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Nikola Tesla

December 20, 2011 4:35

Growing interest in the history of technology has become a feature of the modern era. The history of the formation and development of technology are increasingly attracting the attention of intellectuals around the path and exploring the logic of cognition, the process of formation and development of theory and methods in the knowledge of the history of technology enriches the mind of the scientist, helps refine and develop the theoretical foundations of modern science and technology to solve their methodological problems.

The history of science and technology is today a form of critical analysis of ways

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Nikola Tesla. The vision of the modern world watch online

Nikola Tesla You can call the person, which invented the XX century. Tesla wanted to tame the energy of the universe and make them accessible to all. He experimented with a fourth state of matter-energy radiation, now known as plasma. This gallakticheskie rays or energy, which we see as the aurora borealis.

Science, scientific merit of opening

Nicola Winter


Winter came into its own. Goes Filippovskiy, or Christmas, post. The village lives joyful anticipation of Christmas, preparing for the yuletide gay. At this time, December 19, new style, people have a favorite holiday — the day of Saint Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra in Lycia, the Wonderworker, or, in other words the peasants.

Gracious St.

Saint Nicholas Mozhayskiy, splint, 1720

Nicholas — has long been one of the most beloved people of the saints. According to legends, it helps in difficult situations, domestic and economic problems, difficult peasant labor. Sometimes people do not

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Lost art of electric vehicles

Although elektroavtomobili were one of the earliest inventions, the fashion for them has passed quickly. Development of electricity as an energy source for mankind took place with great contradictions.

Thomas A. Edison was the first to start selling electric system (ie generators) have some commercial value. His research and talent izoretatelsky possible to develop a system of direct current. These systems are equipped with the court, municipalities began to cover the street. At the time, Edison was the only source of electricity!

While the commercialization of electricity gaining momentum Edison hired a man hath brought the world an unprecedented scientific

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