fireball in the sky over North Texas.

Many people have reported that they heard a sound coming from the blow of a flying object all over on the way from San Antonio to Oklahoma City. The Federal Aviation Administration reported television that it was a meteor. Camera in Hawley, Texas, which keeps a record of the night sky shows a bright object in the form of luminous bands.

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