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In the apartment of Galina Semdyanovoy night bursting police

Society A member of the City Commission of the BPF has filed a complaint to the head of the Minsk city police.

It is reported that nearly a 2-hour of the night unknown persons started calling and knocking on the door, demanding that she missed them in the apartment. They said that they are police, and threatened to break the door. Why they needed it at night to visit the landlady, they did not respond.

Galina Semdyanova — A member of the Minsk City Election Commission and Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Party BPF. She believes

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Sydney last night experienced the heavy rainfall over the past 5 years

Australia's largest city Sydney survived last night's heavy rain over the past 5 years. Many streets and freeways were flooded, 50 districts reported power outages. Bad weather led to the cancellation of the night and early morning flights.

Today, the rain began to subside, the situation is gradually returning to normal, according to ITAR-TASS.

Torrential rains and the resulting flooding swept in the last week for nearly three-quarters of New South Wales, which is located in the east of Sydney. According to preliminary estimates, the damage reaches $ 1 billion.

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Powerful cyclone brought in Primorye to three monthly rainfall

Powerful cyclone that came in Primorye on Sunday, brought in some areas of the edge to three monthly rainfall and wind storm, reports Primgidromet.

Storm Warning on 10-11 November, it was announced in Vladivostok on Friday. On Monday night in a heavy rain.

"Due to the intensification of cyclonic activity over the Primorye Territory were heavy precipitation. Rains began Sunday afternoon in the southwest region. Heavy rains were in the Khasan district — one day there fell to 26 millimeters of rain," — said in a statement.

On Monday night, heavy rains were in the western, southern and south

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Night treason 14 years ago

Company in August 1996 Alexander Lukashenkoand offered to hold a referendum to amend the Constitution, including those that significantly expanded the president's right. In November of the same year, a group of deputies of the Supreme Council initiated the impeachment of Lukashenko. November 21 in Minsk, Russian troops landed in the composition of which were prime minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and his deputy, Valery Serov, Chairman of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev and chairman of the Federation Council Yegor Stroyev. In the night from 21 to 22 November, they held talks with the leaders of Belarus, which resulted in the "Agreement

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Snow depth in Minsk beat postwar record

Drifts have reached 35 centimeters. In the postwar period meteorological closest mark was only in 1958, when the snow cover is 33 cm.

In the coming days, forecasters predict a new storm, and by the end of the week waiting for the capital and ice thaw, reports STV.

January 4, Belarus will remain in the area of low pressure at night through the republic will be inactive atmospheric front. Expected clouds. At night, in large parts of the daytime places will be sunny. Night and morning fog in some areas, frost. On the roads in some places sleet. South-west wind

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Sinkhole in Tver. Video

A street Sominka Tver suspended. The reason — on the road for a few meters collapsed ground. Pit depth of 5 meters was formed on the night of 5 to 6 March. Workers' TverVodokanala "have to take extra care.

At this place is gravity sewer. Water pipe burst at first, and then washed away the soil. The main difficulty is that the near failure of the school is located. Because workers' TverVodokanala "were especially vigilant. Installed around the pit metal fence. Duty around the clock crew. Work to eliminate already begun.

Dmitry Kapustin, General Director of "TverVodokanala,"

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In Central Russia expected the cold snap

Atlantic cyclone, brought wet and warm weather moves into the area of the Arkhangelsk region and filling. In its rear portion is beginning to spread over the dry and cold air from Scandinavia. On Saturday, it will lead to the erosion of clouds, snow, and reduce the likelihood of a decrease in temperature to -6 … -11 °. Then the region will fall under the influence of Scandinavian anticyclone. Is expected to further decrease in temperature, which is lower than the norm and will on Sunday night -11 … -16 °, in the afternoon — about -10 °. The culmination

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SMS sleepwalking


In recent years, more and more people do not part with mobile phones … a dream! For example, they send text messages, and in the morning do not remember anything about it. Experts even coined the term — SMS-sleepwalking. According to Dr. Akshay Mahadeva organization of Genesis Medical Systems, it is a mental disorder — parasomnii.Mahadevia argues that people with parasomnias, as if staying on the verge of sleep and wakefulness.

They "are in an indeterminate state, which do different things," says the doctor. Similarly disorder suffers American Candy Guy, a paramedic working

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The apartment resident Murmansk mischief hobgoblin


Murmanchanka Tatiana never faced ghosts, goblins and other evil spirits. In their existence, it simply did not believe. While vacationing in the village, she spent the night safely in the semi-abandoned house, never afraid of the dark. But recently it has happened, and funny, and at the same time a terrible story. Tatiana moved to live with her fiance. And then it began passion-cheeky. When she remained alone in the house, she heard a strange clicking and strange sounds (as if someone knocks on the refrigerator).

Then she remembered that once at a

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The British — the most unscrupulous people in Western Europe

As shown by a recent study, the residents of Albion change the bed only once in three weeks. A 16% and delay does this longer than a month. In general, the British are the least hygienic residents of Western Europe, in contrast to, for example, the French and the Danes who change clothes every week.

At the same time, to make a decision about changing the bed linen every sixth Briton requires more than a month. And only half of respondents clean your bed in the morning. Among them are the stronger sex, a little

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